737 MAX: 波音公司为超越竞争对手而疯狂竞争的产物

 737 MAX: A jet born of Boeing's frantic race to outdo a rival

737 MAX:波音为超越对手而疯狂竞争的产物


Boeing faced an unthinkable defection in the spring of 2011. American Airlines, an exclusive Boeing customer for more than a decade, was ready to place an order for hundreds of new, fuel-efficient jets from the world’s other major aircraft manufacturer, Airbus.


The chief executive of American called Boeing’s leader, W James McNerney, to say a deal was close. If Boeing wanted the business, it would need to move aggressively, the airline executive, Gerard Arpey, told McNerney.

美国航空公司CEO杰勒德·阿尔佩致电波音公司时任CEO W詹姆斯·麦克纳尼,称交易已接近达成,如果波音想要这笔订单,就需要采取大胆积极的行动。

To win over American Airlines, Boeing ditched the idea of develo a new passenger plane, which would take a decade. Instead, it decided to update its workhorse 737, promising the plane would be done in six years.


The 737 Max was born roughly three months later.

大约三个月后,737 Max诞生。

The competitive pressure to build the jet — which permeated the entire design and development — now threatens the reputation and profits of Boeing, after two deadly crashes of the 737 Max in less than five months. Prosecutors and regulators are investigating whether the effort to design, produce and certify the Max was rushed, leading Boeing to miss crucial safety risks and to underplay the need for pilot training.

制造这款飞机的竞争压力渗透到整个设计和开发过程中,现在又威胁着波音的声誉和利润。在不到5个月的时间里,波音737 Max发生了两起致命的坠机事故。检察官和机构正在调查,737Max的设计、生产和认证工作是否过于仓促,导致波音忽视了关键的安全风险,并低估了飞行员培训的必要性。

While investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the crash in Ethiopia this month and one in Indonesia in October, they are focused on a newly installed piece of software designed to avoid stalls. The software was meant to compensate for bigger, more fuel-efficient engines and ensure the plane flew the same way as an earlier version.


Months behind Airbus, Boeing had to play catch-up. The pace of the work on the 737 Max was frenetic, according to current and former employees who spoke with The New York Times. Some spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter.

落后空客数月,波音不得不迎头赶上。波音的现任和前任员工在接受《纽约时报》采访时表示,737 Max的生产速度非常快。由于此事的敏感性,一些人要求匿名。

Engineers were pushed to submit technical drawings and designs at roughly double the normal pace, former employees said. Facing tight deadlines and strict budgets, managers quickly pulled workers from other departments when someone left the Max project. Although the project had been hectic, current and former employees said they had finished it feeling confident in the safety of the plane.


The specter of Boeing’s chief rival was constant. Airbus had been delivering more jets than Boeing for several years. And losing the American account would have been gutting, costing the manufacturer billions in lost sales and pentially thousands of jobs.


“They weren’t going to stand by and let Airbus steal market share,” said Mike Renzelmann, an engineer who retired in 2016 from Boeing’s flight control team on the 737 Max.

2016年从波音737 Max飞行控制团队退休的工程师迈克·伦泽尔曼称:“他们不会袖手旁观,不会让空客窃取市场份额”。

The push for automation was a philosophical shift for Boeing, which for decades wanted to keep pilots in control of the planes as much as possible. Airbus, by comparison, tended to embrace technology, putting computers in control. Pilots who preferred the American manufacturer even had a saying: “If it’s not Boeing, I’m not going.”


The new software sy em is now a focus of investigators who are trying to determine what went wrong in the Ethiopian Airlines crash and the Lion Air tragedy in Indonesia. A leading theory in the Lion Air crash is that the sy em was receiving bad data from a faulty sensor, triggering an unrecoverable nose dive. All 737 Max jets around the world are grounded, and Boeing has given no estimate of when they might return to flight.

新的软件系统现在是调查人员的重点,他们正试图确定埃航坠机印尼狮航坠机的原因。在狮航坠机事件中,一个主要的论调是,系统从一个有故障的传感器接收到错误的数据,引发了无法恢复的俯冲。全球所有的737 Max飞机都停飞了,波音公司也没有预计它们何时可能恢复飞行。

In Renton, Washington, where the 737 Max is produced in a 1.1-million-square-foot plant, the mere possibility that Boeing engineering contributed to the crashes has cast a pall over the factory. After the Lion Air crash, Boeing offered trauma counseling to engineers who had worked on the plane.

波音737 Max的生产在华盛顿伦顿一个110万平方英英的工厂里进行,仅仅是波音设计导致飞机坠毁的可能性就给这家工厂蒙上了一层阴影。在狮航坠机事件后,波音公司为参与该机型设计的工程师提供了心理创伤咨询。

“People in my group are devastated by this,” said Renzelmann, the former Boeing technical engineer. “It’s a heavy burden.”


Boeing is working on an update to MCAS software. The company was meeting with carriers over the weekend to discuss the update, which is expected to roll out by April. It also intends to make a previously optional safety indicator in its cockpit standard in new Max jets.


Boeing now makes a record 52 Maxes a month, and aims to reach 57 by April.



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Prabjit - 17 hours ago -Follow

Boeing should be held liable and they should compensate for the lost lives



Spaceman - Earth - 17 hours ago -Follow

Haste makes waste



Subodh - 17 hours ago -Follow

Boeing never experienced this type of nose dive problem in any of its earlier models.Before these flying coffins are allowed to fly ,the reason for these two air crashes ,needs thorough investigation. Airlines should cancel their orders.



Pankaj - Mumbai - 17 hours ago -Follow

Boeing should pay up for the losses of the airlines and fined heavily for these 2 accidents. anything below $10 billion will not make any sense



P S G - 17 hours ago -Follow

You see, corporate cronies are the same everywhere. Their only goal is profit, profit and profit. Profit comes above everything else, even the lives of people. Hope Boeing is royally sued if found guilty



Rajeev Narayan - Nagpur - 17 hours ago -Follow

Boeing would be under tremendous pressure. When Airbus was A320 was introduced, there were problems and in India 2 accidents had taken place. Boeing will surely come out of this problem, which I hope will not occur again.



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Siv Sarkar - 17 hours ago -Follow

Greed ! Lust ! Compromise ! Shame on the corporate world ! ☹

贪婪!欲望!妥协! 这是企业的耻辱!


Vijay - 16 hours ago -Follow

Business at the cost of safety and death. When Volkswagen cheated America in pollution manipulation billions of dollars was collected by USA. Here the Boeing a US company's gross negligence resulted in two crashes and hundreds of death. Let us see how much penalty will be imposed and what kind of action would be taken



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It''s everywhere in the developed countries.



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The article is beyond comprehending ability of most Indian.



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This thug & fraud company has to be SUED, PENALIZED for being responsible for killing so many passengers, causing enormous harm to equal no. of families . .it is a CRIMINAL offence ag inst them



tvenak B - US - 14 hours ago -Follow

Had any one of these two recent Boeing Max 8 crashes with no survivors happened in the US, BOEING WOULD HAVE BEEN SUED their pants of and victims'' families would have been awarded.

如果最近两起波音Max 8空难中有一起发生在美国,并且没有生还者,波音就会被起诉,受害者的家属也会得到赔偿。


Spidey - 14 hours ago -Follow

Boeing should gift one of its Aircraft to Feku



Amol P - 17 hours ago -Follow

Shows Americans will go to any lengths to cut down competition.



Gyani - 14 hours ago -Follow

At any given time European machines are the best ever, next best match is Japanese technology.

Americans better forget competing in terms of quality.



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interesting article.... Boeing is clearly behind, in the race of bigger market share



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Corporate greed usually costs human lives. Nothing new.



Virat - 14 hours ago -Follow

Another achievement of Mr Modi



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Boeing should invest in R&D to capture global market .



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Mad rush to dominate aviation market share led fatal crash a stringent capital punishment for Boeing's top brass who jeopardized passengers safety___"__



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Thank god Boeing rejected me last year in an interview.



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So, who is responsible for the hundreds of lost lives?



Sameer - India - 15 hours ago -Follow

why go nment bailout to these private airlines , Kingfisher was 1st victim



Chokidar - Earth - 16 hours ago -Follow

can we start #BoycottBoeing campaign and force all airlines to drop Boeing? who killed 350 people just to make money?


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