No survivors in Ethiopian Airlines crash en route to Kenya


ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) -- A jetliner carrying 157 people crashed shortly after takeoff from the Ethiopian capital Sunday, killing everyone aboard, authorities said. More than 30 nationalities were among the dead.


It was not clear what caused the plane to go down in clear weather. The pilot sent out a distress call and was given clearance to return to the airport, the airline's CEO told reporters.



The Boeing 737-8 MAX operated by Ethiopian Airlines was the same model as a Lion Air jet that plunged into the Java Sea in October just minutes after taking off from Jakarta, Indonesia's capital. That crash killed 189 people.

埃塞俄比亚航空公司运营的波音737-8 MAX与去年10月从印尼首都雅加达起飞几分钟后坠入爪哇海的狮航客机型号相同。那次事故造成189人死亡。

The Lion Air cockpit data recorder showed that the jet's airspeed indicator had malfunctioned on its last four flights, though the airline initially said problems with the aircraft had been fixed.


The Ethiopian plane was new, having been delivered to the airline in November. It was on a flight from Addis Ababa to the Kenyan capital of Nairobi. Grieving families rushed to airports in both cities.


State-owned Ethiopian Airlines is widely considered the best-managed airline in Africa and calls itself Africa's largest carrier. It has ambitions of becoming the gateway to the continent and is known as an early buyer of new aircraft.


"Ethiopian Airlines is one of the safest airlines in the world. At this stage we cannot rule out anything," CEO Tewolde Gebremariam said.

首席执行官Tewolde Gebremariam表示:“埃塞俄比亚航空公司是世界上最安全的航空公司之一。在这个阶段,我们不能排除任何可能性。”

The airline said 149 passengers and eight crew members were thought to be on the plane. State broadcaster EBC reported that 33 nationalities were among the victims.


The dead included 32 Kenyans and nine Ethiopians; 18 Canadians; eight passengers each from China, the United States and Italy; seven each from France and Britain; six from Egypt; five from the Netherlands; four each from India and Slovakia; and two from Spain, officials said.


The plane crashed six minutes after departing, plowing into the ground at Hejere near Bishoftu, or Debre Zeit, some 50 kilometers (31 miles) south of Addis Ababa, at 8:44 a.m.


The jetliner showed unstable vertical speed after takeoff, air traffic monitor Flightradar 24 said in a Twitter post.

航空交通监察员Flightradar 24在推特上说,这架飞机起飞后垂直速度不稳定。

Worried families gathered at the airport in Nairobi.


The jet's last maintenance was on Feb. 4, and it had flown just 1,200 hours. The pilot was a senior aviator, joining the airline in 2010, he said.


The last deadly crash of an Ethiopian Airlines passenger flight was in 2010, when a plane went down minutes after takeoff from Beirut, killing all 90 people on board.



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Common sense3 hours ago
"Plane showed unstable vertical speed after takeoff"... If the pilots sensed something was wrong, is 6 minutes enough time to turn around and land or was it doomed due to not enough time? Note - I am not a pilot or know anything about flying so I am not second guessing the pilots - - just asking...

“飞机起飞后垂直速度不稳定”…如果飞行员感觉到有什么不对劲,6分钟的时间足以掉头着陆吗?还是说来不及了? 注:我不是飞行员,也不懂飞行,我不是在怀疑飞行员,只是问问。

Be5 hours ago
two of this type of plane down in as many months, enough to make you have doubt's about the airworthiness of this new aircraft, really tragic for all concerned,


Jim Dandy3 hours ago
It took Boeing 50 years to build 10,000 737's, but they want to build another 10,000 in only 15. Their major suppliers, such as Spirit, are raiding their own subcontractors for employees in a desperate effort to keep pace with this overly optimistic production schedule, and the quality of their product suffers for it. You would be safer on a 10 year old 737 than a brand new one.


MAXLBTRD3 hours ago
Looks like Boeing better get on this right away. Second MAX to go down shortly after take off. Doesn't make sense.


Olivia B3 hours ago
I thought the newer the plane, the safer they are. I know differently now. Tragic. Just terribly tragic.


MARK5 hours ago
Two of the 737 MAX aircraft done down now within a few minutes of take off. This is probably a serious issue related to type or unfamiliarity with type and very unlikely to be a maintenance derived problem. The ET aircraft was only four months old!

两架波音737 MAX飞机在起飞后几分钟内就坠毁了。这可能是一个与机型的问题,不太可能是维修问题。埃塞俄比亚航空公司的这架波音737Max飞机才飞了4个月!

Shlumgullya3 hours ago
If any more Boeing 737-8 MAX planes start crashing "just after takeoff", I'd saw we have a problem.

如果波音737-8 MAX“再发生刚起飞”就坠毁的事故,那麻烦就大了。

Recently the USAF declined delivery of all Boeing tanker planes because they were found to contain waste products and tools left by careless workers all over including in tankers tank itself. Sounds like Boeing might have a quality control problem.


My Thought on This3 hours ago
Why isn't Boeing being investigated like it should?


William3 hours ago
Something is terribly wrong with avionics and air speed indicators malfunctions on this new 737 Max aircraft. No way this new of an aircraft should crash twice in 2 months time. Ground these aircraft until investigators determine causes. There is a part in this aircraft that is malfunctioning; we need to find it!!

这架新737 Max飞机的航空电子设备和航速指示器出现了故障。新飞机不可能在两个月内连续两次坠毁。在调查人员确定原因之前,先让这些飞机停飞。这架飞机有一个部件出了故障,我们需要查出这个故障!!

G K3 hours ago
Ethiopian Airlines has a sound safety record and employs European and American pilots.


G K3 hours ago
I believe I'm going to avoid Southwest Airlines until this issue is properly addressed. This is the airframe they're using for flights to Hawaii.


Sunny V3 hours ago
Sorry to hear of this horrific tragedy! My condolences to the loved ones' family members..
Life can be VERY short! Some people leave for work, vacation or just your normal outing, and never come home..


SIMON5 hours ago
This is the second brand new 737 MAX to crash in 3 months

这是三个月内第二架全新737 MAX飞机坠毁

Jam O3 hours ago
If it is a Boeing 737-8 MAX, I ain't going. There is something fundamentally wrong with the Control and Stability of that airplane. Based upon past history, the FAA and NTSB won't do anything until there are three fatal crashes. This was fatal crash number two.

如果是波音737-8 MAX,我就不坐。这架飞机的控制和稳定性有严重问题。根据过去的历史,联邦航空局和国家运输安全委员会在发生三起致命事故前不会采取任何行动。这是第二起致命的坠机事故。

Lastarkio3 hours ago
Very sad to hear this news. Condolences to the families of those lost.


sagamorian3 hours ago
They need to take all of the new Boeing 737 Max planes out of service pending a thorough investigation of the new GE engines.

在对通用电气的新引擎进行彻底调查之前,需要让所有新的波音737 Max飞机停飞。

A1 hour ago
Were there problems with these specific plane during test flights that Boeing neglected to make known while they were rolling off the assembly line?


Jeff H3 hours ago
I would say Boeing has a BIG problem.


judy3 hours ago
It is a Boeing manufacturing problem obviously. So sad. Hope Boeing figures it out before another fatal crash.


Jesse2 hours ago
Why the world's poorest country, has more bran new airplanes than American Airlines and United combined?


barrie3 hours ago
these aircraft need a total inspection , a recall of all the 737s


Mill2 hours ago
This why I don’t fly. and when they come falling down your chances of surviving are next to zero from that far up in a tin can filled with jet fuel.


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