Apple wasn't the only smartphone brand struggling in China this fall


Apple wasn't joking around when it warned that the Chinese smartphone market gave it grief in the fall. IDC estimated that iPhone shipments fell just shy of 20 percent year-over-year toward the end of 2018, hitting 11.8 million. It's the third consecutive year of declines, the analyst group said, blaming this year's drop on a combination of higher prices and relatively modest updates. Customers just weren't in as much of a rush to upgrade as they were in years past. Throw in China's economic woes and stiff competition from local rivals and it's not shocking that iPhone sales took a dive.


If there's any consolation for the company, it's that many of its Chinese competitors were in the same boat. Huawei's phone shipments surged 23.3 percent, but Xiaomi and other big names saw their units plunge as well. Even the sister brands Oppo and Vivo, which have been historically strong, barely improved their numbers. Handsets like the Find X and NEX S couldn't overcome economic headaches, then.

令苹果安慰的是,许多中国本土的竞争对手处境相同。华为的手机出货量激增23.3%,但小米和其他大公司的手机销量也大幅下滑。即便是历史上实力强大的姐妹品牌Oppo和Vivo,销量也几乎没有提升Find X和NEX S这样的手机无法克服经济上的阵痛。

It's not certain how Apple could turn things around in the near future. The company's Tim Cook did hint at adjusting prices for some countries, but slightly lower costs would still make the iPhone expensive compared to many of the offerings from Chinese competitors -- and that won't change the economy. Simply speaking, things might not get better until there's either an economic recovery or a larger change in Apple's lineup.


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Why should people in the US or Europe care what phones people in China buy? It doesn't affect us.



Problem is, before there was a big difference between a flagship and a middle level smartphone. But now the differences are much smaller. So unless you're swimming in money, no ned to pay a $1000+ smartphone, when you can get basically the same experience with a $400- one.



Probably you have to ask what would "wow" the potential customer who already has a device? if they doubled the battery life would that get you to change your device? We are running low on things that really add the "wow" factor when it comes to upgrades. This is across the industry really.

对于潜在客户来说,什么会让他们“惊叹”?如果电池寿命延长一倍,你会更换手机吗?? 要升级手机,可是新手机又没有真正令人惊叹”的东西整个行业都是如此


What kinda "wow" can a faster HW provide? Unless... you are holding a 2012 phone. Faster HW drains your battery faster too. Computation costly mobile games? Necessary? Is it even practical? Why not just game on a console or PC?



Based on all the comments I see on Engadget, I really thought that only Apple was the one in decline. I assumed all other Smartphone manufacturers were booming.... Particularly Samsung, with the ground breaking Note 9 (the best Android phone of 2018, period).

我在Engadget上看到的评论来看,我发现只有苹果在走下坡路其他智能手机制造商都在蓬勃发展尤其是三星的Note 9(2018年最好的安卓手机)取得了突破性进展。


Let's hope Note9 can do Vulcan properly, (cause it's still crippled on N7/8).

希望Note 9能正常运行Vulcan(在N7/8上仍然不行)。


Xiaomi is extremely successful in India. Huawei had significant growth in China.



Funny Thing , While Working For CCTV { China Broadcasting  } I Was Offered The Latest  Huawei Phone Free  and a Few Other China Made Goodies , I Have The Latest Sony Phone Only For The MP3 HD Audio



"Huawei's phone shipments surged 23.3 percent, but Xiaomi and other big names saw their units plunge as well. " Isn't it hypocritical when Apple was storming the markets across the world, and ended multiple smartphone manufacturer's presents in the world, there are barely anyone saying the markets are struggling because manufacturers are loosing shares. Now that Apple is struggling in China, but Huawei, surged with 23.3 percent. And we get articles claiming Chinese market is struggling, people aren't buying phones. Not sure how the math was done, but when Huawei, the top manufacturer in China, surged with 23.3 percent, I'd say the Chinese market is just as healthy as ever. It could just simply be customers are choosing Huawei phones over any other brands.

华为的手机出货量激增23.3%,但小米和其他大公司的手机销量也大幅下滑。当苹果席卷全球市场,抢走了多家智能手机制造商在全球的市场份额时,几乎没有人说,市场之所以陷入困境,是因为厂商失去了市场份额,这不是虚伪吗? 现在苹果在中国举步维艰,而华为却以23.3%的涨幅飙升。我们看到一些文章说中国市场不景气,人们不买手机。我不知道这是怎么算的,中国最大的制造商华为以23.3%的速度增长,我认为中国市场和以往一样健康。这可能仅仅是因为消费者选择华为手机不选择其他品牌。


Maybe Apple fired Ahrendts because she was the one that gave them the idea that iPhones were a luxury product and it could handle $1K+ prices. Now that she's gone perhaps they'll fall back down to earth.



If you are having hacking problems then its Russia fault and if your phones are not selling then its China fault.



higher prices and relatively modest updates. Extremely high prices and in some cases no updates at all. For me the 6s+ will do until Apple gets their heads back in the game. I didn't mind that the upgrades were mostly speed and screen related. But the iPhone XR, the less expensive model and one that was mildly affordable has worse specs. The screen dpi and resolution is lower, no touch ID (which I love), no 3D touch. Sure you get water resistance, Face ID, wireless charging. The 8S + really looks like a better upgrade for me.

价格太高,有时候新款手机没啥卖点,价格却非常高。对我来说,在苹果恢复理智之前,我会坚持用6s+。升级主要速度和屏幕相关的。iPhone XR的规格更差。XR是一款价格较低、价格适中的机型。屏幕dpi和分辨率更低,没有touch ID,没有3D touch,不过有防水能力,脸部识别,无线充电。


Comparing the most expensive 2015 model (the 6s+) to the least expensive 2018 model (the XR) and expecting everything to be an upgrade doesn't seem very reasonable.



I’ve watched as Windows and Android have simplified and consolidated, whilst Apple has added needless layers of complexity. I would ditch everything Apple if it weren’t forced on me by my company.


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