Oldest elephant in captivity - nicknamed Granny - dies aged 88 at Indian temple



The oldest elephant in captivity, who was nicknamed Granny, has died aged 88 at an Indian temple.


'Gaja Muthassi' [elephant granny] Dakshayani had taken part in temple rituals and processions in the southern Indian state of Ker for decades but passed away on Tuesday after becoming reluctant to eat.


Her veterinarian surgeon, T. Rajeev, said: 'At 3pm, a sudden shiver passed through her large frame begng from the head region.

'After a few minutes she bent her forelimbs and lay down. And that was it.'

她的兽医T. Rajeev:“下午3点,她的身体突然颤抖起来,从头部开始。几分钟后,她弯下前肢躺了下来

The Travancore Devaswom Board, which owned Dakshayani, gave the Asian elephant's age as 88.

 Travancore Devaswom Board是这头大象的所有者,鉴定她去世时享年88岁。

The oldest elephant in captivity recognised by Guinness World Records was aged 86 - Lin Wang, another Asian elephant which died in 2003 in a T zoo. Captive elephants have a life expectancy of 40-plus years.

吉尼斯世界纪录认证的圈养大象中年龄最大的是86岁的Ling Wang也是一只亚洲象,2003年死于台湾一家动物园。圈养大象的寿命可达40年以上。

ples and carrots had been introduced to Dakshayani's diet in recent years to improve her metabolism after she began to have difficulty moving around, probably due to reduced eyesight.


'For the past three years she did not take part in any temple programme or public function,' Rajeev said.

'And a couple of months back, we had even moved her to a better tethering place at an elephant farm in Thiruvananthapuram.'


Wildlife conservationists such as P.S. Easa have criticised the practice of kee elephants in captivity, regardless of their conditions.

野生动物保护主义者P.S. Easa批评了不顾大象的生存条件而圈养大象的做法。

He said on Thursday that all such animals should be released to their natural habitat, adding that bestowing titles on elephants did nothing for their well-being.


'All they want, or for that matter, any animal would want, is to be in their natural habitat and have enough space to move around and sufficient food to eat,' he said.

P.S. Easa:“它们想要的,或者说任何动物想要的,就是生活在它们的自然栖息地,有足够的活动空间和足够的食物。”

Wildlife experts say some 15,000 Asian elephants - or nearly one in three - live in captivity globally, often in dire conditions.

野生动物专家表示,大约有1万5千头亚洲象(约占亚洲象总数的1 / 3)生活在圈养环境中,生活条件通常很恶劣。

India has 2,454 elephants in captivity, a survey released last month said.


Former Travancore Board presi nt Prayar Goplakrishnan, under whose tenure Dakshayani was awarded the 'Gaja Muthassi' honour, defended the decision to keep her in captivity.

前Travancore Board主席Prayar Goplakrishnan为圈养Dakshayani的决定进行了辩护。在任期内,Dakshayani获得了“Gaja Muthassi”荣誉头衔

He said: 'Due to various practical constraints, we could not let her loose, but instead ensured that she had more than enough space to move around.'

Prayar Goplakrishnan:“由于各种实际条件的限制,我们不能将她放归野外只能确保她有足够的活动空间。”


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Hurricane123, Paris, France, 1 day ago

She is so gorgeous. Love you Granny! RIP.



RP Accent, England, United Kingdom, 2 days ago

You are free at last from those wretched backward people. RIP beauty.



Dailymailaholic7, Seattle, United States, 2 days ago

By their own words, she was tethered at the temple until age 85, then tethered at a farm 3 years before she died. Tethered.



whentheworldends, Not telling you, United Kingdom, 2 days ago

The way humans have treated these majestic creatures, the elephants, especially in that part of the world, has been nothing short of disgusting. This is torture for these social animals, ag inst their nature. What possible reasons or excuses does ANYONE there have for kee animals in captivity like this? Re gion? Money? Grow up!!! These are living, breathing, sentient, family orientated beings that should be roaming with its own kind, free from human intervention and arrogance. Do people still believe elephants are creatures that bring them luck or something, which is why so many are held ag inst their will in temples? What's wrong with these people?

人类对待这些大型动物的方式,比如大象,简直令人作呕,尤其是在印度。那是折磨,违背了它们的本性。有什么理由或借口把动物圈养起来? 因为宗教还是因为钱? 他们是有生命的、有呼吸的、有知觉的应该与自己的同类一起自由自在的生活,不受人类干预人们仍然相信大象是一种能给他们带来好运的生物吗? 这就是那么多大象被关在寺庙里的原因吗?这些人怎么了?


Keanuette, Australia, Australia, 2 days ago

A lifetime as a sl ve to cruel selfish humans.



naujserazac, Visalia, United States, 2 days ago

They live longer when they a free to roam



wake d fk up, Earth, Åland Islands, 2 days ago

And are naturally happier.



preacher john, sheffield, United Kingdom, 2 days ago

Unfortunately they don't. Wild animals in captivity live longer as they have no predators and food and medical help is always available. But unarguably those in the wild have a better quality of life albeit shorter.



Erin, shrewsbury, United Kingdom, 2 days ago

Temple elephants should be banned a life time shackled to one spot touches visitors heads with their trunk veing beaten when they come into season who wants that for 80 years



Rugbeian, expat, Netherlands, 3 days ago

Peace at last



James, Surrey, United Kingdom, 2 days ago

It's still sad to see such a beautiful, majestic creature die - even if it's due to natural causes. I love elephants.




That elephant will have had a life of misery. Beautiful animals but hideously treated in so many parts of the world



jaxe, sussex, United Kingdom, 3 days ago

RIP beautiful Granny



Nicki, Exeter, 3 days ago

Good, decades of misery for Granny are now over, may the old gal finally rest in peace.



lady_with_a_bow, Indus Valley civilization, India, 3 days ago

Veterinarians say that captive elephants live longer than wild ones. Dakshayani was well taken care of and she was gentle being. She lived in the elephant shelter in the last years. She was on a special diet including carrot, ple to improve metabolism. To celebrate her B'day in 2016, a special postal cover was released by India post. There are people who choose to harm these sentient animals. That doesn't mean every elephant is being tortured. I have seen caretakers interacting with their elephants many times. They have a profound devotion to each other. The captive elephants have dietary regulations, regular medical check-up, ayurvedic treatments, elephant spa available for them. Many 'activists' hype in dents for ch publicity.



Maralin, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, 2 days ago

Why capture them ? Let the elephants live in peace with their family. No animal likes being tethered to a tee with a chain.



Bubbsey12, Windsor, United Kingdom, 2 days ago

What an Ignorant and blinkered view! Caretakers interacting with their elephants with bull hooks whilst chained up....



dietcokeaddict, bristol, United Kingdom, 3 days ago

Rip granny, no more suffering.



Local Vers, England, United Kingdom, 3 days ago

I love elephants.. They are such beautiful creatures. !!

我喜欢大象。它们是如此美丽的生物! !


angeli, LONDON, 3 days ago

Such beautiful anmial. R.I.P Granny.


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