Trump's tough line on China brings Tokyo, Beijing close


TOKYO: Even as Washington ratchets up the pressure on China, Tokyo and Beijing are in the middle of their own "Wuhan spirit", as both countries with a bitter history strive to lower temperatures between them.



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Jumla Expert - 6 hours ago -Follow

FEKU is only good at inventing Acronyms like JAI (Japan America India).

Real Leaders don''t play these Childish Games.




Vishal - Pune - 6 hours ago -Follow

Japan must be careful...



Cipet - 6 hours ago -Follow

all because of our modiji world is uniting



Donald Trump - 7 hours ago -Follow

You just cant trust Chinese



nanksn - Planet earth - 5 hours ago -Follow

American pressure will soften China''s stand on many global issues as they can not depend on their all all weather beggar friends..



Babbish - 6 hours ago -Follow

can we too avoid Chinese goods. we can buy are our manufacturers up to the mark



Sanjoy Pandey - 5 hours ago -Follow

China needs to change it''s negative attitude in border disputes to built better relations with Japan and India.



Suresh Kamath - Mumbai, Maharashtra - 6 hours ago -Follow

This is just because of Modi and his great diplomacy.



Mohan K - Hyderabad - 5 hours ago -Follow

If China and Japan comes together they become more stronger but they should not forget India which is the only strong ally for US in Asia.



Guna Sekaran - 5 hours ago -Follow

It''s a good sign. Let the globe be, a place of peace!



Venkateshwarrao M - 5 hours ago -Follow

If China India and Japan join hands.. The Western Powers can be made to kneel down. Their arrogance can be broken.



Dilipsinh Jhala - 5 hours ago -Follow

Good for Asiatic countries!



Shasti Brata - 5 hours ago -Follow

Amazing guy, this Trump is! China has Territorial problems with EVERY nation it shares a border with. They simply hate the Japanese over Kurile islands.



BM - Australia - 2 hours ago -Follow

Japan can never be genuine ally of China, because, Japan''s total national security depends on USA. China has malice about Japan for centuries.



Yahoo - New Delhi - 3 hours ago -Follow

China is not to be trusted, that is for sure.



Sachin Kondke - Mumbai - 1 hour ago -Follow

Chinese philosophy and friendship is as good as their cheap toys .... Selfish



narasarao - Hyd - 3 hours ago -Follow

Credit goes to Modi!



Hum Hindustani - India - 3 hours ago -Follow

Whatever Modiji is doing is good for India and whatever Trump jee is doing is best for World.. Both are dynamic leader. So untill these two are in power, we are safe, world is safe



Jolly - 4 hours ago -Follow

anyone knowing Japan's cruel attitude towards china in the 19 th century wud not dare to make such foolish statement .......the day USA withdraws from Japan , china wud rub of Japan from the world map



joshua korati - 1 hour ago -Follow

We all have to destroy / not buy phones, laptops, all electronic items so that China will be on its knees.



Vasaikar - 2 hours ago -Follow

None of our business



Madhu N R - Trivandrum - 3 hours ago -Follow

Most Japanese brands are already being made in China



Sunit - 48 mins ago -Follow

Why Japan and India are even trying to be friend of this hypocrite, back stabber, opportunistic China? Now because of US pressure he is trying to be friend, else he would have sent warships to Japan and soldier to India border



Anonymous - bangalore - 1 hour ago -Follow

Chinese made their fortune by ripping of US product and stealing their R&D ... as soon as they stop manufacturing in china they will have no product to sell ...



Ulhas - Navi Mumbai - 2 hours ago -Follow

Soon it will be an East axis: China, Japan & Russia vs US. India might want to remain non-aligned as usual.



Abhishek - 2 hours ago -Follow

Since China has already lost its credibility... Need support from Japan and India to shun away its nervousness.



Regular Guy - 3 hours ago -Follow

Not entirely true ! Japan has built China, there are over 80,000 Japanese companies in China. They are now slowly moving out to India, Indonesia and Vietnam not only due to Trump but increasing minimum wage in China.



Narsu Iyer - 3 hours ago -Follow

NaMo could help both in this process of enhanced relationships , which will do good for India in Peace building process across the world


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