India to go to polls from April 11, Pakistan tension may boost Modi



By Devjyot Ghoshal, Zeba Siddiqui and Aftab Ahmed

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India will hold a general election in seven stages starting on April 11, the election commission said on Sunday, in what will be the world's biggest democratic exercise with Prime Minister Narendra Modi likely to benefit from tensions with Pakistan.


About 900 million citizens will be eligible to vote, 15 million of them aged between 18 and 19, in a mammoth exercise lasting more than a month, Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora said at a press briefing in the capital New Delhi on Sunday.


Until a few weeks ago, a shortage of jobs and weak farm prices were seen denting Modi's popularity. But pollsters say his ruling Hindu-nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) now has a clear advantage after India's armed forces clashed with those of arch-rival Pakistan last month, triggering a wave of patriotic fervor across the country of 1.3 billion.


Of the 543 parliamentary seats up for grabs, 241 could go to Modi's ruling alliance, compared with 141 to the Congress party-led opposition alliance, according to a nationwide survey of 50,000 people by the CVoter polling agency conducted over the past four weeks.


“The Hindi heartland -- barring Uttar Pradesh -- has charged up due to the Pakistan issue,” said Yashwant Deshmukh, founder of CVoter, referring to the northern state of Uttar Pradesh that sends the largest number of lawmakers to India’s lower house of parliament and is a key battleground for the election.

CVoter创始人Yashwant Deshmukh称:“由于巴基斯坦问题,印地语的中心地带(除了北方邦,)的爱国热情已经被点燃了。位于印度北部的北方邦是印度下议院议员最多的地区,也是选举的关键战场。”

Earlier surveys released in January, before the most recent tension with Pakistan, showed the BJP and its allies emerging as the largest group in the election but falling short of a majority.


In 2014's general election, the BJP won 282 out of 543 contested seats - the strongest showing for any political party in three decades.


However, the main opposition Congress party, which late last year ousted the BJP from power in three largely rural states, is trying to band together with regional and caste-based parties to oust Modi.


Congress, controlled by the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty that ruled India for most of its post-independence history, is banking on voter resentment to propel the opposition alliance to victory.


HSBC Securities and Capital Markets said in a note that national security and nationalism could trump economic issues in determining voters preferences.

汇丰证券和资本市场(HSBC Securities and Capital Markets)在一份报告中表示,在决定选民的偏好方面,国家安全和民族主义可能胜过经济问题。

Arora, the chief election commissioner, said three special observers would be deployed in the northern Jammu and Kashmir state, where India is battling multiple insurgencies and where elections are usually marred by violence. Votes will be counted on May 23, he said.


He also said Facebook, Twitter, Google and WhatsApp have committed to cracking down on fake news by deploying fact checkers and grievance officers.


There has been mounting concern in India that political party workers could spread false news on the social media platforms to sway voters. WhatsApp has in particular become a key campaign tool used widely by both leading parties.


The commission has also set up a separate team to monitor expenditure of political parties after a record spend in the 2014 election. Many parties understate their expenses and monitoring has been difficult in the past.




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IBEBACK14 hours ago

Maybe they can vote on whether or not they want flush toilets or nuclear weapons.



FMR7 hours ago

Terrorists blew it by attacking and killing Indian soldiers in Kashmir which has boosted and inspired more Indian voters to reelect Modi in an upcoming election.



Suresh9 hours ago

Modi has lied to people. Indian Air Force attack was total failure. See at Western Media

report. If successful, Modi would have displayed proof and bragged about it 24-4.



Nasser13 hours ago

Elect a peace maker - PLEASE - like Imran Khan.



Faisal3 hours ago

Modi PM of India is doing terrorism in Pakistan and India. All to win an election ???? Really



Mark7 hours ago

India needs more Gandhi types and less Modi types.



ashar9 hours ago

Ditto that was a whole reason ignite hate win election ....only people with wisdom can understand this



Anonymous8 hours ago

Raises the question who was really behind the bombing that killed 40 soldiers



antidhimmi7 hours ago

PAKlstan, is a bankrupt nation, nation of pan handlers



Roma10 hours ago

Rafael deal is mired in controversy. Nation has a right to know what happened. Somehow Modi is reluctant to constitute a parliamentary committee to probe it. Democracy should be respected. I think that is the major allegation Modi's govt. faced.



IT-Freelancer3 hours ago

Worst PM is Modi complete failure, no development, no job, poor have become poor, less than 1% have become richer controlling 99% of the country, several billionaires who have scammed banks have ran away out of the country.........they are banking on polarized divisive politics creating divide between Hindus, Muslims and other religions that's what their main agenda is.......that's where they are playing muslim Pakistan game to win votes....India needs a better educated PM someone who is secular treats all races, religions as equal......not Modi, BJP/RSS.....

最差的总理是莫迪,太失败了,没有带来发展,没有创造就业,穷人越来越穷,只有不到1%的人变富了并控制着99%的财富,让数名诈骗银行的亿万富翁逃离了这个国家。他们寄希望于两极分化的政治,在印度教徒、和其他宗教之间制造分裂,这就是他们的主要议程,这就是他们赢得选票的伎俩。印度需要一个受过高等教育的总理,一个对所有种族、宗教一视同仁的世俗主义者,而不是莫迪、印度人民党/民族志工组织 .....


Swapan11 hours ago

miga modi 2020



indiat7 hours ago

The warmonger Modi is taking advantage of the current situation; makes you wonder who was behind these attacks.



Naberius9 hours ago

Why do I get funny phone calls from India? Yes... I am dee irs agents?



jack2 hours ago

What surprise Hindu RSS butcher MOdi gaining on his warmongering stance. All the Jews, Muslim , Christians, Sikhs should unite against such a radical thought of divinding and eradication. I know there are still good people in India and they will vote MOdi out



Carolina4 hours ago

Question to all the pakis. If your pilot destroyed mig21being flown by Indian pilot Abhinandan, why don’t you organize international press conference and present that pilot as national hero ?



melvin11 hours ago

Modiji Zindabad! Vote for BJP! Don’t let the corrupt, coward Congress to come back ! They will sell India to Pakistan.

莫迪万岁!为印度人民党投票! 别让腐败、懦弱的国大党上台!他们将会把印度卖给巴基斯坦。


Kris8 hours ago

BY bombing the terrorist factory inside "nuclear Pakistan", Mr. Modi might have driven the last nail in the coffin of international terrorism. For the first time, Pakistan has been forced to introspect. That is good for Pakistan, Afghanistan, US, Iran and India.



Sorb45 minutes ago

Some of the messages show that the terrorist attack on Indian soldiers will boost and inspire Indian voters to re-elect Modi

It means, is this attack sponsored by the ruling party and Modi Govt. to get votes???

We have to think about it; there are many questings from which the most important is how the terrorist come on the row of the Soldiers convoy without Indian support??? Think, think, and more think





Tayyab5 hours ago

These tensions were created by modi lol.



Sk42 minutes ago

Hmmm, once again right before elections a tragedy and accusations against Pakistan....Modi killed 2,000 poor people in the slums of Bombay, Modi kills his own soldiers...these high castes really don't care about anything but power and money... disgusting ideology is Hinduism



john8 hours ago

If modi wins again then there is no dumber nation than people of India.



Iqbal11 minutes ago

This whole Pulwana episode, where almost 50 Indian Soldiers were killed by a suicide bomber was staged to facilitate Modi to win the coming elections.

According to some reports, Indian Intelligence knew before hand about the attack.

This loser Modi almost started a Nuclear War with Pakistan to boost his standing.

I hope the intelligent people of India will reject Modi, who by the way, himself is a terrorist.






SM55 minutes ago

India's first LIAR PM in 70 years.



Shyerrylittle4 hours ago

Hindoos gotta be dumbest people if they still vote for Modi after all the humiliation of India by Pakistan!!!!


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