China, Nepal sign protocol to operationalise key transit treaty to access Chinese ports


BEIJING: China and Nepal have signed a protocol to operationalise their 2016 Transit and Transport Agreement (TTA) which will enable the landlocked Himalayan country to access Chinese sea and land ports for its foreign trade, ending Nepal's dependence on India for goods and trade.





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Brijesh Kumar - 3 days ago -Follow

As a sovereign nation Nepal has all the rights to increase it''s trade with any other nation in the neighborhood and We Indians should respect their right.



Luuke Luketer Vasco - 3 days ago -Follow

Check the Nepali politicians bank accounts for the month of April..... There''ll be a huge spike in deposits.....



Ashika - Chennai - 3 days ago -Follow

Why India is burning.. Did Nepal stopped India when India singed 20 billion dollars deal with China? India needs to understand that Every country has its own economic interests. Even India is playing double game with Russia and America. Recently it also tried to play double game with America and ISRAEL. India call itself most closest ally to Israel and America but still support iranian re gie which wants to destroy Israel... Thing for a moment how Israel would be thinking about it.



Sam - 3 days ago -Follow

Nepal is a sovereign nation and has all rights to improve its relation with any other nation. What is the problem here?



Kiru722 - 3 days ago -Follow

Neve trust these Nepalis always eat Indian food n speak the language of china



Shivanna - 3 days ago -Follow

Nepal economically backward country ,it goes behind the master who pays more, these countries are opportunist.India is already a developed and economically fifth largest country in the world ,it should have its own stragies with equal status country like Japan ,Israel, Russia and so on.



Rampravesh Upadhyay - 3 days ago -Follow

Don''t get black mailed by Nepalis politicians and let them use Chines ports. They will understand the cost of using Chinese infra.



Avik - 3 days ago -Follow

Now China will fully enter Nepal.



Hmmm - Carolina - 3 days ago -Follow

Chinese dragon swallows another Indian neighbouring country... India need to be careful and strategically counter China''s foreign strategy which are huring Indian trade.



Dharmesh Patel - Bangalore - 3 days ago -Follow

India need to be firm with their neighbors. you are with us than no BRI, else you are not with us and pay the price for that



Makdxb - INDIA - 3 days ago -Follow

There is nothing wrong in Nepal''s decision to have agreements with China as it is part of countrys growth. But remember whichever country went in deal with China it will bankrupted like Pakistan, Sri Lanka,Maldives etc.



Blackbelt - Karachi - 3 days ago -Follow

China always wants to exploit the differences that India has with other countries to their benefit



Mohan Khatry - 3 days ago -Follow

Well this is the outcome of blockade . Just imagine the situation there. A land locked country fully dependent on Indian supplies. And we blocked the supply for months...



Rajesh - 3 days ago -Follow

China is doing everything to weaken indias influence in the asia. India needs to come up with better strategic solutions soon.



Pakisarehomosandsuck - Kalooooo Gandu Pakistan - 3 days ago -Follow

India must help itself first and foremost and stop spending on ungrateful user Nepalis.



NSNS Shen - New York - 3 days ago -Follow

Soon Nepal will be bankrupt like Pakistan.



Indian - 3 days ago -Follow

one of Feku,s diplomacy failure.



Nationalist - Bangalore - 3 days ago -Follow

Now they should make to pay for their mischief.



sr Mohanty - bhubaneshwar - 3 days ago -Follow

Let them do whatever they want. Afterall nepal is a sovergein country



Debasish - 3 days ago -Follow

this time nepal is in china's trap. thanks nepal to show your color, india will wait and watch. all the best.



truth is god god is truth - Supreme lord Krishna space - 3 days ago -Follow

Indian govt. and diplomacy should treat Nepal as sovereign country with equal respect instead of big brotherly behavior on the part of India.



Manish Jha - 3 days ago -Follow

India should be careful, through Nepal goods will flooded to Bihar Bengal and UP...



Francis - Dubai - 3 days ago -Follow

PMs hugs and drum beats doesn't work for India anywhere



D - Location - 3 days ago -Follow

Not a good sign for India. In fact, India should''ve done much more with it''s neighbouring countries in order to keep the Chinese at bay.



Randheer - 3 days ago -Follow

China lure Nepal once again..



Anis Shaikh - 3 days ago -Follow

Another failure of deplomacy.



India packs - BH - 3 days ago

Withdraw Indian occupying troops from Bhutan, Bhutan will sign even more packs with China immediately.



BELFORT METRO - 3 days ago -Follow

modi bad policies , sri-lanka,nepal,bhutan,bangladesh all are going towards china



Hindustan - Hindustan Hindu Rashtra - 3 days ago -Follow

Nepal is part of Hindustan



Ansh - 3 days ago -Follow




Kesigan - Location - 3 days ago -Follow

Had Modi Govt in its helm at that time, Nepal would not have been an alien neighbour.


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