Why do so many people like China?




Stuart Morgan, MIT Education Council (Volunteer) (2014-present)

International Relations, Tribhuvan University (2020)

I’ve lived here for 6 years, and yes, I do love China. Please recognize that ALL my comments reflect that of a foreigner in China - not natives. Here are my top reasons why I (and my wife) love living in China:

#1 - The people are great and the friendliest I have known in my world travels and international residencies. And, people are HAPPY!

#2 - The food is fantastic, fresh, and incredibly cheap! I especially enjoy buying fresh produce, at least 10 types of mushrooms at about 10% of USA prices. Our average precooked takeout 3 course dinner is around $3.00-$4.50 per person. Sometimes it is only about $2.00 per person (again, this is for fresh pre-cooked takeout, not for making our own dinner!).

#3 - There is no violent crime in Beijing, a city of 22 million people. Our teenage daughter attending high school here could be out until 2AM with friends, doing karaoke or whatnot, and we had no worries for her safety!

#4 - Incredible public transportation. Never need a car. My occasional city bus ride costs $.15! The high speed inter-city trains are amazing! This weekend I’m travelling by train from downtown Beijing to downtown Hefei - 1,000 KM by fast train - 4Hrs23Min. You could never make that time by plane!

#5 - The career opportunities are excellent, with salaries comparable or higher than the USA while cost of living is about 35% the cost of the USA. That’s why Chinese are able to save - not because they are so frugal! And, no age discrimination in employment!!

#6 - Vibrant, lively, and endlessly entertaining. Even after 6 years, walking down our street in Beijing is like attending “Cirque du Soleil.”

#7 - Thousands years old and ultra modern Art, culture, history, architecture - FANTASTIC!!





3. 北京有2200万人口,没有暴丽犯罪。我们十几岁的女儿在这里上高中,她可以和朋友一起出去玩到凌晨2点,唱卡拉OK什么的,我们无需担心她的安全!

4 .完美的公共交通。根本不需要买车。我偶尔坐城市巴士,车费只要15美分!高铁太棒了!这个周末我要坐火车从北京市区到合肥市区- 1000公里的距离,乘坐高铁只需4小时23分钟。就算坐飞机也没有高铁快!

5 .工作机会极佳,薪水和美国相当甚至更高,而生活成本大约只有美国的35%。这就是为什么中国人能够存下钱,并非因为他们太节俭!而且,他们在就业上没有年龄歧视!!




Jasur Mavlyanov, lives in China (2012-present)

After living in China since 2012, here are my reasons why I like it so much:

1.Safety. I have lived in a few other countries, and visited 16 countries as a tourist so far. Comparatively, from a safety perspective, China tops the list. Here, especially in Shanghai, you don’t worry about safety at all. Be it midnight, or even 2–4 am in the morning, if you feel like going out, it’s pretty much safe to just walk outside without any worries.

2.Friendly people. I haven’t experienced any racism towards foreigners here. What most foreigners mistake as “racism” in China, is actually a misunderstanding - 99% of the time - because of cultural differences and language, and another 1% of the time is because of the foreigners’ fault - most of the people come here with their “foreign” attitude, and start demanding stuff, do not respect the local culture, disrespect the Chinese and etc. For those type of foreigners, maybe life is hard here.

3.Technology. Again, I’ve been to many countries, and China is definitely one of the most technologically developed countries. I can go cashless months here. In fact, I don’t carry cash at all nowadays. Everything is possible through apps.

4.Food. Chinese cuisine is diverse and it’s simply awesome, and it’s totally different and tastier than the food you have in “China towns” outside China.

5.Guanxi. It’s hard to understand it if you haven’t lived in China. But once you discover it’s meaning and use, it’s one of the greatest things in building relationships here. Guanxi is stronger than an ordinary friendship. When it comes to solving problems, no questions asked.







  1. Nature and travel. China is massive, and full of travel spots. This goes without saying, but it’s one of the reasons why I’ve been living here. Traveling around China gives you the most amazing experiences you can imagine.
  2. Police. I lived in the UK for many years in the past, and although UK police are famous with their professionalism, they are NOT as friendly and welcoming as the police in China towards foreigners. I can say the same about the police forces I’ve seen in many other countries too. Chinese police are very friendly, helpful and welcoming. Of course, if you break the law and being disrespectful, that’s an issue in every country. I’m just talking about the general attitude towards foreigners living and working in China, not the criminals. For example, when I was a student in the UK, and one early morning I was helping a friend to move his stuff to a new apartment, we were stopped by the police, and they lined us against the wall. For no reason. They were very disrespectful, blamed us for working illegally, which we were not! And interrogated us like we were criminals. I often got stopped by the police on London underground and my oyster card was checked to see where I was coming from like I was some sort of criminal. I understand they were doing their job, but it doesn’t mean to be disrespectful. You don’t experience this in China.
  3. Government Officials. Just like the police, the officials in the go nment offices - tax, immigration and etc. departments are very friendly and welcoming. They don’t go over their duties for no reason, and be skeptical and overly suspicious about you/your business if you approach them with questions etc. No offense, but it happens a lot in the US and UK, especially when you’re extending your visa.
  4. Transport. It’s well developed and organized. Especially in Shanghai and other major cities.
  5. Living costs. China is not the cheapest country, but relative to what you earn/can earn here, it is cheap. If you know how, you can buy products designed and produced for export very cheap online. I’m not talking about fake products. It’s no secret that most of the famous brands’ products are made in China, and it’s possible to purchase those products online from the same manufacturers which produce for the brands.
  6. Business opportunities. China has so many business opportunities like no other country in the world has, especially from a production and market size point of views. If yo figure out how to sell to Chinese customers, the market is huge. If you want to start your own brand, again, China is the place - you can easily find a factory and get your product done.
  7. Language and the Chinese characters (Hanzi 漢字). I love Chinese language and the characters. They are unique, and beautiful. Also, from a business point of view, if you speak Chinese, you have access to the biggest market in the world.
  8. 自然和旅行。中国幅员辽阔,到处都是旅游景点。这是不言而喻的,但这也是我一直住在这里的原因之一。环游中国给你带来了你能想象到的最美妙的体验。
  9. 警察。我过去在英国生活了很多年,虽然英国警察以专业素养而著称,但他们对外国人不像中国警察那样友好和热情。我也这么说吧,我在其他许多国家看到的警察部队。中国警察非常友好、乐于助人、热情好客。当然,如果你违反法律,不尊重他人,这在每个国家都是个问题。我谈论的只是他们对在中国生活和工作的外国人,而非罪犯的普遍态度。例如,当我还在英国读书的时候,一天清晨,我正帮一个朋友把他的东西搬到新公寓,我们被警察拦了下来,他们让我们靠墙站成一排。毫无理由。他们非常无礼,指责我们非法工作,可我们并没有!警察在伦敦地铁上像审问罪犯一样审问我们,我经常被警察拦下,他们检查我的身份文件,看我是从哪里来的,就好像我是个罪犯一样。我明白他们只是例行公事,但这并不意味着可以不尊重人。在中国你不会有这样的经历。
  10. 政府官。就像警察一样,政府办公室的官—税务,移民等部门都非常友好和热情。如果你向他们提出问题,他们不会滥用职责,不会怀疑或过度怀疑对你/你的公司。我无意冒犯,但这种情况在美国和英国经常发生,尤其是在你延长签证的时候。
  11. 交通工具。公共交通发展得很好,组织有序。尤其是在上海和其他大城市
  12. 生活成本。中国不是物价最便宜的国家,但相对于你在这里赚到的钱,还算便宜。如果你懂得,你可以在网上买到为出口而设计和生产的产品,价格非常便宜。我说的不是假货。大多数知名品牌的产品都是在中国制造的,这已经不是什么秘密了,你可以在网上从为这些品牌生产加工的同一家制造商那里购买到这些产品。
  13. 商业机会。中国拥有世界上任何一个国家都无法提供的巨大的商业机会,特别是从生产和市场规模的角度来看。如果你知道如何向中国客户销售,市场是巨大的。如果你想创立自己的品牌,同样,中国也是个好地方——你可以很容易地找到一家工厂,加工你的产品。
  14. 语言和汉字(汉字漢字)。我喜欢中文和汉字。他们独一无二,极具美感。另外,从商业的角度来看,如果你会说中文,你就可以进入世界上最大的市场。


Andy Si, A picky eater

I visited China in 2009, which was almost a decade ago, so I might be able to offer you a bit of insight of what I liked and disliked:




1.Even in that time, the public transportation, specifically in Shanghai, was already among the best that word-class cities could offer. Getting to different places was easy and quiet the time saving. Buses literally comes by every 10 minutes, and the MRT’s were just as good (maybe 15–20mins).

2.A wide variety of places for entertainment and sports activities. I was never a fan of KTV, so there were places that I went to , such as a vintage building where they offered a mini-marketplace offering random accessories. If you like shopping, they have nice shopping malls where you can get by easily because the MRT is right below the shopping malls. If you like knock-offs, they have quiet a few places where you’ll never get bored because you see some really interesting products. You can play soccer, basketball, or volleyball in many of the university campuses while watching old couples exercising or dancing as well. Simply put, many indoor or outdoor activities.

3.Living expenses such as transportation, food, and daily necessities are very affordable. Although some might argue that properties are too expensive nowadays.

4.Generally nice people. It’s quite difficult to make new friends, but once you become friends, it’s really genuine.

5.I like their singing shows even though I don’t understand it.

6.Pretty gals (even with the armpits) and diverse in terms of looks.

7.Quite a lot of expats already (the good and bad).

8.Many other places you can go to around China and the cheap fares are quite the incentives for your getaway weekend!

9.Street foods are pretty damn good and cheap. Although cleanliness is an issue, it never gave me any problems.

10.They have this Taro-flavored ice cream stick and it’s so delicious. I used to eat 3–4 bars a day.

译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/47560.html  译者:Joyceliu

1.就算是在那个时候,公共交通,特别是在上海,已经是世界一流城市中最好的了。无论去哪个地方,都既简单又安静,还节省时间。每10分钟就有一辆公交车经过,地铁也很棒(大概15 - 20分钟)。












1.Too crowded with old women pushing or elbowing your back when getting into the bus or MRT.

2.Too many people spitting!

3.Taxi drivers are arrogantly reckless without concerning pedestrians.

4.Negotiating can be fun but energy-consuming, and I just don’t feel great when they try to scam me with fake products.

5.Police are bystanders, not peacekeepers. Only when someone is finally down on the ground, they’ll get involved….maybe.

6.Electronic brands are cheaper in the US even though most are made in China! LOL!

7.Worshiping white people! The Chinese would even pick them over Chinese-Americans on pretty much anything…quite sad.

8.The packaged noodles were bland and boring compared to other countries’ packaged noodles.

While I provided the cons, that won’t stop me from coming back again. The pros heavily outweigh the cons for my day-to-day life. For the people that have visited, they feel the same way that I do - things are improving considerably and both the go nment and its people should be given credit where it’s due.

For those that are still skeptical, save some money and take a trip there instead of going to Mexico, the Bahamas , or other road trip destinations.












Stephen Thompson, Lived in China for 10 years, speak and write Chinese

Personally I liked China because it was a so different -

a huge place with a long, fascinating history,

relatively safe and

economical to explore,

great food,

rising standard of living,

a huge range of biomes and habitats, from Tiban mountains to deserts, from tropical rainforest siberia, plus

nice massage, spa, KTV.










Norman Tan

Growing up as a Chinese American, I used to be anti China.

Then I went to China and found things there are not what they are described in the West.

But, for the most parts, the go nment has done well for the people. Hundreds of millions of people have been lifted out of absolute poverty in the past few decades. I saw this myself since I've been going to China every few years since the 1990’s.

Most Chinese today are living much better lives than their immediate ancestors did. There is no famine, no war, natural disasters are responded to effectively, people can go about living their lives relatively free from go nment control (in many cases, even more free than in the West), they have world class infrastructure in the most populated areas of the country, there is very low threat of violent crime even in their biggest cities (ask any female expat in China, they all agree that it's a very safe place to live as females).

I am not saying China is a paradise on earth, but it is certainly not the hell it has often been described as.







Derrick Patterson, B.A History, Bates College (2013)

Currently living in Shenzhen and have been for about 2 years now. What do I like about it, and what do I think others like about it? I’ll tell you.

1.Safety: China is incredibly safe. Honestly I have never felt threatened here and that’s mainly because of the prohibition of guns. Although you would expect to see a rise of alternative forms of crime (pick pocketing, stabbing, etc), Chinese people tend to avoid all types of physical violence against another. If you insult them or their families then all that might change, but who wouldn’t want to fight after that?

2.Kindness: I’ve met some of the nicest people while being here. Chinese people are often stereotyped as being rude or uncivilized. Usually this comes from people who have never stepped foot inside China. Some are rude, yes. However saying they all are is an unfair generalization. Chinese people are very open and friendly. So many times I have struggled to order in a restaurant or figure out the directions to a certain location. And every time a local was more than willing to help, even if their English was poor.

3.Food: This may be subjective but I love Chinese food. I’ve loved it even way before I even thought about moving here. However, in America it can be difficult to find authentic Chinese food. Here, it’s all around and its much cheaper than food at foreign restaurants.

4.Cost of Living: Housing can be expensive in China, especially here in Shenzhen. However, everything else is crazy cheap. Trains, groceries, cell phone plans, high speed internet services, clothing, etc. If you make 15,000+ rmb a month then you can live like a king, or queen. Saving money is incredibly easy here!

5.Geography: China is huge, which means there is always something new to do or somewhere new to travel to. And if you get tired of that, southern China is conveniently located close to popular countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Cambodia. Additionally, flights to these places tend to be cheap thanks to major airports in places like Hong Kong.

Although I don’t plan on living here forever, I still love China. It’s a great place with a lot of historical significance and some of the friendliest locals on the planet. If you’ve never been, you’re definitely missing out!









Ghayas, Investment Manager

Originally Answered: Why do so many people like China?

As a Pakistani, I think I am more eligible to answer this question as you may know that we Pakistanis have a known affection for China.

So, why do I like China (or my fellow countrymen)? Here’s the answer.

1: Respect - Chinese go nment or people do not interfere in your country’s internal affairs unlike the Western countries who would tell you what’s good for you and what’s not, what you should wear and what’s not. They would impose their likeliness upon you and ironically they still preach fre m of expression.

2: Keep Quiet- Chinese go nment and their people are very humble. We all know how much they have advanced in the last few decades and they take pride in that but they do not tout that pride to others. They are just moving ahead.

3: Take along - China has never kept their progress into their own-self. They are very much involved in regional countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Iran, and even India (huge investment).

4: The country - China has much to offer you, be it ethnicity, diversity, mind boggling landscapes, mountains, greenery and of course Wall of China and lot’s of Dragons.




1 .尊重——中国不会干涉你的国家内政,不像西方国家,总是告诉你什么对你有好处,什么没好处,你应该穿什么,不该穿什么。他们会把自己的喜好强加给你





Sei Cei, B.A Logistics, Vietnam University of Commerce

I had been to China twice, the first time when I was 13 years old, and the second time was 2 years later. Now I am 19 years old and preparing to visit China once again in the coming year with my best friends.

1.The good security system:

In my mind, China is a safe country, especially in big cities. I travelled through Beijing, Shanghai and even Shenzhen. Every city I went through was totally safety. For instance, I walked in Shanghai’s street at 2.am and had been lost in Beijing, however, the security is very good and there is no threats (or maybe I was lucky enough to not meet any dangers?!).

  1. Delicious food:

The second time I went to China with the aim of visiting my mom, who had worked in China for over one year. This was also good time for me to enjoy most delicious and tasty dishes of China. Beijing duck, hotpot, grilled food. Chinese food is certainty familiarize with Vietnamese food. Nevertheless, you cannnot be accepted Chinese dishes at first because it has much oil. But when you get used to it, you will be addicted, trust me.

  1. Convenient transportation:

China has a huge and convenient transportation system. For a child who had never been to overseas, at first it impressed me a lots. And I was also overwhelmed by the number of Chinese travelling transportation everyday.

  1. The friendliness of Chinese.

Yep I have to agree that Chinese people are very friendly and always smile. When I got lost, they readily showed me the way even they did not know who I was.

  1. Beautiful scenery:

Because I did not have enough time to visit many beautiful spots of China, so I only knew the Great Wall in Beijing and the 東方明珠塔 in Shanghai. Shanghai is a hustle and bustle city, but I think at night, the scenery of this city is as soft as a beautiful girl with the sky is filled by full of lights and hogging spotlight of any visitors coming here.




  1. 美食:




  1. 中国人的友好:


  1. 美丽的风景:


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