华为可折叠手机与三星Galaxy F有何不同

Huawei just told us how its foldable phone differs from Samsung’s Galaxy F

华为可折叠手机与三星的Galaxy F有何不同


Samsung is expected to formally introduce the Galaxy F smartphone during the February 20th Galaxy S10 press conference, various reports have claimed. But that’s not the only foldable smartphone that will be announced this month. Huawei on Friday confirmed that it will unveil its own foldable device just a few days later on February 24th, a day before Mobile World Congress officially kicks off officially in Barcelona, Spain. And in the process,  Huawei told us how its foldable smartphone will differ from Samsung’s.

报道称,三星预计将在2月20日的Galaxy S10新闻发布会上正式推出Galaxy F智能手机。但这并不是唯一一款将在本月发布的可折叠智能手机。周五华为证实,将于2月24日,世界移动通信大会在西班牙巴塞罗那正式开幕的前一天,推出可折叠手机在此之前华为透露,可折叠智能手机三星Galaxy 有何不同

The device in the picture can only be a foldable smartphone, even though Huawei doesn’t mention anything about foldable phones it in the tweet. Huawei did say a few days ago that its foldable phone will be unveiled in Barcelona in February, complete with 5G support.


What’s interesting about the image is that it reveals Huawei’s foldable phone will have the main screen facing outwards when the device is folded and used in smartphone mode. The Galaxy F’s main screen disappears inside the device when you fold it. Then it has a smaller screen on the outside that lets you use the gadget in phone mode.

在折叠状态下,华为的可折叠手机主屏幕将是朝外的。Galaxy F折叠时,主屏幕是向内的,而外部有一个更小的屏幕,可以让使用者手机模式使用。

A series of renders earlier this week (see the top image) proposed exactly the same design for Huawei’s foldable smartphone. That said, Huawei is yet to reveal the design of its foldable phone, so it looks like those renders were off base.


Meanwhile, Xiaomi surprised everyone earlier this month when it showed off its foldable smartphone concept on social media. Xiaomi’s demo already looks better than anything else we’ve seen when it comes to foldable smartphone technology, though we’re still waiting for demos from Samsung, Huawei, and others.



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If you fold it and open it enough times a crease and break will appear in the middle. It's inevitable.



Marc Fung5 hours ago

Apple, Now Xiaoomi( million times better than iPhone). will definitely buy Huawei next.



Anonymous8 hours ago

I have a question, who did they steal that design from?



loren8 hours ago

You will be replacing the screen every time to you drop it with it on the outside. That is why Samsung moved it inside with the smaller screen for phone use on the outside.



Kalcutta8 hours ago

The main way it differs is that the Chinese spy on you with this phone whereas the Samsung one they do not.



Joe7 hours ago

Cant wait for it to come out as for now I'm loving my Huawei mate 20 pro.

迫不及待想看到这款手机,我太喜欢我现在用的华为mate 20 pro


Atticus6 hours ago

best smart phone for half the price of iPhone



Ross3 hours ago

Just build one that doesn't explode with longer battery life.



GoBlueGrad8 hours ago

At two grand apiece, I seriously doubt they will sell many of them.



Robert3 hours ago

China manufacturing R&D stands for, Rip-Off and Duplicate.



Flash2 hours ago

Huawei makes product for poor chinese. Doesn’t stop us to buy Apple.



TheyTerkErrJerbs8 hours ago

Its different because we didnt create it ourselves but stole it.



Anonymous4 hours ago

Huawei is irrelevant to American consumers.Why bother to report?



Chris8 hours ago

It's different in that it's cheaper because they stole the technology from Samsung



Feno18 minutes ago

Did Huawei steal Samsung's foldable phone technology and design? Just asking



Pat9 hours ago

No thanks.



Ujas4 hours ago

China can't get a toy work for few days. How this will work reliably?



QaibHmong8 hours ago

When Steve Job died, Apple died with him.



Adisus3 hours ago

Why I wouldn't believe Trump?!?!... The Mexicans paid for the Wall built already.



Ben8 hours ago

Huawei loves to steal others tech. Another example. Samsung designed the fold phone first.



Jorge8 hours ago

clearly the chinease stole the design from samsung. just like how the chienase stole all of thier military weapons and planes from either russian or american design.



wayne5 hours ago

Now everyone can see that Huawei copy's everyone.



Flash2 hours ago

Chinese are poor people and they need Huawei junk. They can have it.



numero uno chizl8 hours ago

I bought iphonr xs couple months ago even though I hate apple . The other phone just sucks worse

我讨厌苹果,不过其他手机太差了,几个月前我还是买了iphone xs

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