Why are Vietnamese girls so good looking?



Katie (Khuê-Tú) Tran, knows Vietnamese

Why are Vietnamese girls so good looking?

You gentlemen are of great tastes. Let me explain to everyone why Vietnamese girls are goddesses on this beautiful green Earth.


Of course there are many beautiful women of many nationalities, but it cannot be denied that Vietnam is home to some of the most naturally beautiful women in the world.


Of course there are ugly and pretty people in every country, but it cannot be denied that among let’s say 10 Vietnamese girls, 7 of them will be above average looking or over.


To prove my point, check out all the Vietnamese girls on Quora (I’m not talking about me nor am I stroking my own ego.) Look at Hanh-Minh Nguyen, Sunny Nguyen and Giang Nguyen and you will see my point.

为了证明我的观点,你可以去看看Quora上越南女孩。也可以去看看Hanh-Minh Nguyen、Sunny Nguyen和Giang Nguyen(越南女星)的照片,你就明白了

The reason for this is?

Because the culture and geography of Vietnam has been influenced by both East Asian, Southeast Asian and just a dash of Western culture.

Mixed bloods are not uncommon in Vietnam and the authentic pure Vietnamese before Chinese influence are gorgeous too.

If you go to Vietnam and check out the minority ethnic groups, they have an unusual loveliness to them that cannot easily be found in other parts of the world.

To keep it short, Vietnamese women have a great combination of both East Asian looks and Southeast Asian looks. The mixture just makes it look very flattering in general.

And even better, Vietnamese women simply don’t have one signature look. One day, you find a Vietnamese girl who looks Korean (or at least follows the Korean style of fashion and makeup)




如果你去越南看看那里的 ,你会发现他们有一种在其他地方难以寻觅的可爱之处




The next you can find one who looks like a Latina.



Yes, Haley Bui is pure Vietnamese. I’m not screwing with you.

You can find ones who look Japanese…

Haley Bui是纯正的越南人看起来像日本人……


Or ones who look Thai or Filipino…



And last but not least, my personal favorite are the authentic looking Vietnamese women like Thu Thảo.

我个人最喜欢的是纯正的越南女人,比如Thu Thảo。


Finally, a major special part of Vietnamese beauty are our traditional clothing. Our elegant, modest yet at the same time sexy, Áo dài.



Fancy designs



Vietnamese school girls



Our bridal look


Of course nowadays with Vietnam’s rapid growing development, more and more girls are taking better care of their looks and fashion everyday which undoubtedly, makes something good even better.



This is Khả Ngân; a Vietnamese model and actress who plays the female lead doctor in Descendants of the Sun (Vietnamese version.)

这是Khả Ngân一位越南模特兼演员,在《太阳的后裔》(越南版)中饰演女主治医生。

Vietnam’s amazing and healthy cuisine plays a big part in our natural good looks too. Thank you to Gideon Sim for mentioning this!





Cuz you perceive it that way.



ThienLuan Le, lives in Vietnam (1991-present)

Because beauty is in the eye of beholder. Every lady on Earth is beautiful in her own unique way physically or mentally, not just Vietnamese ladies.



Quoc Viet

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.



Gearld Cline, former Vietnam Veteran (Medic USAF) (1968-1974)

It all depends on what you like. If you are into statuesque blonds like Marlin Monroe, Vietnamese women are not appealing. If you like petite girls with dark hair and dark eyes Vietnam is girl-heaven. Me? I’m in the petite camp. I loved my time in Vietnam surrounded by some of the most beautifully women on earth



Nhiên An, lives in Vietnam

Not all but may be the ones you have seen. Vietnamese girls are influences so much by the beauty mindset of Thailand, Chinese, Japanese and especially Korean and they also know how to catch up with the trend. Most Vietnamese girls care much about what the others think about their appearance so this may be the reason why they always want to be beautiful all the times



Jim Nguyen

Because they’re Asian.



Louis Nguyen, studied at University of California, Los Angeles

I would say SOME, not all as the majority of them err on the side of being good to better. The ones in big cities such as Saigon, Da Nang, and Hanoi are especially pleasing to look at and certainly rival those from China, Korea, and Japan. The thing that those from 3 countries have going for them is the white/pale skin while those nice looking Viet girls not only get the skin but also the round eyes too. Although it’s a matter of personal taste as some may overlook the monolid eyes of those East Asians, I don’t. I’m a strong believer in the notion of “the eyes is the window to the soul.” Big and round eyes always give me the butterfly



Sebastian Rütten

There are certainly a lot of fine looking Vietnamese women, tho from my experience they are not neccessarily better looking than their neighbours.

Are you sure there arent some other factors here at play like personal preference or depiction in the media?




Hồ Hải Nam, lived in Ho Chi Minh City (2014-2015)

I think because Vietnamese beauty suits your eyes. Every countries’s women is beautiful in some ways and for some reason, you find Vietnamese women beautiful.



Tim Tran, Vietnamese-born Chinese, love Sinosphere cultures, and Disney

There are many possibilities.

1.All Vietnamese are mixed in some form. There are 54 ethnic groups there, so mixtures of those 54 ethnic groups produce really good-looking people. Add into the French and US invasions as well, and you get some Vietnamese with western and eastern features combined.

2.They’re your type. Not everyone has the same beauty standards, so maybe Vietnamese suits your type.

3.Their beauty fits pretty well into the overall beauty standards of the world. Mixtures of East and Southeast Asian features can produce Eastern standards of beauty (East Asian pale white skin, Southeast Asian huge double-lid eyes, East Asian petit nose, East Asian silky straight hair, Southeast Asian small stature) or Western standards of beauty (Southeast Asian tanned dark skin).




  1. 们的美非常符合世界的整体审美标准。东亚和东南亚特征的混合可以产生东方标准的美(东亚的白皙皮肤,东南亚大双眼皮,东亚娇小的鼻子,东亚丝绸般的直发,东南亚矮小的身材)或西方标准的美(东南亚黝黑的皮肤)。


Vincent Lee, studied Love, Relationships and Marriage. & Family Relationships and Dynamics at Philosophy of Everyday Lif...

So you’d want to know the reason “Why are Vietnamese girls so good looking?” ?

The evolution of the Vietnamese ladies into the the beauty they are today, took well over 2000 years, goes hand to mouth with ethnic food consumption.


As a result of consuming fish sauce “nước mắm” made from fresh caught fish and fermented with sea salt aged to perfection.


Passionately consumed fish concentrate (mắm nêm) made from fresh caught anchovies ferment into a delicious salty viscous paste that is a Vietnamese stapled dip sauce.


Daily consumption of special krill/shrimp (mắm tôm) specially ferment with salt and age into a lovely thick beige paste that complement our flavored taste in prepping to cook our meats.


Our specially ferment green “cải muối” and salt aged squash, and the many varieties of eggplants “cà muối” these special food companions aid in transport the rice to easily reach our stomach.


Faithfully consumption of rau muống, a tough and fibrous leafy vegetable green that does an excellent job in providing our ladies with young, strong, vibrant enamels.

非常喜欢吃muống,一种纤维多绿叶蔬菜, 能让我们的女士看起来年轻、充满活力。

And the daily serving of asian spinach “rau mồng tơi” that helps us maintaining a vibrant smile due to ease in emptying the previous days food consumption.


As a direct result of many centuries consumption of our national/cultural (quốc túy) food stuffs that drives the ideology and mentality of our people into a deeper and created more cohesion as a people, that my friends, is what made our women more rich “đậm đà” in the beauty beheld.


Though other nationals might want to try, but remember, Vietnamese beauty doesn’t happen overnight. But rather, centuries upon centuries of faithful adhering to our cultural practices, that help made our women perfect.



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