Can the Indian army win over the Chinese army?



S Jolly, works at Indian Armed Forces

Answered May 9, 2016

This is tough one!...

Well in terms of sheer numbers Chinese have every thing more than us, weapon, men equipment etc. They also have a bit of psychological advantage over us since they have won one war( 1962)... but that was than, 40 plus years back, fast forward to present situ.. Indian army is very much tough now, has better weaponry and equipment than before, have 3:1 win ratio(3 wins over Pak vs 1 loss to Chinese) and so if God forbid and leaderships of both countries cant resolve issues thru communication on all levels and we land up in battle field it shall NOT be a walk in the park for either of nations!




Himanshu Rawat, studied at Father Son Public School

Answered Oct 31, 2014

1.No, China has considerable advantage in terms of Equipments and manpower to halt any prospective suicidal invasion by the Indian army.

  1. Chinese army is the largest standing army ( 1.6 million troops) in the world while Indian army ( 1.2 million troops) is second largest army.
  2. Chinese army fares better in terms of weaponry as compared to Indian army.
  3. Any war between India and China would be fought along the Himalayas as it is the only place where India borders China. Firstly Himalayas in itself is the biggest hurdle for any of the two armies if they are to attack each other besides that the Chinese side of the border has witnessed unprecedented infrastructure development to facilitate the army. China has multi lane highways leading right up to the Indo China border while Indian side of the border lacks even roads at some places ( though that is undergoing change ).
  4. The above point means that China has the capability of transporting 0.4 million of troops to the the Indo-China border within just one week while it will take Indian army 1 month to do the same (due to the reasons cited in 4 point)
  5. 不可能,中国在军备和人力方面有相当大的优势,可以阻止印度军队可能的自杀式入侵。
  6. 中国军队拥有全球最多的现役军(160万),印度军队(120万)是全球第二大军队。
  7. 与印度军队相比,中国军队的武器装备更好。
  8. 中印之间的任何战争都将发生在喜马拉雅山脉,因为这是印度与中国唯一接壤的地方。首先,喜马拉雅山脉本身就是中印两军相互交火的最大障碍,此外,中国一侧的边境也出现了基础设施建设,为中国军队提供了便利。中国有多车道高速公路直通印中边境,而印度一侧的边境有些地方连公路都没有(尽管变化也在发生)。
  9. 这意味着中国有能力在一周内将40万军队运送到印中边境,而印度军队则需要1个月的时间才能完成同样的任务。

So, there is no way Indian army could completely overwhelm the Chinese army however Indian army has sufficient wherewithal to mount a good defence against any Chinese invasion.

So any war between Indian and Chinese army without any involvement of air force would end up into a stalemate with neither side making any territorial gains while the material and manpower loss would be huge considering the fact that it is a battle between the largest and second largest army in the world.

Also Chinese armed forces are far more advanced than than their Indian counterparts. This should be absolutely clear without any doubt as China's Defence budget is more than 4 times of India's.

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Gokul Pillai, studied Cisco Certified Network Associate & Cisco Certified Network Professionals at Network Bulls (2018)

Answered Aug 29, 2017

“Tactics win battles Strategy wins wars ” -

Winning a war doesn’t depend on the number of army personnel or navy or air force of a country. Wars are won by strategies and the optimum use of utilities and assets.The best possible example for this is the Six day war.

Israel went to war with 5 Arab nations and no one in the world supported Israel. This is the scenario :

Israel against Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon

The Arab nations were supported by Algeria, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, Pakistan, PLO,Sudan and Tunisia






Israel deployed around 100K troops and the Arab nations deployed around 240K troops.

The war started on 5th of June 1967 and ended on 10th June 1967 with decisive Israeli victory.

By June 10 1967, Israel had completed its final offensive in the Golan Heights, and a ceasefire was signed the day after. Israel had seized the Gaza Strip, the Sinai Peninsula, the West Bank of the Jordan River (including East Jerusalem), and the Golan Heights.

About one million Arabs were placed under Israel's direct control in the newly captured territories. Israel's strategic depth grew to at least 300 kilometers in the south, 60 kilometers in the east, and 20 kilometers of extremely rugged terrain in the north, a security asset that would prove useful in the Yom Kippur War six years later. The Yom Kippur war was also won by Israel which paved way for the Camp David Peace Accords between Egypt and Israel.

This war speaks volumes of strategy and military tactics used by Israel to mount a heavy offense on the rival nations.






War is not good for any nation. War will bring down the economy so badly it will hard on both nations to mount a comeback.

As for the Chinese they are just doing what they are told to do.China wants India to play by its rules. The 3 way warfare tactics (media, legal and psychological warfare tactics) doesn’t work on India. It may work on countries like the Philippines but India is an all together different frontier. Having said so India is peace loving country and want peaceful relations with all its neighbors. War is not an option for anyone.

Say No to war and Yes to peace!





Eric Westra

Answered Jul 12, 2016

Well, let’s compare and see:

China (PRC) | India

GDP Nominal (millions of USD)

11,380,000 | 2,183,000

GDP PPP (millions of USD)

19,510,000 | 7,965,000


1,373,840,000 | 1,281,780,000

Total Military Budget (billions USD)

$145.8 | $48.0



11380000 | 2183000


19510000 | 7965000


1373840000 | 1281780000


145.8 | 48.0

Military Budget Per Soldier (USD) (

$62,508 | $35,629

Combined Military Capability

47,894 | 13,928

Land Power Score

52,678 | 22,496

Air Power Score

70,111 | 27,438

Sea Power Score

135,450 | 36,991


62508 | 35629


47894 | 13928


52678 | 22496


70111 | 27438


135450 | 36991

Military Transportation Score

280,558 | 66,525

Total War Potential Score

513,069 | 88,662

Navy Tonnage (metric tons)

1,128,192 | 334,364

Military Satellites

77 | 5

Nuclear Warheads

260 | 110


280558 | 66525


513069 | 88662


1128192 | 334364


77 | 5


260 | 110

It seems to me that China (PRC) has the upper hand.



Yogesh Mehta, works at Facebook

Answered May 9, 2016

To be realistic, Both have its own strength and weaknesses. Chinas strength is self reliance on domestic production of heavy equipment like tanks, fighter jets etc . China also has economical advantage. The negative part of China it doesn't have much allies against India, Russia is far more closer to India than China and would support India militarily. Second disadvantage of China is it has not been involved in any major war since 1965. Hence its equipment is not tested as much as India's Army equipment like most recently in 1999 Kargil. India's Strength are higher quality fighter jets from Russia like Su30, 34 and new generation MIGs , a recent purchase of 100 Rafaele jets all if which proven to be excellent in multiple recent conflicts. So the numerical advantage of Chinese fighter jets will be offset with more advanced and battle tested Warplanes India has. Perhaps Indian warplanes could achieve better control over the skies depending on the level of damage they put on the Chinese. Also India has advanced battle tested Anti aircraft defense acquired in large numbers from Russia. So India clearly has more advantage in air based on real world data. India's other advantage is it can blockade Chinese oil shipping routes to the middle east , whereas India's routes to oil rich gulf nations are far from china to mount attack. India's weakness in comparison to china is economy to sustain prolonged war. India has a major co ption issue,whereas China fares much better. India could aid from Russia and allies but that's not guaranteed. Other disadvantage for India : China can use Pakistan to put their troops near Indian border in an attempt to divert Indian army away from the front with China. Pakistan depending on China for military and economic benefits will most likely do this probably with minor incursions but avoid getting into full fledged war. Overall it will be stalemate, but India probably with more advantage.



Anjit, Seen the men in Olive green.

Answered Aug 14, 2017

Man, I’ve got a good one for you.

What if I told you India has not only conquered but dominated China?

What if I told you that we conquered China for not one day, not one month, not one year, not even one century but for 20 centuries?

And what if I told you, we did that without ever sending a single soldier across our border?

You Don’t Have To Believe Me, But You have to Believe The Former Ambassador Of China To The USA Hu Shih .






Why shed our brave soldiers’ blood, when we can do it ourselves!

Thank you!




Saurav Thapa, M.Com from Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University, Uttarakhand, India

Updated Dec 27, 2017

Make it very simple.

Indian army is one if the finest armies of the world. Our soldiers are strong, brave and no lesser than any other soldier in the world.

But still our army facing the big problems in terms of weapons and other war accessories. Bad Politics and co ption making our armies weak.




1- Infantry soldier still using INSAS rifle which is no match in the international level. AK 47 and 56 rifles are performance and trustworthy during war but not enough to supply all the army. We need more advanced rifle for our soldier

2- Shortage of good bullet proof jacket, night vision camera and other useful stuff which saves our soldier life in the war.

3- we have a Boforce Gun but still army facing the shortage of his spare parts.

4- Our special forces needs more special weapons and need to upgrade them as per international level.

5- As per one reports if the big war happens between IND and China. China has a reserved petrol or fuel where he can fight for 60 to 80 days where IND can only fight for 30 to 40 days.

6- Same goes for Navy and Airforce too. China has more fighter jets and warship and submarines than IND.

Now you guys tell whose fault is it. Army always give his requirement list to the govt but its never fulfilled as per requirements.

We shouldn't loose hope in our Army.

Jai Hind.

1-步兵仍在使用英萨斯步枪,这和其他国家根本不能比。AK 47和56步枪在战争中性能良好,值得信赖,但我们没能力让全军上下都装备这些枪。我们的士兵需要更先进的步枪。










Sharat Chandra, lived in India

Answered Jul 12, 2016

Yeah yeah all the stats and stuff show the Chinese as mighty and powerful and India as weak compared to it.

If stats are the main indication then how come Vietnam defeated USA?

How come Vietnam defeat China?

Japan defeated Russia in 1905?

Japan defeated and ruled China though way back, how did that happen?

Yes China has an upper hand in numbers but that doesn't ensure victory at all.

It takes a lot to win a war, not just numbers to back you up.

And for the record north Korea has a larger army compared to Russia. But we know if at all they go to war, the updated world map will show ocean in the place of north Korea.










Balaji Balaji

Answered Nov 13, 2015

In 1962 Indians were ill prepared,having outdated equipments and caught completely unaware.But now things are different .India now has fourth largest armed force in the world. Indian firepower now closely matches PLA.Even though Chinese outnumbered Indians,the future war with India will not be a cakewalk for Chinese.Nobody will win if future war breaks and would bring outmost destruction for both.



Bin, studied at New York City

Answered Jul 27, 2018

Surly yes!



As you can see, these are screenshots from the 2018 Chinese New Year Greeting shows. Believe it or not, Chinese Air Force is still using J-7s, which is designed in 1950s. The Army is even worse, dozens of soldiers only get ONE T-34. OMG! It is a WW2 tank. You can barely find one T34 in many countries museums. Thanks to the huge gap in weapons, Indian Army is way better than Chinese Army.



Prem Nil Lal, Indain forces. I study the Indian Forces.

Answered May 31, 2016

The people say that the Chinese are better equipped withthis that and the other but china remember that India had three to four wars with your friend Pakistan. China you have to come over the Himalayas via Tib,hundreds of trucks can be seen by satellite. India Army will not be willing face a second defeat by China; the people of India would not accept this. The India people and the Army will want revenge for 1962; they will force out the politicians who are weak. The Indian Army is not weak but they are strong,you just have to tell them fight China and Pakistan which I know they would love to. India economy is stronger than 1962 they did not have the money, I want to fight the Chinese and I would lead the Army to win to take back what we last.



Kashish Kumar, works at Sharda University

Answered Oct 20, 2014

Surely INDIA will win ,china have 3rd generation weapons with more in counting,whereas, INDIA holds 4 and 4.5 generation weapons with less in counting as compared to china only.And most important factor,the new go nment of INDIA,which have good solutions in terms of foreign policies and and specially war.



Varun Gupta

Answered Apr 8, 2017

It is fine that China has the largest army in the world. They can win us. But we Indians are not fools.if anyone attack us we will fight till the end. We will not live as sl ves. There will be a nuclear war. But I hope that both the countries are tolerant and resume their friendly relationships.



Pavol Kosnáč, PhD. researcher, Masaryk University, Czech Republic

Answered Oct 12, 2014

If defending India, yes. If attacking China, no



Quora User

Answered Oct 13, 2014

No. I don't think so. China is at least three to four times stronger than India.



Quora User

Answered Jul 3, 2017

China beat India when it was poorer than India. Now its 5 times more rich. PLA is atleast 3 times more powerful. India would lose any war very quickly.


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