Italy becomes first G7 nation to sign China’s OBOR plan



ROME: Italy signed a memorandum of understanding with China on Saturday in support of Beijing’s “Belt and Road” initiative, which aims to weave a network of ports, bridges and power plants linking China with Africa, Europe and beyond.


With the memorandum, Italy becomes the first member of the Group of Seven major economies, which includes the United States, to join Belt and Road, following Portugal’s embrace of the initiative in December. Italy’s move appears to be driven partly by hopes that Chinese investment in Italy's ports might help revive the country’s traditional role as a key link in trade between the East and West.


The signing ceremony took place at Villa Madama, a Renaissance villa designed by Raphael. Italy’s involvement gives China a crucial inroad into Western Europe and a symbolic boost in its economic tug-of-war with Washington, where President Donald Trump seeks to challenge China over trade and other issues.


There is growing concern, in fact, that China has arrived in Europe not as an economic collaborator, but as a conqueror. The European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker repeated that refrain on Friday, saying ‘‘the Chinese market is not sufficiently open to European companies, and we must change this.”


The Belt and Road project has so far seen investments totaling more than a trillion dollars since its launch more than five years ago, and China says some 150 countries have signed agreements related to the project. Beijing has marketed the initiative as a way to give some of the world’s neediest countries a leg up, helping them gain access to more trade and investment. But it also helps Chinese companies tap new markets for their products while helping Beijing amass greater global influence.


Some go nments including the US, Japan and India worry that Beijing is trying to build a China-centered sphere of influence that would undermine their own sway, pulling developing nations into so-called “debt traps”, that would give China ever-more control over their territories and economies. China’s official position is that Belt and Road is solely an economic initiative with no political motives.



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Now you see Sonia’s Italy-Pakistan-China nexes against Hindu India. Italy has thrown Pakistani Muslim immigrants out of Italy . Now Sonia - Rahul traitors son’t Say a word. Whole family is anti India



Dheeraj - 13 hours ago -Follow

signed debt trap of china !!!



Abhijet Singh - Dubai - 13 hours ago -Follow

Vote for Modi else i honestly fear RAGA will sign this OBOR following Italy ( his nanihaal ) footsteps




what a stupid move by Italians......can't they see, what happened to Srilanka (hambantota port) or the Maldives, who got caught in Chinese debt trap.

On a lighter note, I think RaGa is truly an Italian.....




Gentleman - 13 hours ago -Follow

If the Congress comes to power in next election. Italy madam will ask her son to sign OBOR and surrender to Pakistan...



Phl - 13 hours ago -Follow

Its bcoz of sonia nd pappu...they r anti indian ppl



Chowkidaar Tigerzinda - 12 hours ago -Follow

Modi hai to india hai

Modi nahi to india kahin bhi nahi

Vote modi 2019 for indias future



Bala Srinivasan - saginaw USA - 13 hours ago -Follow

ITALY once considered "THE SICK MAN of EU"now unashamedly acknowledging that status.Unfortunately others like PORTUGAL,SPAIN&GREECE might follow making EU a crumbling DISUNION leaving GERMANY&FRANCE to carrying with the left overs.This means NATO,EURO&SHENGEN all gets weakened.



Pradeep - Mumbai - 8 hours ago -Follow

now people will know what will happen if Congress comes to power. India will also join obor. then we're lose pok for ever.



Rajeev - 6 hours ago -Follow

Of course, Italians always had a soft corner for China. It has been proved by behaviour of some people of Italian origin staying in India.



Subh Disha - 8 hours ago -Follow

China saying that OBOR is purely for economic purposes spanning in 150 countries with Chinese investment of $1 Trillion and is not for to establish hegemony. Did East India company of British told India that it was for establishing hegemony when it came to India?



Santimay Basu - New Delhi - 6 hours ago -Follow

This deal must have been brokered by China''s close friend Pappu.



Chintu Mon - 10 hours ago -Follow

Italy doesnt deserve to be a part of G7..its poor and bankrupt



Dinkar Khakhar - 12 hours ago -Follow

Bad days for Bar Maid’s Italy. Debt from China will increase year by year and will have to lease the country for 99 years



Ss - 7 hours ago -Follow

Now is it not confirmed that Bar Dancers family is very close to China? No wonder Pappu keeps compromising Indian interests and wants deals like Rafale to be public so that China gets a strtategic military advantage. The whole Gandhi family is a traitor.



Smoking - Land of Cannabis Indica - 11 hours ago -Follow

In the current global scenario,India cannot afford keep itself behind and miss the bus. It has to be economically and militarily strong.

Gone are the days when remaining non aligned came up with benefits.

India has to select a block which benefits it's most.

Siding with US would may keep India into the good books of unreliable NATO and EU but would alienate it away from major emerging powers.

Being with Russia would only means a tactical support militarily. Russians aren't going to fight any war for India but their words count in current new world order.

Remaining non aligned would mean being nothing. Everyone would be taking for granted.








Rikesh - Vadodara - 6 hours ago -Follow

It looks Italy become mad or brainless.



Narasimha Prakash - Bharath - 8 hours ago -Follow

Means China will first have a toehold, then a foothold and finally nation-hold. Suicidal for Italy. If they have not learnt from the experience of Sri Lanka and many African countries, it is just foolishness.



Subh Disha - 8 hours ago -Follow

Italy may become ChinItly in few decades!



Indi - Bengaluru - 6 hours ago -Follow

My My. Now I understand why the Vadra-Gandy mafia syndicate are so adamant about the Chinese interest. It's dictated straight from Vatican and Italy !!!!

Remember the secret meeting of all the Criminals of the family with Chinese ambassador during the height of Do-m.

Now its clear by joining the dots.





M.s. - 8 hours ago -Follow

The Italians will pay a very heavy price for this monumental stupidity.



Arun Choudhary - 11 hours ago -Follow

Very dangerous step



Shinto James - Location - 12 hours ago -Follow




Fiona Feynman - Bharat - 12 hours ago -Follow

It is time to expel Italy from EU and from NATO.



Mohit - 12 hours ago -Follow

Economy of Italy will be ruined by China...Another eurozone crisis in making.



Chowkidar - Kolkata - 6 hours ago -Follow

Italy is almost bankrupt and China will destroy it in 5 years, you will see Venice and Rome and milan infested by Chinese with italians as servents!



Ravindran M - INDIA - 7 hours ago -Follow

Another country to fall into debt trap ---



Pranjit - 8 hours ago -Follow

Pappu's hand?



Smoking - Land of Cannabis Indica - 11 hours ago -Follow

Without Marco Polo going to China, there won't be any Spaghetti, Macaroni or even Pizza



Monica - New Delhi - 11 hours ago -Follow

Doesn''t the present Italia''s go nment want to transfer power from Italy to China?



truthconscience81 - US - 13 hours ago -Follow

Only god knows where this will take Italy to. Wait and watch is the word. Only one thing is certain.....with the Chinese, it is never a mutually beneficial business....it’s always a heavily tilted affair towards China. God save you.



Gundchedilal - 13 hours ago -Follow

RAGA belongs to Italy as well, he should be whipped on his nudearse in public till he dies.



Rajeev Desai - Mumbai - 5 hours ago -Follow

Next, italexit like brexit as the rich euro nations will throw this bankrupt Italy out of their Union.



Aravindan - Kuala Lumpur - 6 hours ago -Follow

Sonitalia must be delighted, if khangress win, India will also sign.


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