三星Galaxy M系列将在印度与小米展开竞争

Samsung's new Galaxy M phones will do battle with Xiaomi in India

三星Galaxy M系列将在印度与小米展开竞争

Samsung's new Galaxy M-series phones have arrived in time to fight its India slump. The M10 and M20 are a couple of entry-level handsets exclusive to the region that will take on Xiaomi and Oppo's popular, sub-$200 offerings. No one expects fireworks at this price, but the phones do bear the distinction of being Samsung's first to come with a notch (a teardrop notch, to be precise, like the one on the OnePlus 6T).

三星的新款Galaxy m系列手机及时上市,以应对印度市场的低迷。M10和M20是两款入门级手机,专供印度市场,将与小米和Oppo低于200美元的畅销手机较量

At the top end, the M20 packs a 6.3-inch FHD+ Infinity V display (compared to a 6.2-inch HD+ screen on the M1O) a hefty 5,000mAh battery, USB-C fast charging (15W), face unlock (also available on the M10) and a rear fingerprint scanner. Both are also powered by Samsung's new, purpose-built Exynos octo-core chipsets and come with the same dual rear camera setup: a 13MP main sensor combined with a 5MP ultra-wide secondary lens. Prices range from INR 10,990 ($154) to INR 12,990 ($182) for the M20, while the M10 starts from INR 7,990 ($112) and goes up to INR 8,990 ($126).

M20配备6.3英寸FHD+ Infinity V显示屏(与M10为6.2英寸HD+屏幕相比)、5000毫安的电池、USB-C快速充电(15W)、人脸识别解锁(M10上也配备)和后置指纹传感器。这两款手机都采用了三星特制的Exynos八核芯片,并配备了相同的后置摄像头:1300万像素的主摄像头和500万像素的广角镜头。M20的价格从10,990 卢比(合154美元)到12,990 卢比(合182美元)不等,而M10的价格从7,990 卢比(合112美元)到8,990 卢比(合126美元)不等。

Samsung is courting Indian millennials with its new releases, a phrase you'd think it just discovered as it's mentioned no less than six times in its press release. But it's facing fierce competition from Xiaomi, the country's leading provider, which already has a popular, affordable range in its Redmi phones and is planning to open 5,000 stores in India (up from 500) by 2020. This despite Samsung's efforts to grow its footprint in the country in an effort to capture its voracious smartphone market. Last year, the Korean company expanded its manufacturing plant in Noida, near New Delhi, describing it as "the world's largest mobile factory."




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nullcodesLeader29 Jan

Too expensive for India. Would you spend your whole salary on a phone? How are you going to eat or pay rent?

对印度来说还是太贵了。你会拿一个月的工资去买一部手机吗? 买了后,哪还有钱吃饭,哪还有钱交房租。


SDSSSInfluencer29 Jan

There is no way the Xiaomi phones can be anywhere near as explosive as the Samsung ones. Samsung is a company on fire, hell-bent on searing the competition.



KenKenLeader29 Jan

You think the author would at least get a photo of the phone in the article and not the OP 6T



septimusContributor28 Jan

Good to see Samsung haven't forgotten how to use a photocopier.



ngiottaLeader29 Janseptimus

Why invest the design of a  $200 budget handset?  It's obvious Samsung has embraced the holepunch design for their high-end phones, so this handset proves that they believe notches are for low-end phones.

为什么要买一款价格低于200美元的廉价手机呢? 很明显,三星已经为他们的高端手机采用了穿孔设计,这款手机证明了他们认为凹槽是为低端手机设计的。


septimusContributor29 Janngiotta

It's embarrassing, shameful almost.  It is a OnePlus 6T at a stare let alone a glance.

看一眼就知道这照片上的是一加 6T。这就尴尬了,真丢人。


ngiottaLeader29 Janseptimus

Technically, it's not a notch at all, as a notch requires a bezel surround, whereas the holepunch does not.  That said, I won't buy a phone with either design language, since they are just gimmicks.



NevahLeader28 JanAndy

Did I miss something in this Samsung article? Uhm... Where is Apple mention in this piece?

在这篇关于三星的文章中,我遗漏了什么吗? 额,这篇文章中提到了苹果么?


Trolling much?




Andy29 JanEditedNevah

Trolling a troll much?

Though my point still stands, <$200 phone vs >$700 phone on a monthly wage or approx $600  and you wonder why no-one is buying them.

价格不到200美元的手机VS 价格高于700美元的手机,他们的月工资约为600美元,知道为什么没有人买贵手机了吗。


septimusContributor29 JanAndy

There are a lot of customers in the 0.2% in India, they just all have an iPhone now.  Market won't grow but will be consistent.

If they want to cater to the other markets in India, they will.



XzylLeader29 JanNevah

Nothing wrong with pointing out how they are pricing themselves out of the market.


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