India to get another 'eye in the sky' on May 22



NEW DELHI: India is set to get another 'eye in the sky' as Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) will launch its latest radar imaging satellite (Risat-2BR1) from Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh on May 22.


Risat-2BR1 is much more advanced than the previous Risat-series satellite. "Its launch is due on May 22. Though the new satellite looks same as the old one from outside, its configuration is different from the earlier one launched. The new satellite, therefore, has enhanced surveillance and imaging capabilities," a source in Isro told TOI. Risat's X-band synethic aperture radar (SAR) possesses day-night as well as all-weather monitoring capability. The radar can even penetrate clouds and zoom up to a resolution of 1 metre (means it can distinguish between two objects separated by 1 m distance).


"The Risat satellite can take images of a building or an object on the earth at least 2 to 3 times a day," the source said. Therefore, it can help keep an eye on the activities of jihadi terror camps in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) and infiltrators at terror launchpads along the LoC.

消息称:“Risat卫星每天至少可以拍摄2-3次地面建筑物或物体的图像。” 可以帮助密切关注巴占克什米尔(PoK)圣战恐怖分子营地的活动,以及实际控制线沿线的渗透者。

The new imaging satellite will boost all-weather surveillance capabilities of Indian security forces and will help detect any potential threat around the Indian borders. As the satellite can also track hostile ships at sea, it can be used to keep a hawk-eye on Chinese naval vessels in the Indian Ocean and Pakistani warships in the Arabian Sea. The images from old Risat-series satellites were earlier used to plan the surgical strike in 2016 and the air strike on a Jaish camp in Pakistan's Balakot this year. Risat also enhanced Isro's capability for disaster management applications.



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Chanchal Karmakar • 9 hours ago

Amazing Space Research activities are very much commendable. Just imagine, ISRO & Scientists are same with tremendous dedicated workforce achieving very spectacular results. Only difference is change of guard at center & the sources of everything is PM, Modi. From the day one in his office he gave positive signals to go ahead with any mission will make our India very strong & powerful. I, as as Indian feel immensely proud & safe under this versatile NaMo Govt. My hats off to you Modiji for building this nation strong .


Chanchal Karmakar • India • 5 hours ago

Agree fully - and a very well written popular scientific article and also agree with this comment. Hope the stupid casteists of UP, and the criminal media that pampers this stupidity can see this light.



Chanchal Karmakar • India • 5 hours ago

Narendra Damodardas Modi is the best thing that happened to India, since independence. However, the responsibility for keeping India backward all these years rests with the people of the country; they are the ones that elected the worthless Congress, again and again



Tanmay Chakrabarti • 7 hours ago

Good news indeed.



Logical Indian • Tanmay Chakrabarti • Overseas • 7 hours ago

I agree with you. ISRO activities and initiatives have increased significantly under this go nment. We need yet another term for Na-Mo



Venkatesh Ramachandra • 7 hours ago

Pappu will Cry now! He will Claim Nehru was the father of ISRO! LOL

拉胡尔现在要哭了! 他会说尼赫鲁是ISRO之父的! 哈哈

Venkatesh Ramachandra • 7 hours ago

pappu n pappy are looser. we dnt want them. once again modi


Venkatesh Ramachandra • Canada • 7 hours ago

To hell with Nehru



Pradipta • 9 hours ago

Kudos ISRO. We need these precise systems to track down the terrorists.



Vikas • 6 hours ago

Tnx to Isro and Modi ji



Nitin Deshmukh • 7 hours ago

Can govt and ISRO permanently position a mini satellite dedicated to monitor naxals in Gadchiroli, Chandrapur region, including part of Chhattisgarh? It would save lot of lives and begin the end game of home-grown extremism. Any thoughts ?

印度政府和印度空间研究组织能否发射一颗小卫星,专门用于监测恰蒂斯加尔邦部分地区的纳萨尔人? 这将拯救许多生命,并终结本土极端主义。


nitin sharma • Canada • 7 hours ago

ISRO seems to be so enthusiastic at the moment that there is no stopping .Thanks to Modijee for encouraging and giving them funds to make India strong and independent.This govt is so amazing that I really feel there is no need of any other govt maybe for another 20 years.



Nandaakumar • 5 hours ago

full credit to the ISRO team. All this is possible due to the taxes paid by the people of India which is being used well. thanks to the tax payers & govt of India's will to spend, effectively implement such programs.



Akhil Barman • 5 hours ago

Kudos to ISRO. Thanks to Modiji for giving them a free hand and support.



Sheik Mohamed • 6 hours ago

Our scientists once again demonstrated before world, that our country is second to none when latest technology comes. Kudos for entire team involved in this mission who make proud of our country in this field.



Kuldeep • God's place • 4 hours ago

Such a good news!!! India will be well prepared for natural calamities. Sad to see people are finding politics here also...



Dilip Kumar • 6 hours ago

Really remarkable work being done by ISRO and long term vision being taken by Government Of India in this field...... Congratulations....



Secreteyes • 5 hours ago

under Sir PM Modi ji India has explore space. Soon Indian space craft to land in moon. And sending man to space again.



Lallan • Dilli • 6 hours ago

Can you imagine such achievement during KhanGress rule?



Abhishiek Ghosh • 4 hours ago

Modi has strengthened isro like never before.



Happiness • 6 hours ago

Thanks ISRO...we proud of you



Iron • New Delhi • 9 hours ago

Our ISRO ...you are sending too many Satellites for Pakistan to be able to count



Abhishiek Ghosh • 4 hours ago

Modi is blessing to India.



[Member]• 6 hours ago

Why give all details in public??? Does China do that?



Abhishiek Ghosh • 4 hours ago

India should now focus on throwing illegal migrants out the way Pak , Bangla , Sri Lanka and myanmar did.



Maharana Pratap • Chittod • 4 hours ago

Very Good ISRO. Now Pak will be more tense.



Thinker • India • 5 hours ago

We are all proud of the Modi Govt for having secured our great Nation against our two enemies - Pakistan and China! Jai Hind!!


印度必胜! !


Balasundaram • Chennai • 5 hours ago

good news.. is it going to be an alternate for GPS?

是个好消息. .会替代GPS吗?


Sabian • 3 hours ago

Now feku will take credit



Blumen • Hyd • 4 hours ago

The Modi Effect!


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