India becomes world's 2nd largest LPG importer after China



NEW DELHI: India has become the world's second largest importer of liquefied petroleum gas as the government pushes cleaner alternatives to traditional cooking fuels such as firewood and cow dung.

新德里: 由于政府推动使用更清洁燃料取代柴火和牛粪等传统炊用燃料印度已成为全球第二大液化石油气进口国

Oil minister Dharmendra Pradhan says imports of LPG grew 12.5 percent over the past five years to 12 million metric tons (13 million tons) in 2018-19, surpassing Japan and putting India in second place behind China.

He says demand for LPG is projected to rise 34 percent from 2014 to 202


Traditional fuels such as wood and cow dung cause heavy pollution and health problems for millions of villagers.


India imports LPG mainly from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Iran.



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Aloo Ki Phactory - India - 16 hours ago -Follow

Modi has provided cooking gas to everyone in the country which scumgress couldn''t achieve in 70 years since independence.



Nanda - Mahabalipuram - 17 hours ago -Follow

Nothing to boast about... we should be worried because population is increasing..In fact, LPG is a non-renewable energy and on the other hand, requirement is increasing. Let's pledge to curb population..



He Man - 18 hours ago -Follow

2nd largest population too



Only - 17 hours ago -Follow

a country with atleast half people uneducated cant be a devloped country ..



TSR The Urbanist - Namma Bengaluru - 18 hours ago -Follow

It is high time for India to switch to PNG instead, at least in all the Cities & Towns



Chaivaala - Vadnagar - 17 hours ago -Follow

Modi Govt is selling LPG at 1000/- rupees per Cylinder; which is the HIGHEST price LPG is sold in the world. Ambani is in HUGE PROFIT thanks to Modi Jumla.



Harry Potter - 17 hours ago -Follow

use solar cooker



AROP - 18 hours ago -Follow

This is not a encouraging news for the nation, by virtue of importing LPG lots of foreign exchange is being wasted, as a result rupee will never be a strong.



Dr Secularism - 16 hours ago -Follow

Indians are multiplying like rats. They have become a cancer, and like any cancer, they are devouring the planet



Rafiq - 18 hours ago -Follow

Import of LPG is necessary for us so we should import it .But to finance the import we must produce and export various goods at the competitive rates .



Niranjanreddy Bp - 14 hours ago -Follow

This kind of development can only happen through a nationalist party BJP. None can match and question its great intentions to unite one India. They foresightedness and hardworking nature will benefit India a lot in coming years.



Kally Seng - Timbuctu - 16 hours ago -Follow

Why India became the biggest importer of this..?? Bcoz Gas has reached the poorest of the poor in the remotest of the village..!! Chor Congis just fooled the nation with 6 cylinders to 7 cylinders per year..!! I do not understand what has this total chor & corrupt , anti national parivaar has done for 70 years..Just looted..!!!

为什么印度成为第二大液化石油气进口国?因为最穷的农村人也能用上液化气!!!我不明白国大党这个腐败的政党70年来做了什么,只会捞钱 ! ! !


Chinese - 13 hours ago -Follow

All credit goes to Modi



azbz969 - Location - 14 hours ago -Follow

Instead if importing LPG why the government is not promoting the use of methane gas from cow dung for cooking.



Straight talking man - 15 hours ago -Follow

Is that the news to brag about?



Bharat - 15 hours ago -Follow

modiji please check on population ! that must be controlled first



Ravindra Munvar - Bangalore - 15 hours ago -Follow

We really need to bring in population control.



Jaya - Tirupati - 15 hours ago -Follow

Population explosion should be arrested irrespective of religion to fructify the Nation.



Ashok - 15 hours ago -Follow

India 125 crore people is a mass consumer of everything sustained only by imports but a mass producer of nothing. Thanks to corrupt political govrrnance that is after every industry for getting bribes.



Lalit - 18 hours ago -Follow

We need to be exporters not importers.



dcny - dcny - 18 hours ago

is this a good news?? there is huge reservoir of resources in india but importing is easy.



Reeshu - 12 hours ago -Follow

India will always be a largest importer of everything because they can't have anything of their own



ssivarajah - Canada - 12 hours ago -Follow

Bio gas from cow dung and garbage should have been a better alternative and a source



Kish - 12 hours ago -Follow

While USA under Trump becomes world's largest PRODUCER of Oil beating Russia, Saudiya


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