India must sign NPT to gain entry into NSG: China


BEIJING: India must sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty to gain entry into the Nuclear Suppliers Group, China said on Thursday, asserting that "patient negotiations" were required for New Delhi's admission into the group as there is no precedent for the inclusion of non-NPT countries.


China has been opposing India's entry into the 48-member Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) on the ground that India is not a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), though the other P5 members, including the US and Russia backed its case based on New Delhi's non-proliferation record.





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Freedom & Progress - 18 hours ago -Follow

Stop buying cheap Chinese goods.



Pkm - Lagos - 18 hours ago -Follow

Buy the new Samsung M20 and M30 and avoid any Chinese smartphone.



Santimay Basu - New Delhi - 18 hours ago -Follow

China must know that it is Modi which runs the Government in India who will never surrender India''s interest. China knows by heart that had Pappu been there, it could have got India in its fold cheaply.



Inder Kataria - 18 hours ago -Follow

NSG membership was big blunder by Naheru Khan who gives UN membership to China. But don''t worry only Modiji will back in 2019 China will fall in line...count down begins for NSG membership...Allah Hafiz



Anthony - Bangalore - 17 hours ago -Follow

We have bad neighbors like you playing double games along with your all weather ally. If our politicians unitedly support unselfishly for the indias growth you all would be scratching your heads.

Atleast one country clearly unfit to be P5 member.



Manoj Cpas - 17 hours ago -Follow

ldiot congressis.. look how chinese are behaving whom Nehru gave everything.. and commun!sts will still praise them



Pkm - Lagos - 18 hours ago -Follow

Chinese hypocrisy and double standards



Dean - traveller - 16 hours ago -Follow

wait a few years, vote for BJP these Chinese will come up with offer that India becomes a part of nsg.



money talks dude, once India has enough money all countries will line up in favour of India. and we need development at a fast rate nationalistic BJP can do it, congressmen thinks of their own treasury.



jagat - delhi - 17 hours ago -Follow

Raise import duties on Chinese products to boycott them



Vijay Naidu - Location - 17 hours ago -Follow

Why is India so desperate to join NSG and UNSC? India should concentrate on other technologies and beat the Chinese. India should boycott Chinese goods.

为什么印度如此渴望加入核供应国集团和联合国安理会? 印度应该努力提高技术打败中国,还要抵制中国货。


Subu - 16 hours ago -Follow

Patient negotiations? Nonesense. China is playing dirty game with India to please Terroristan.



Susanta Basu - Kolkata - 18 hours ago -Follow

Any economic blocking will bring Chona in line



Jolly - 17 hours ago -Follow

under modiji s leadership we are vying for nsg if it wud have been khangress chingis wud strio us of the UN membership



Azaad - 16 hours ago -Follow

Stop buying Chinese goods they are cheap and Third class like China''s mentality.



amerikandesi Da - Amerika - 17 hours ago -Follow

All patriotic Indians everywhere should not buy anything made in PRC.



Bhai - 15 hours ago -Follow

Blame this Chinese nasty behaviour to Nehru. He allowed Chinese to UN. What an idiot.

We need Modiji. He will fix China. Meanwhile boycott Chinese products as much as possible.



Mahalingam - 17 hours ago -Follow

since China goods are cheap they are dumping

As a patriot Indian we should stop buying then importers will stop importing



Ganapathi - 18 hours ago -Follow

No need of NSG..



NSNS Shen - New York - 15 hours ago -Follow

Money talks, bs walks. Let India become economically strong and see how others, including China, fall in line. And this can happen with Modi, not with the thagbandhan.



Pakisarehomosandsuck - Kalooooo Gandu Pakistan - 16 hours ago -Follow

China does not deserve to be in 5 permanent members of UNSC. It needs to be kicked out. It should ne a majority win situation....no one can veto. Thst way it will be more fairer.



Ramchandran Pudukode - Mumbai - 15 hours ago -Follow

Throw out the Chinese from NSG.



truth is god god is truth - Supreme lord Krishna space - 15 hours ago -Follow

All patriotic Indians should realize that it is their duty to the country by not buying cheap China made products in India, Dragon will then compromise their position



shaleen mathur - 13 hours ago -Follow

Kick out Chinese mobile phone companies like Huawei, Oppo from India



An - Bengaluru - 14 hours ago -Follow

How is that when four of five countries support and India is not allowed into the NSG.

High time that the P5 be dissolved or widened to include others.

Idiot China's vote should be nullified as no elections are held there. It should not have voting powers.





Vijay Desikan - USA - 17 hours ago -Follow

I wonder what made Nehru give away membership in UN security council to China. It was handed to India on a platter and Nehru refused. It is like winning Rs 100 crores in a lottery and saying, "No thanks, I don''t deserve it. Give it to my neighbour"


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