India inks over $3 billion deal with Russia for nuclear submarine despite the threat of US sanctions


NEW DELHI: India on Thursday inked yet another mega defence deal worth over $3 billion for the lease of a nuclear-powered attack submarine from Russia, despite the threat of US financial sanctions still looming over the earlier $5.4 billion contract inked for Russian S-400 Triumf missile systems in October last year.


Defence sources said the over $3 billion (around Rs 21,000 crore) contract for the Akula-1 class submarine, which will be ready by around 2025, includes a comprehensive package for refurbishment of the nuclear boat lying mothballed at Severodvinsk, its sustenance and spares support for 10 years, as well as training and technical infrastructure for its operations.

印度国防部消息人士称, 这艘“鲨鱼级”核潜艇的租赁合同金额超过30亿美元(约2100亿卢比),将在2025年左右交付,租期为10年。目前这艘潜艇停靠在北德文斯克造船厂内,俄罗斯将对其进行全面升级改造, 并提供操作方面的培训和技术支持,以及为期10年的维护和零件供应

This submarine will replace INS Chakra, the Akula class submarine taken on a 10-year lease from Russia in April 2012, under a secret over $900 million deal inked way back in January 2004.


“INS Chakra’s existing lease will be extended till at least 2025 through another contract till the new submarine, which will be bigger and more advanced than it, becomes operational,” said a source.


It was in November last year that India declared its first indigenous nuclear-powered submarine with nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles (called SSBN in naval parlance),


INS Arihant, had successfully completed its “first deterrence patrol” .


It meant that the country’s long-awaited nuclear triad -- the capability to fire nuclear weapons from land (Agni missiles), air (fighter-bombers) and sea (SSBNs like INS Arihant) – was finally operational to some extent.



资料图 印度海军装备的“查克拉”号潜艇(原俄罗斯阿库拉级)


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Kedar Patil - 11 hours ago -Follow

What a great damage Congress rule has done to our nation !. Just less than 5 years of Modi rule and we are getting stronger and stronger every day. Modi must be in power at least for one more term for sure. Only this will help us recover from the family rule damage



Arun Choudhary - 11 hours ago -Follow

Well done by modi ji ,,,for security purpose of our country ,,,,



Gaurav - India - 11 hours ago -Follow

Pappu is now busy preparing his script for this defense deal after he failed to get attention on Rafael



Bajrang - 11 hours ago -Follow

Congratulations Modiji and keep it up. It will be Modi and Modi again and again in the next general elections and beyond



Pankaj - 11 hours ago -Follow

Russia is our closest friend since independence.. good going Modi ji.. we are on right track..rest are Chutias..



Ganesh - 11 hours ago -Follow

yessss! we will stay with Russia as always. US is commercial partner only.



Desh Bhakt - 11 hours ago -Follow

Another huge shock for corrupt congress and chor friends



Bhakt - 11 hours ago -Follow

Good decision by the Modi government. India is going in the right direction under the able leadership of Modiji. India is certainly in safe hands. Jai Hind Jai Modi.



Anoop Kumar Singh - INDIA - 11 hours ago -Follow

A government truly working for the country.



Rakesh - Singapore - 11 hours ago -Follow

America will not come to India's rescue when it gets into any confrontation with Pakistan or China. And America is no longer a honest and truthful democracy which the entire world thinks ! so no need to look for american approval to strengthen Bharath ! go ahead Modiji! majority are behind you !!!

当印度与巴基斯坦或中国发生对抗时,美国不会伸出援手。美国不再是一个世界公认皿煮国家! 我们增强自己的实力,没有必要获得美国的批准! 莫迪,加油 !大多数人都支持你!!


Mangesh Gole - 11 hours ago -Follow

This is the difference, India was almost bankrupt druing UPA rule since UPA was busy with loot & distributing free resources for votes. And now India is spending big money to strengthen our defence line-up but still helping people who needs help like farmers, etc.



Bajrang - 11 hours ago -Follow

Sulk and cry foul Pappu, against Modi 'coz Jijjaji was not preferred as middle man and surprisingly there's no middle man either.



Pakisarehomosandsuck - Kalooooo Gandu Pakistan - 11 hours ago -Follow

That is fine. India first. Always.



Anti - India - 11 hours ago -Follow

This is a good move. India won't bend before any country be it a superpower to safeguard the country's interests. The US has a tendency to bully other countries( "don't buy this that from that country or else...") but India won't bulge by your tactics.

Also point to note that Russia has constantly taken our side for decades hence is a good friend. No need to fear US, they need us as much as we need them. We the people are the power that drives the country!

Have to give credit to this government for the decision.





Dead - Nation Bleeding Daily - 11 hours ago -Follow

Scam Scam Scam....PIL Champion Prashant Bhushan and his assistant RaGa are formulating new Ideas to declare this deal a scam even before anything happens...



Sarcastic Ajuba - 11 hours ago -Follow

Pakistani Foreign Minister is thanking India''s opposition leaders for raising questions over validity of air attacks.Instead of having these snakes ruling our country current PM Modi is a better option..



Shaji Manghat - 11 hours ago -Follow

PM Modi is God of India - the Living Father of the Nation with pointed objective for PM Modi the rise of India - I fail to underdtand when people of India realise this fact - after Indira Gandhi the iron PM - we have PM Modi the iron PM



Tukaram - 11 hours ago -Follow

Modi must be brought to power no matter whatever treacherous plans the dynasty may put make. This is our resolve.



Rampravesh Upadhyay - 9 hours ago -Follow

There should not be any compromise on defense which was totally neglected during UPA government.


MrBoobs - Right Here - 9 hours ago -Follow

India is leaving behind its painful and coward past to become a new aggressive and powerful nation. Modi is doing his part, YOU as the citizen should do your part in supporting Modi. That''s all Modi needs.



Satya - 11 hours ago -Follow

right step ignore U. S sanctions. defence paramount importance for desh matha.



Paul Finch - 11 hours ago -Follow

Only 14 submarines(13old)! AK Antony and Gandhi family must be sued for doing nothing for 10 years.



Joe - 10 hours ago -Follow

Ignorant people are writing about why leaving and nor purchasing. Why not built in India ?

Congress never invested in research and development in the armaments industry because of kickbacks from the USSR.

The Americans, Russians, Chinese have invested billions and billions on dollars in R & D.

Congress only interest was Commision.

The state of India's defence speaks for itself when decent bullet proof vest and assault rifles could not even be replaced timeously.







Vinod Mishra - 11 hours ago -Follow

Here is a PM who puts nation first and is striving to make it stronger



narasarao - Hyd - 7 hours ago -Follow

The Modi Effect!



Hindustan - 11 hours ago -Follow

Way to Go Hindustan...getting all geared up for a full fledge 2 front war with pakistan & china...JAI HIND...this is how we will take back PoK, CoK & Tibet. And then there was Congress Scamgress who wanted to Gift Siachen to Pakistan as a peace gesture...aman ki asha....anti national muzli party congress



Bharat Sharma - 11 hours ago -Follow

Where are the boot lickers who were questioning Modi on bending infront of D. Trum..



Tanmay Chakrabarti - 7 hours ago -Follow

Good and bold move by him. NaMo means security and Congress means looting.



Neo V - 10 hours ago -Follow

Am surprised US would want to impose sanctions on India. The world knows Russia and India have been business and strategic partners since before Independence and US’s attempt to thwart this relationship shall really weaken its biggest possible ally in Asia besides the nations size of one state of India. Think trump is smarter then the Usual politicians and will do the right thing



Manish Zaveri - 10 hours ago -Follow

India does and should not care about US sanctions. Our national security is more important than anything else


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