Minimum pay guarantee plan to be main poll plank of Rahul Gandhi



NEW DELHI: Congress president Rahul Gandhi may make a special announcement on the election promise of “minimum income guarantee” for the poor as the party mulls ways of making its flagship welfare plank the focus of the last leg of 2019 election campaign.


The promise, which created an early buzz in the Lok Sabha campaign, would figure prominently in the Congress manifesto, most likely with details on its target audience and source of its funding.


But besides the manifesto, there is a strong likelihood that the Congress president could make the ‘minimum income guarantee’ the subject of a special public statement. It would be aimed at reiterating its salience from other populist commitments to the electorate


Sources said the party has planned to release the manifesto soon after Holi. If Rahul chooses to make a separate announcement on the income plank, it could even come ahead of the unveiling of manifesto.


After weeks of wavering Congress focus in the post-Pulwama phase, the party reverted to the populist idea in the CWC meeting held in Gujarat on March 12. Interestingly, newly-inducted AICC general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra coined the acronym “NYAY” for “minimum income guarantee” in Hindi during the discussions of the apex body.


Importantly, contrary to earlier impression, sources said, Congress has worked out the basic details relating to the scheme — amount of income, target audience and source of funding.


Rahul’s first mention of “minimum income” at a Chhattisgarh rally on January 28 triggered a public debate on the issue, with many expressing skepticism if the government would have adequate budget to fund it.



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Suresh Iyengar - 7 hours ago -Follow

Who cares for this silly man? All lies,partied when mumbai was hit, shame on you. Dont you feel ashamed to even think of being a leader? India again the hands of the dynasty of looters? Get lost, never, ever



TNN - 7 hours ago -Follow

What is the source of funds for this "minimum pay" Mr. RG.

It is taken from our pockets and putting into other pockets, with most of that part going into pockets of xyz.



Subhasish Chatterjee - 7 hours ago -Follow

All fake promise. Who will provide the money. Means more taxes from Middle class.



paarth d - 6 hours ago -Follow

Rahuls budget

10% for reservations

25% for minimum pay for lazy unemployed UPA supporters

20% for Kalmadi

20% for European middleman

25% for loan waivers

0% for middle class

0% for infrastructure

0% for productivity

0% for defense equipment

0% for education

5 year predicted results

GDP growth 5-8%

India GDP growth 0-2%
















Gopal Hingorani - Adelaide - 7 hours ago -Follow

NYAY from Prank (Priyanka) and minimum wage / income from Rahu a)re other tricks of the trade o hoodwink poor public ONLY for getting VOTES. Congress has already destroyed India and are only interested in dynastic rule. Now Rahu & Prank who have control over the minds of imbecile Congress, wants to be-fool the Indian Public by empty slogans and hollow promises



Balaji - 7 hours ago -Follow

Take from pocket of hard workers and put in pockets of lazy out-of-job pappus



Iluvindia - 5 hours ago -Follow

this guy has no vision.



Ms - 5 hours ago -Follow

The bare minimum guarantee is that the Congress party will never be free of the dynasty......



Mahesh Vyas - 6 hours ago -Follow

People who are earning be aware. More taxes to feed lazy guys. And of course VIKAS can take rest.



Anil - 5 hours ago -Follow

Rahul Gandhi has no policy other than freebies... Can you run a country on free schemes? This is why India is still poor... Bcoz of these shameless corrupt congress leaders



Rag Ani - 5 hours ago -Follow

No Plan.. No capability.. No Integrity.. Even His opposition to Modi is based on lies..



Vivek Tripathi - Mumbai, Maharashtra, Ind - 4 hours ago -Follow

Give everything free to everyone and especially who have more than 5 kids because they are your main vote bank.



Prakash Singh - 4 hours ago -Follow

He is just try to make more scheme of corruption whenver he will come in goverment. Like manrega. This pappu just know give freebies to indian n get vote or waivers of farmers loan thats it.



Patriot - Upland - 4 hours ago -Follow

Is he paying from is swiss bank account or from taxpayers money



Somnath - 7 hours ago -Follow

Big talk, from where will the money come? From our pockets only, while you politicians (including Feku) enjoy.



Devanshu Shakya - 3 hours ago -Follow

On one side there is modi who is encouraging people to be independent, to create start-ups, small business and miscellaneous jobs. On tge otger side there is this prince who is promising minimum pay guarantee to come to power again. Many will stop looking for jobs and vote for this guy. He also promises nationwide farm loan waiver and this has already lead to failure of farmers to pay installments. They did not have any money to buy Rafale in 2013 as said by their defence minister and after 5 years when modi govt refilled the treasury, they are planning to empty it again to rise back to power.



Sushil Kumar - Bng - 5 hours ago

Who gave u guys authority to spend my taxes the way u want . If you want to pay to no income guy . Why don’t u liquidate u and ur family assets and pay.




RAJIBREL1 - 3 hours ago -Follow

Cannot believe Rahul.



Ado - Chennai - 4 hours ago -Follow

Will you give your mother’s money?



Shyamsunder - Bangalore - 2 hours ago -Follow

This fake Gandhi knows very well that he and his party will not cone to power, so, he thinks what is harm in promising the voters a moon ?This totally waste human specie is a curse to this nation.Very soon he goes to jail for his corrupt deeds.



Amit - Bangalore - 3 hours ago -Follow

Very bad plan by Congress..who will pay for that?? Country needs progressive politics not free distribution of public money paid in taxes...



Krishan Kumar Totlani - Jaipur - 4 hours ago -Follow

Who will believe this Pappu as His party has ruled India for 58 years out of 70 & has done nothing of that sort, so their promises look hollow. @RahulGandhi you have already lost the plot of 2019 elections , try for 2024.



Shrish - 4 hours ago -Follow

Nothing comes free.



Kapoor A - Delhi - 4 hours ago -Follow

Who will fund it... the congress party or the swiss banks



Hemang - Mumbai - 4 hours ago -Follow

This guy is an idiot! This plan did not even work for developed western countries with minimum population. How this work in country like India? He wants Indians to be lazy and live in minimum means! Height of stupidity!

这家伙是个白痴! 人口少的西方发达国家都不适合这样搞。在印度这样的国家如何运作?他想让印度人变得懒惰,靠最低收入过活!愚蠢至极!

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