US: North Carolina campus sh ting leaves 2 dead, 4 injured


CHARLOTTE: A sh ting on a North Carolina university campus left two people dead and four wounded Tuesday, prompting a lockdown and causing panic across campus on the last day of classes.


UNC Charlotte issued a campus lockdown late Tuesday afternoon, saying shots had been fired. Later in the evening, the campus was declared secure after a suspect was taken into custody.


"Shots reported near kennedy. Run, Hide, Fight. Secure yourself immediately," the university said in an alert, referring to the school's Kennedy building on campus.


Mecklenburg Emergency Medical Services Agency said on Twitter that two people were killed, two others had life-threatening injuries and another two people were treated for less serious injuries. They said the numbers could change.


Aerial shots from local television news outlets showed police officers running toward a building, while another view showed students running on a campus sidewalk.


The university has more than 26,500 students and 3,000 faculty and staff. The campus is located northeast of the city center and is surrounded by resi ntial areas.



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Rai Saheb• 15123 • Rai Saheb • 4 hours ago

The genesis of India''s about 50% problem lies in partition of the nation.The Giant in size India became Pygmy after 1947 partition. India''s great cities like Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Multan, Dhaka, and Sialkot went to Pakistan. India''s 40% most fertile and developed land were gone to east and west Pakistan. It is high time Hindus should unite and ve for Avataari and Yug Purush Narendra Modi and BJP!


Rai Saheb • 1 hour ago

Very well said and very true



Vivek • Pune, Maharashtra • 4 hours ago

Welcome to America. The rich country with sick people.



Ekdesi • USA • 3 hours ago

19 students kill themselves in Telangana after controversial examination results


Ekdesi • Hyd • 3 hours ago

Sadly the number is now 25.



Gentleman • 5 hours ago

This disease is common in US and it seems GUN ban is only the option



Gentleman • Pune, Maharashtra • 4 hours ago

Look at ur own country first and then comment ! People kill in the name of caste , re gion and gender in india . Mend ur own country first please!

先看看自己国家是怎么样的,再评论别人!  在印度,因种姓对立、冲突和性别歧视而丧命的人,还少吗。请先管好你们自己的国家!


Vishal Pradhan • bhubaneshwar • 2 hours ago

India is a peaceful country with crime rate is very low if u compare it with size, poverty and literacy. Our dharma is leading us in direction



Gentleman • India • 2 hours ago

Individuals possessing gun and using it only for personal safety is the hallmark of US Constitution. If they ban guns, they will loose the benchmark ag inst which to measure the progress of their society with time.



samii • 3 hours ago

This is result of a gun culture



Rod • Raipur • 4 hours ago

This is America ! Every now n then sh ting happens in study centre or markets. who knows who will b the next to get killed.

这就是美国! 每隔一段时间,学校或市场就会发生枪击事件。谁知道下一个被杀的会是谁。


Rishi S. Raj • USA • 4 hours ago

Shootings at the university campuses is tter of great concern to all educators and civilized stidents and families.Things are getting out of control in our country. Guns should be immediately banned and any one in possession should just be put in jail.



Tejal Dit • 4 hours ago

It should now be called DIVIDED STATES OF AMERICA.



Iffi J • bangalore • 4 hours ago

A common phenomenon across US



Smoking • Land of Cannabis Indica • 1 hour ago

Another good reason for not going to the college or at least skip the lectures.



A • 1 hour ago

Any details of the assailants?



A R • Land of Cannabis Indica • 56 mins ago

Shoer was a black N!gg@@ ..



Francis • Dubai • 3 hours ago

Gun culture of USA



ames Matas • 3 hours ago

Good riddance . US wants to interfere in every countrys issues and matters. God is playing karma game on them.



Er Ahmed • Hyderabad • 3 hours ago

te rort are driven by ideology and shoers are psychopath.



ames Matas • 3 hours ago

Who cares



juntao67 • Location • 4 hours ago

This happens only in US where schools, colleges, universities have gun violence.



Muhammad • 4 hours ago

World's most terror country AMERICA.


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