What is something at which India is far better than other developed nations?(3)

印度哪些方面远远优于发达国家 (3)


Anil A. Kulkarni, friendswan: India is prected by Nature

The greatest thing ever about India is its culture which wishes the well being of entire humanity rather than encouraging a mentality of subjugating and exploiting other races.

We have great re gion in India which encourages tolerance and harmony but not passiveness when under attack.

No other country can match India's (that is Bharat) cultural heritage, its music, art, sculptures, temples, etc.

India is the land of yoga and spiritual achievements and is a Jagadguru - a Master guide for anyone in the world who is really desirous of finding God.

Because of teaching the world virtues of family values, non-violence and sacrifice, India will soon tower the world in Humanity in all positive aspects without trying to boss over anyone while being of service to any needy one.

India was also far ahead of the world even in science and technology in olden days but all is lost under destructive foreign reign in the last 5000 years. We still need to await great India’s son daughters and sons to revive all the old knowledge.








Pramod Gokhale, studied at Bhave High School

There are many oions and exp ions. Today’s businessline newspaper (25 th August) published touchy story about India and humanity and our aid to develo countries or friendly countries. Jaipur foot , this product is famous and over the years we supplied in domestic and foreign market.

Recent visit of presi nt of Vietnam to India , Mrs expressed interest in Prophetic products in India and Jaipur foot and wish cooperation and foot to be implanted to Vietnamese patients in Vietnam . Charities in India and Jaipur flew to Vietnam with doctors, technicians and performed fitment of foot now Vietnamese boys and adults are able to work independently and no need of assistance from family members .They can drive vehicles.

India’s help was given free by our charities to people of Vietnam .

Great service to mankind irrespective of nation, race, re gion

MY INDIA !! Great INDIA !!!

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我的印度! !伟大的印度! ! !


Prabhudev Metgud, worked at Cognizant (2006-2008)

Two things……First thing is that, Americans and citizens of many other developed countries regularly eat pork and beef where as majority of Indians would avoid beef and would NEVER eat pork. In fact majority in India are vegetarian. Thus, India is much more humane, compassionate and civilized as compared to other countries. Second thing is the low energy consumed by the citizens of India. (On an average, An American uses 1378 Watts of ricity per day, whereas an Indian uses only 87 watts of ricity and where as an American uses 9.6 liters of oil everyday, an Indian uses only 0.5 liters.). Thus, America, England, Germany, France and other so-called-”developed countries” are the main culprits causing global warming and “not-so-developed-countries” like India are not the main culprits causing global warming. In fact, developed countries should pay money to India (i.e give compensation to India) for dging the forests and other ecosy ems of India because of global warming and also developed countries should ask for apologies to India for global warming.



Alok Tripathi, former Speaker at All India Radio (2001-2013)

Originally Answered: What is something at which India is far better than other developed countries?

In many aspects India is better :

1 chest education up to post graduate.

2 chest public transportation

3 chest health facilities

4. Chest telecom services

5 .chepest entertainment & information in the form of television .

6. Chest services of Human Resource’s

7. Chest ricity & water supply

8. Chest manual labor

9 . chest food grains & vegetables

10.Chest availability of milk & dairy products

11 better job security.




  1. 研究生学费最便宜。
  2. 公共交通最便宜。
  3. 医疗设施最便宜。
  4. 电信资费最便宜。
  5. 电视娱乐和资讯节目最便宜。
  6. 人力资源成本最便宜。
  7. 水电价格最便宜。
  8. 体力劳动成本最便宜。
  9. 粮食和蔬菜最便宜。
  10. 牛奶和乳制品最便宜。
  11. 工作保障更好。
  12. 国内生产总值增长率居发达国家之首。


Pragat Dutt, Medicine Graduate, Entrepreneur

India has a very old cultural closely knit family institution and practices which is not the case in many developed nations. This institution saves India from many major mental health issues. The prevalence of depression, anety and even the suicide rates are much higher in the developed nations. The closeness and interdependence of the family members ensures that they have a support sy em to fight everything out in case of any untoward circumstances.

Recently, Ministry of loneliness was formed in UK, one will never find the need of such an organisation in a country like India.

India was gifted with the knowledge of Ayurveda as a branch of ancient scriptures(vedas) which helped Indians to follow a bnced diet traditionally.

Eg.The use of gur(jaggery) instead of white sugar has been prescribed and practiced.Turmeric which is used in almost on a daily basis in Indian curries are discovered to cure the Alzheimer's disease.Fairly enough, Indians have a very low rate of Alzheimer's. Although due to the increased globalization, these knowledge are exported to other countries also. But we are told one thing that if you want to stay fit, eat what your grandparents ate.






Arun Kumar, Reader and Writer

Yoga: India has given Yoga to this world. Yoga plays an important role for mental peace, as well as physical health.



21 june is the INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY, which has been celebrated all over world. Foreigners have been coming to India to learn the art of Yoga.



Yoga can be seen as a tool of India’s soft power in the International po itics.



OM Singh, former Student (future engineer)

In my oion India is Far Better thank other Country's is just Because Of (C.T.S) Our Culture ,Tradition and History …..!

Culture = It had different kinds of people United in a country all together with some great Cultures.

Traditions = Different types of people living here which means that have some Orthodox Traditions .

History =As we all know we had A great Past From Ryan to Mahabharat , Some Great Kings like Harishchand ,Ashoka,Maharana Pratap ,Bajiroa ,Akhbar , Chandragupta Maurya ,Shivaji etc , And some great F Fighters because of these things We est in this quick World as We Follow our History…

And Everyone knows that's We Indians has the Ability To change The future …..With our Intelligence and Ability .




历史=我们都知道我们有辉煌的历史,从罗摩衍那到摩柯婆罗多,有些伟大的君王,比如Harishchand、阿育王、普拉塔普、Bajiroa, Akhbar, Chandragupta孔雀王朝、Shivaji等,还有一些伟大的自由战士,因为这些,我们在遵循我们的历史的时候,能存在于这个快速发展的世界……



Jagabandhu Mishra, former Chief Conservator of Forests. at Go nment of India (1985-2012)

India is the second largest steel producer in the world after . India is also far ahead of many developed countries in the production of cement, aluminium, copper, chemicals, petrochemicals and fertilisers. India is the leader in IT services in the world. India is the country with a large network of railways and highways. India is the country with second largest production of cinema. India publishes mamum number of English news papers and magazines in the world. Indian Armed forces is the fourth largest Armed forces in the world after USA, Russia and . India has more GDP than many developed countries. India is the sixth largest economy in the world behind, USA, , Japan, Germany and UK. By the begng of 2019, India may become the fifth largest economy in the world and cross UK.



Rashi Lodha, Economics(Hon) from Asutosh College (2019)

Originally Answered: Is there anything in which India is better than any developed country? If yes, then in what?

1.A festival is always around the corner in India.




2.The Emerging Indian Market Is The Pential Target For World Economy

3.India is one of the most diverse countries.




4.Almost every Indian is multilingual.

5.We have a foundation in Ayurveda.




6.World's fourth Largest Air Force.

6. 世界第四大空军。


Nagendra Prasad, Sr Software Development Manager at Amazon India Development Center (2016-present)

Yes, there are many aspects in which India is better than any developed country. Yoga and Ayurveda, no other country can compete with India. You have gurus who are well versed and mystics who are 100 plus years in the vicinity of Himyas who teach Yoga. Ayurveda, has its roots in India and there is no match to the expertise and knowledge that ests in India on Ayurveda. These are definitely two things that India has better than developed thing.

Last but not least, the technical education that is provided in IITs and institutes like IISC for the fee they collect is better than any developed country. The very fact that majority of the tech company executives around the world being from IIT and IISC ascertains that.




Sanjay Agrawal, Semi-Nerd, curious soul

The portfolio for movies script is very long.

The diversities unlike any other countries. The underpriviledgeness give chances to appear many stories.

Believe me or not : in age of digital world. Soon indian films will rule the world.

West specially hollywood: obssesed with superheroes, white house attack, alien attack, zombies, vir s stories.

In comparison to that indian film gradually catch attention .







Arvind Das, studied at Manipal Institute Of Technology

Yes we have a good backbone in railway networks, the power grid mgmnt is one of the best in the world, isro is far ahead of others, the currency is available to one all everwhere from deserts of kutch rajathan to andn tothe base camp of everest. Isnt it all zing!

The farmers are growing food and veggies in plenty to sustain this humangous population. Amul and nddb is doing awesome work to make sure milk snd milk products ate available to one and all .

There is so much positivity and growth that we dont see and realise.





Rekha Guru

India is good with “respecting elders”. Our people can go the lengths to respect elders.

Indian chooses certain subjects in the University only to please parents

Indian man can give up his flourishing career in a foreign country only because his mother wants him to return

Indian woman is ready to sacrifice her love just because it is her parents word ag inst her word

Indian gives his sry to his parents every month

Indian girl seeks permission from parents before going somewhere and must find out up to what time she can stay out

Indian parents decide their daughter’s wardrobe

Indians allow parents to choose a life partner for them

Indian must cover her head and bow in front of her husband’s parents all the time

Indian must give up her career if her inlaws wish that way

Indian man can leave his wife only because his mother doesn’t get along with his wife

Indians can live in joint family all their life in spite of owning property

Indians consult parents before naming their child

Indians take their parents out for long vacations.

These are only some of the many things that I remember now

















Nandini Upreti, former Retired College Teacher at Higher Education in India (1966-2002)

We are an ancient civilization with scriptures and mythology. Unfortunately long foreign rule has caused great harm to our cultural identity. Specially after British rule in the garb of modernization we tried to be westernized neglecting our own cultural ethos. There are many layers of Indian society. It is high time that we strengthen our cultural roots along with Scientific development. Our modernization should not kill our Identity.



Sumit Bhati, EDM Artist at Electric BeeHouse (2017-present)

India or Bharat is best in spiritual knowledge.

We have Vedas, Upanishads, BhagvatGeeta.

Even the western philosophers regard our upanishads as best source of wisdom. These literature are far superior than Science and Technology it takes us to a new level and solves all the problems of life. They are best for inner engineering of ourself.





Lopscoop Moppomobi, Editor at Moppo

  1. India has the best reme sensing capabilities in the world

India's reme sensing satellites evolved to stop dependence on satellite data from the USA, which often suffered from delays. In 2013, India suffered from a cyclone of massive strength but the casualty was only one person, thanks to timely readings.

  1. The Indian space program is one of the world's most cost-effective

Apart from using the satellites for groundwater prospect map, crop acreage and production estimation etc, India's Mars mission has been lauded for its cost, being completed at a minuscule $73 million.

  1. India's Thorium based nuclear program is one of the best in the world

India has the world's largest deposits of Thorium, a naturally occurring radioactive chemical element that can replace Uranium for nuclear fuel. Thorium is known to be safer and also has a greater capacity for generating energy.

  1. India is one of the most proficient in high altitude mountain warfare

Most of India's conflicts have been fought in mountain regions at dizzying heights and temperatures touching -60 F. The US, Uk and Russia even send their troops to train in our high altitude warfare schools, proving that we have one of the best ale fighting units in the world.

  1. India's dabbawalla sy em is almost flawless

Dabbawallas pick up home cooked lunches and deliver them to the people at work. It is popularly cmed that only 1 out of 6 million deliveries are ever mixed up, which is impressive, especially in the dense and frenetic swirl of Mumbai.

  1. India is one of the most diverse countries

Ranging from diversity of languages, flaura and fauna, food habits, people, cultural values and historic lineage, we've got the whole heady mix surviving together.

  1. A festival is always around the corner in India

Apart from spreading love, gifts and light, festivals also herald the best thing known to man - holidays! With such re gious diversity, India has one of the highest number of festivals in the world.

  1. Almost every Indian is multilingual

Unlike the West, almost every Indian person can speak two or more languages, thanks to English as the school medium apart from our own languages.

  1. 印度拥有世界上最好的遥感能力


  1. 印度的太空计划是世界上成本效益最高的计划之一




  1. 印度是最擅长高空山地作战的国家之一


  1. 印度的达巴瓦拉系统几乎是完美无缺的


  1. 印度是世界上最多样化的国家之一


  1. 在印度,隔三差五总有节日


  1. 几乎每个印度人都会说多种语言



Ravindra Acharya, studied at Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering

I won't list any materialistic thing since others have already elaborated it in a much better way. Instead I must say that we Indians are very emotional. We know how to welcome our guests, we know how to help our friends and we know how to connect with people. We are much better in this with respect to the rest of the world. We need to preserve this indian culture. I am afraid to say that we are loosing it in this modern era. Please do whatever good that you could do to others. It need not be financial help all the time. A simple kind word is enough :)



Mathew Cherian, Indian citizen lived and watched American laborers.

We are a patient nation. We drive ourselves to self destruction before responding to threats. This is true to our bearing as Cavaliers of civilized life in this world.

In the modern economic sense, I have to say we are very risk averse in things we do




Kancheepuram Narasimhan, former Engineer Technical Operations at Kuwait Airways (2005-2010)

That Indian born/educated Engineers are heading MICROSOFT/ GOOGLE. And PEPSI.

Born in a poor family and being a min ity re gion, a Mus m Abdul Kmji could become Presi nt!!!!!! And born in Pakistan, a minuscule min ity (1%) Sikh person Dr. MM Singh was sworn as Prime Minster by a Mus m in India which has 80% Hindus!!!!!




Amit Shah

Simply the spirituality !Birth place of so many re gions ! People come from all over the world for this. In addition variety of culture, customs , languages and Food. Ability to co est. India also has all kinds of landscapes not many countries will have like mountains, desert, snowfall areas, beaches and so on !


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