15-year-old Indian-origin boy lauded as Britain's youngest accountant



LONDON: A 15-year-old Indian-origin boy has been lauded as Britain's youngest accountant after setting up a successful accountancy firm while still at school.


Ranveer Singh Sandhu, based in south London, has set himself a goal of becoming a millionaire by the time he turns 25 after he set up his first business when he was aged just 12 years.

生活在伦敦南部的Ranveer Singh Sandhu为自己设定了一个目标,在25岁时成为百万富翁。

"Young Entrepreneur aged 15 living my best life and trying to make money," he procms on social media.


The schoolboy says he knew from a very early age that he wanted to become an accountant and financial adviser to help fellow young entrepreneurs set up their dream businesses. He charges between 12 pounds to 15 pounds per hour for his services and boasts of 10 paying clients.


"It isn't that hard juggling school and my business, I haven't had that much stress," he told the Daily Mirror.


"My plan for the future is to become a millionaire and expand my business," he said.


The teenager completed an online accounting course to achieve a requisite Level 3 CPD Basic Accounting certificate when he was 12 and went on to set up his business Digital Accounts in June 2016. Two years later, he launched a second company – Ranveer Singh Sandhu – which is still under development.

这名少年在12岁时完成了在线会计课程,获得了必要的三级CPD基础会计证,并于2016年6月开设了自己的商业数字账户。两年后,他创办了一家公司——Ranveer Singh Sandhu,该公司仍在发展之中。

He works mainly from home but also has the use of an office in his family's property business nearby. His father, Aman Singh Sandhu, 50, is a builder, and mother Dalwinder Kaur Sandhu, 45, works as an estate agent.


"My parents have always helped me from the begng. My ambition is to make quite a lot of money out of it, expand my business and make it international while hel young people start their businesses at the same time," said Sandhu.


His plans for the money already saved up from his work is to plan a holiday soon and eventually buy a new car once he gets his driving licence. Over the years, he plans to invest in property to build up an empire.


Sandhu, who has also created his own software to keep track of his clients' accounts, was the winner of the Tech Business of the Year prize at the Ultra Education Kids Business Awards a few years ago. He attributes his entrepreneurial zeal to his Indian-origin family's interest in the field of finance but says his real passion is to help other young entrepreneurs.



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Truth - 3 days ago -Follow

Typical British raised fat kid. Teach him earning money shouldnt be his primary goal. Health is wealth!



Vidyanand Shetty - pune - 3 days ago -Follow

Some pursue success and some pursue jihad.



Kale - NaviMumbai - 3 days ago -Follow

Let girl come in his life & than see



Nightingale - Goa - 3 days ago

He loves accountancy and food



Mowgli - Jungle - 2 days ago -Follow

Look at his size. He looks like a mini elephant at age 15. This kid must be a stupid lazy kid who never goes out to play like the other kids. He thinks money is everything in his childhood. He is missing the normal fun filled life of a teenager. I bet he will look like an elephant when he turns 25. No girl will love him. They will love only his money. They will cheat him and become unfa thful. Finally this guy might become an alcoholic and loose all his business. So, give this kid a football and a tight slap and kick him into a playground. Feed him just once a day for a year till he looses weight.



Mohankumar - 2 days ago -Follow

if you look at his size .I wonder if he lives till the age of 25.



Ranjit Kr - 3 days ago -Follow

If he was in india he would have done pakida business...



Aditya Singh - 3 days ago -Follow

Excellent work



Kawasaki 4s - 3 days ago -Follow

RaGa and Mta will ask for proof.



Lakshmi Narayanan - 3 days ago -Follow

At 15, he''s this maturity..hats off.



narasarao - Hyd - 3 days ago -Follow




Mowgli - Jungle - 2 days ago -Follow

Look how fat this kid looks at age 15.



Expert Oion - 3 days ago -Follow

I knew it was hindu or sikh ,.



sowmya - 3 days ago -Follow




Jat - 3 days ago -Follow

Congratulations & all the best



Mithilesh Kumar - 2 days ago -Follow

Indians are going to rule the world one day.



Barkat Choudhury - 2 days ago -Follow

Thanks to ModiJi this boy is making headlines in UK. Modi Modi Modi. Anyone who disagree with my comment will be a genuine anti National, pro Pakistani and Leftist.



dySuan - 2 days ago -Follow

Too materialistic teen . With bad attitude with money shallowing mentality . We do not was such kind of materialistic teen in our healthy global society .. alienate him ... Hazardous for the society ..



Indian - 3 days ago -Follow

See this fat atss goal , he want to become millionaire by 25.



Anilkumar Dharmaji - 3 days ago -Follow

The genius of s Young teen became accountant of Britain is from India. He started his own company and became a millionaire. Now he is showing his interest towards capitalised profession.



Rene Fernandez - juffair - 2 days ago -Follow

why such opportunities are given to Indian kids who excel outside India and never get the same opportunity while living and studying in India .



Abhishek Verma - 3 days ago -Follow




Preamdeep Daas - Pune - 3 days ago -Follow

Child prodigy.



Truth - 2 days ago -Follow

Hello Fat Boy...enjoy your childhood...money cant buy it back! I think the British culture is destroying you.

你好,胖小子,好好享受你的童年,这是金钱买不回来的! 我认为英国文化害了你


Nivy B - Greater Noida - 2 days ago -Follow

Child prodigy! Good luck for a successful life, son!



jbboda Canada - Canada - 2 days ago -Follow

Atta boy!



SHRIKANT HEGDE - 2 days ago -Follow

Earning is good, but he should follow his passion rather than chasing money (Millionaire)



Javed Badshah - uae - 3 days ago -Follow

Wishing you the best, Mr. Young entrepreneur. You sure made your parents proud.



Sooraj - 2 days ago -Follow

In the next ten years there will be Indian origin country head in most of the developed countries like US, UK, Japan and others......



Manu - 2 days ago -Follow

He may soon relieve Piyush Goel from his duty & become the financial adviser of Jai Shah.


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