How do Western defense experts view India's Tejas fighter compared to Chinese J-20 fighter?

Can the Indian LCA-TEJAS beat the Chinese J-20?





Anil Bakshi, CPL, Aviation,Tourism, Hotels & Mangt. Consultant (1988-present)

I agree with most contributors. While it is great to have national pride, one should face facts squarely.


The Tejas, at present, is an unproven 4th Generation Fighter. It still has a long way to go before being integrated into the IAF. Any New Type in Any Airforce takes time to get into the groove, and, regrettably some never do, the HF 24 is a classic example. So let us wait and see. The Tejas Mark II seems a good aircraft, on paper at least, even if a trifle under-powered. One sincerely hopes, for the sake of the Indian Air Force , that it succeeds as the last of the MIG 21 BIS squadrons are long past retirement.

目前,“光辉”是一款未经验证的第四代战斗机。在被纳入印度空军之前,它还有很长的路要走。任何新型战机都需要时间才能进入最佳状态,遗憾的是,有些战机从未进入最佳状态,HF 24就是一个典型的例子。所以我们还是拭目以待吧。至少从理论上看,“光辉”Mark II似乎是一架不错的战机,尽管动力有点不足。人们真诚地希望,为了印度空军着想,它能成功,米格-21中队早就该退役了。

The Chinese J 20 Fighter, on the other hand, is an Unproven 5th generation Fighter. It will have to Fly The Same Route into the PLAF as the Tejas would, and that, too, would take time.


On on paper and specifications, the J 20 seems more than a match for the Tejas Mark II but all such theorising is in the realms of speculation. The chances are, even money, that the two types will never meet and/or tangle in an Aerial Battlefield. Moreover, it has been proven time and again, that at he end of the day, it is the ‘Man Behind the Gun’ or the Aircraft which gets the First Drop and Fires First on The Opponent, often wins the day.

在规格上,歼-20似乎比“光辉”Mark II更胜一筹,但所有这些都是理论上的推测。很有可能这两款战机永远不会在空中战场上相遇或交战。此外,事实已经一次又一次地证明,先向对手开火的往往会赢得胜利。



Abhishek Pratap, An expert in fighter jets, missiles and other weapons.


You will be disappointed to know, but no one compares Tejas- a 4th generation light fighter jet to J-20 -a 5th genaration fighter jet. Tejas is a good initiative and will help India in developing fighter jets in future but it cant be compared even with the best 4th generation jets like eurofighter, rafale and sukhoi. It can be compared with JF-17 thunder jointly developed by china and pakistan(only god knows what pakistan has contributed :p ). But J-20 is way ahead of tejas in all aspects. I dont even feel the need to compare their stats.

P.S.- Dont hate me. I am not anti-tejas

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让你失望的是,没有人会拿第4代轻型战斗机“光辉”与 5代战斗机“歼-20”相比。“光辉”将帮助印度研发战斗机,但它不能与最好的第四代战斗机,如欧洲战斗机,阵风和苏霍伊相比。可以和中国与巴基斯坦联合开发的JF-17雷电(枭龙)相比(天知道巴基斯坦在这个过程中做了什么贡献)。但是歼-20在各个方面都远远领先于“光辉”。我甚至觉得没有必要比较他们的规格。



D Paul, works at Texas Instruments

In a line, the Tejas or the J20 is nowhere on the table of Western/ Eastern/Northern defence experts because they are not in that league yet.. The experts have an elite veteran crowd on the table to deal with. Now the Tejas— ( No place for misplaced pride and hoopla) is still a flying platform at this point and has still distance to cover before such discussions can open. Tejas needs real time evaluation- combat evaluation. Because—


ŸIt’s not yet battle tested simply because its just not battle ready !

ŸWeapons & real combat effectiveness- Yet to be put on test.

ŸSmall combat radius puts a huge question mark on its operational effectiveness.




There is this new found wave of pseudo nationalism which tends to ignore hardcore facts for emotions. That doesn’t help the cause in real time. If the Tejas was ‘the ultimate thing’ in combat aviation as many wish to portray, then it should have been 100% operational years ago and maybe sold to friendly nations by now. Noo…. Still a long way to go. Long enough for the IAF to look for options. Seems by the time Tejas ( best in its class- some say) is ready, there will be 7th generation aircrafts doing the rounds.


NO wonder the IAF itself is apprehensive about the Tejas ( induction time frame) and feel the need to induct Fighter jets from other countries to keep up the numbers and effectiveness of the Air Force. And that’s open data from CAG reports. I hear of recent, the authorities have again cleared the IAF’s request for single engine fighter acquisition as of Jan 2018. So no. the IAF itself is not depending on the Tejas until it comes out firing on all cylinders.



E Anand, B E from B.E Automobile Engineering (2016)

According to defense expert they can just assume the the capabilities of both plane from online sources only.

So Wait till war for real comparison .

But don't expect war as whole world economy is rising and war will leads to extinct of peoples and of growth.





Kai Tang

It is like comparing a Toyota with a Ferrari.



Radhakrishna Sastry, works at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

Don't compare apples and oranges.

Even if you're comparing amongst apples, experts take a side and talk all positive about the apple they favor.




Usman Mohiuddin

Tejas is going through trial .It is not properly inducted in Indian air force .A few days ago ,Indian air force has said that Tejas is not capable to protect Indian skies so therefore we are looking for a new single engine medium weight fighter like F-16 or Gripen which are superior in their class.

J-20 is a fifth generation stealth fighter .So there are no comparison between a fifth generation fighter and a fourth generation fighter .Also j-20 has a long Range Radar and sets of missiles like Pl-15 which can shoot down enemy aircraft as much as 300 km away.

“光辉”正处于测试阶段,还不适合引入印度空军。几天前,印度空军表示,“光辉”还保护不了印度领空。所以我们正在寻找一款新单引擎中型战斗机,F- 16或鹰狮是上上之选。



India Defence News, Editor at India Defence News

Both Indian LCA Tejas and Chinese J20 are in totally different category aircraft. The LCA Tejas is light combat aircraft of 4th generation whereas the J20 is a Chinese 5th generation aircraft with stealth technology. And therefore, It may not be fair comparison .

It would be worth mentioning here that although J20 is claimed to be a 5th generation stealth place and IAF Su 30MKI could track this place radar signature easily. In the event of any potential conflict J20 will have to face Indian Rafale with Meteor BVR missiles with no escape zone with 250 KM range .

The J20 plane is fully operational aircraft already inducted into the Chinese airforce whereas LCA Tejas is still in development stage and expected to get Final Operational Clearance ( FOC ) by December 2018 . Although HAL has started production for 40 Tejas with IOC standard.

However , the Tejas Mark 1A with major improvements suggested by IAF which includes AESA radar , BVR missile capability, Mid-air refuelling, glass cockpit, new electronic warfare suit and other sophisticated systems will make Tejas 1A a formidable opponent and a force to reckon.

The nest version of Tejas being design will be a completely different combat plane in medium combat aircraft category. The MCA Tejas Mark 2 will have far more capabilities which are currently being worked out




然而,印度空军建议对“光辉”Mark 1A进行重大改进,包括AESA雷达、BVR导弹能力、空中加油、玻璃座舱、新型电子战服和其他先进系统,这将使“光辉” 1A成为一个强大的对手和一支不可估量的力量。

“光辉”的下一代设计将是一种完全不同的中型战斗机。“光辉”Mark 2将拥有更多目前正在开发的功能。


Bhuvan Ganguly, works at Slk Software

The light combat aircraft is a single engine fourth generation aircraft, which was primarily built to replace the agieng fleet of Mig which are the work horse of the Indian airforce for decades built on the legacy hydraulic technology with no fly by wire systems, the LCA is not a stealth fighter like J20, J20 can be compared to stealth fighters like the F-35.

But the fighters are ment for different purposes and might be good in their own roles.however both of them have not been combat tested yet.

轻型战斗机“光辉”是单引擎第四代战机机,主要是用来取代米格战斗机群,后者是印度空军几十年来的主力,建立在传统液压技术的基础上,没有飞线系统。“光辉”不是隐形战斗机,而歼-20可以和隐形战机F - 35相提并论。



Manchuvaru Reddy, Business (2017-present)

Definitely TEJAS mark II can beat if certain upgradation, specifications, modifications & latest technology is used.

CHINESE J-20 fighter, is not fallen from heaven definitely not. They have manufactured with lot of trial & errors and of course it's the end result of reverse engineering.

如果经过某些升级并使用最新技术,印度“光辉”mark II战机毫无疑问可以击败对手。


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