Why India-Pakistan skirmish was good for Chinese military business


NEW DELHI: Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman returned to a hero’s welcome on Friday, almost 60 hours after he was dramatically taken captive in PoK after being shot down while chasing an intruding Pakistani F-16.

However, this week’s India-Pakistan conflict has set a few new rules in the relationship between the nations. The Indian Air Force’s anti-terror operation across LoC and the international border is meant to be a deterrent for future, while in Pakistan’s retaliation the next day, Imran Khan was able to show his resolve in “protecting sovereignty”.




Unnoticed is the gain Chinese military industry had. The Pakistani jets that crossed the Line of Control and attacked Indian military this Thursday included F-16 and China-made JF-17 — India has proof that F-16 fired Amraam missiles, meaning a contravention of US rules on the jet.

But as news of the crash of India’s MiG-21 across LoC trickled in, a retired Pakistan air marshal, Shahid Latif, tweeted that it was a JF-17 that shot it down.




印度米格21战机坠毁的新闻传来后,巴基斯坦退役空军中将Shahid Latif在推特上说一架枭龙击落了印度米格21战机。

It is still not clear if it was indeed JF-17, an F-16, a ground-based weapon or a chopper that actually shot down the jet, as Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman had crossed the LoC while engaging the Pakistani jets. Nevertheless, the tweet by Latif led to a surge in the stock price of Sichuan Chengfei Integration Technology on the Shenzhen stock exchange. That company is a sister organisation of Chengdu Aircraft Corporation, which makes the jet in partnership with Pakistan Aeronautical Complex. There was a reason for this enthusiasm among Chinese investors as, if Pakistan air marshal’s claim is true, it will mark the first time JF-17 was involved in an air combat.





Yet it is not that JF-17 jets are superior. In fact, for long China’s fighter jets were thought to have weaker engines. That’s the reason why China wanted to buy Russia’s AL-41F1S engine used in Sukhoi-35, though Moscow rejected the offer, fearing the Chinese would seek to reverse-engineer it. China has since bought Su-35 jets from Russia.

But China does have customers for JF-17, with Myanmar and Nigeria also using the jets (procured from Pakistan), and is eager to sell it to more nations. Sri Lanka had recently cancelled its plan to buy them under pressure from India.

并不是说枭龙战机有多么先进。其实,长期以来,中国战机被视为存在发动机短板。要不然,中国也不会买俄罗斯的 AL-41F1S发动机,然而莫斯科拒绝出售,担心中国人拆开来重新组装,对此进行逆向工程






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Shasti Brata

Wish the clowns that rule Pakistan realize that fighting between cousins, will lead to jubilation amongst outsiders! Who benefits from this? Not India. Definitely not Pakistan, whose hard bought dollars are spent on archaic Chinese technology. Already they are neck deep in debt to the Chinese, and even more now if they chose to purchase fighter planes! Instead, Pakistan should give up claims on Kashmir, give up terrorism as a State policy, and seek to build true friendship and trade with India.

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Terry Willson

Pakistan is supposed to be broke. Perhaps not broke enough as less than a month ago, Islamabad inked a deal with Beijing to acquire 250 more advanced and technologically sophisticated block III version of the JF -17 Thunder with new AESA radar, KJ-7A, that can track 15 targets and engage 4 targets simultaneously. They are to be delivered in batches of 50 aircraft''s and will beef up the number of JF-17 Thunder in the Paki Air Force to 350. Ten nations, including Iran and Malaysia, are looking to purchase the JF-17 direct from Pakistan as the fighter is a joint Paki/China project. Pakistan is presently in talks with China to acquire 40 JF-31 5th Gen Stealth fighters also known as Shenyang FC-31. It is highly probable that the Shenyang FC -31 was developed from plans of the Lockheed Martin F.35 stolen from the US by Chinese hackers.

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It is a shame that Indians and Pakistanis do not get along to the benefit of China. Chinese are racists and look down on both.




Saqib Gul

how much hate you indians have for us, but believe me here in pakistan we don''t hate you that much, i just watched your news channel for like 30 minutes and believe me now I am feeling very depress, anyways, i think the only way to go is peace that''s all guys, you are big brothers so please act like big brothers and we will respect you in every possible way.


我们 巴基斯坦人可没有那么讨厌你们啊






India buyer

India is welcome to buy military hardware from China, which has everything to offer: rifles, tanks, jet fighters, drones, etc. As a good neighbor, China can offer a great deal of discount too.




proud Indian

India will export its LCA Tejas to national all over the world. China and Pak are doomed


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