China spends four times more than India on defence: SIPRI


NEW DELHI: China’s military expenditure is almost four times that of India, with the latter’s armed forces also getting hobbled by a ballooning revenue expenditure and pension bill. The US, of course, is the world’s largest spender on defence, with a military expenditure almost equal to the next eight countries combined.

新德里: 中国的军费开支几乎是印度的四倍,印度军队也受到不断增长的财政支出和养老金账单的拖累。美国是全球最大的国防支出国,其军费支出几乎相当于排在其后的8个国家的总和。

Latest data released by global think-tank Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) show the total world military expenditure rose by 2.6% to $1,822 billion in 2018. “The five biggest spenders in 2018 were the US ($649 billion), China ($250 billion), Saudi Arabia ($67.6 billion), India ($66.5 billion) and France ($63.8 billion), which together accounted for 60% of the global military spending,” it said.


Though SIPRI does not go into details, the $66.5 billion (Rs 4.6 lakh crore) military expenditure figure for India includes defence pensions, which amount to one-fourth of the total. Of the remaining, two-thirds go in for the day-to-day running costs, salaries and the like for maintaining the almost 15-lakh strong Indian armed forces.




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Abhishiek Ghosh • Bangalore • 2 hours ago

Indias defence budget 2013 - 2.1 lakh crores budget 2019 - 3 lakh crores.



agb• 5089 • Agb • 9 hours ago

In india we spend on the security of pappu gandhi and tukde gang members..



agb • Bangalore, India • 6 hours ago

Feku''s security is also a cause of concern



BE INDIAN• 4697 • agb • 4 hours ago

We are led by a FEKU.



Md Tanvir Khan • 9 hours ago

in comparing with China which is almost 7 times larger to Indian economy.



Sun RiseMd Tanvir Khan • 7 hours ago

India only needs to invest in a credible thermonuclear triad deterrent. Missile development including hypersonic and MIRV. No need to waste a lot of money on expensive war planes that can easily be shot down. Good intelligence on enemy military and industrial assets.



Kally Seng • Timbuctu • 7 hours ago

.during last 10 years of UPA under MMS, not a single fighter plane was purchased. Why..?? Because Vadra was not able to get commission out of this deal..!!

曼莫汉辛格执政10年,一架战斗机都没买。为什么? ? 拿不到回扣啊!!


Pradip Kumar Shome • Chennai • 6 hours ago

UPA go nment wasted 10 years on Rafale procurement and still now attempting to brake it''s procurement y many means. Political parties must have ''India first'' attitude.



Vijay Naidu • Location • 6 hours ago

China makes 40 times more money than India and spends no money on vote bank freebies.



DarthVader • 9 hours ago

stupid article!!! china''s GDP is 4 times india''s



DarthVader • 4 hours ago

Which itself is a problem.More importantly their per capita income is almost thrice that of India which means their citizens are on average better off



Jayaraman Theeyarath • 1 hour ago

yes, wait for Pappu with his Nyay, there will be no army left!!!!



Mohit • Mumbai • 7 hours ago

we spent double of that on election rallies



Dravidian • 8 hours ago

india spends on cows



Not A • FarmLand • 6 hours ago

China had 3 or 4 decades of ''one-child policy''. It prevented 400 Million births.In India poor are breeding like rabbits. India is bankrupt morally and financially. China is THE world super power.



Krishna • 6 hours ago

India though spending less than. It's neighbours China it has powerful deals done with France Rafeil and Russian S-400 missile defence system. Apart from it DRDO development of Bramhos indegineosly is capable to take on Chinese defence capabilities

“Make in India” initiative of the Government of India, by promoting indigenous. design, development and manufacturing of UAV is a boost .



Krishna Mn • Mackay • 5 hours ago

Moscow sold and delivered S 400 air defence missile systems to China''s Rocket Forces in July last year - 10 months ago - and China will deploy the S 400 to destroy any Rafales that enter Chinese air space. The much vaunted BrahMos travels at supersonic speeds of MACH 2.8 to 3.0 ( (3,400–3,700 km/h) .China is leading the world in hypersonic technology with their Mach 10 (7,680 mph (12,360 km/h; 3,430 m/s)).



Vijay Banga • new delhi • 5 hours ago

I must have said 100 times, China is 100 years ahead of India but Modi in 2014 had said we will overtake China, with what, wind, gas or words, all failed miserably, fell or crashed on face



Chowkidhaar • Vadnagar • 3 hours ago

China does indigenous development. In india Modi is LOOTING all the money. He bought Rafale Jets for FOUR TIMES the money negotiated by UPA Govt. Just 36 Rafale Jets for the price of 129 jets. CORRUPTION to the core.



Mudi • Gujriot • 3 hours ago

Nothing better expected under Modi. All talk and no show. China is still way ahead of us and he keeps giving speeches only. Useless PM.



Ratna Joshi • 3 hours ago

poverty breeds co ption



Abhishek Wagke

We spend more than that on elections



Alpesh • 5 hours ago

Obviously, China's economy is 4 times bigger than India so they can spend 4 times more. just a common sense.


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