600 Indian students held in US for immigration rules violation



HYDERABAD: 600 Indian students have been detained in the US for alleged immigration rules violations.According to the American Telugu Association, the students were detained after raids by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

海德拉巴: 因违反移民法规,600名印度学生在美国被拘留。据美国泰卢固协会称,这些学生是在美国移民和海关执法局的突击检查后被拘留的。

It pointed out in a Facebook post that the Department of Homeland Security, US Immigration and Customs arrested scores of Telugu students nationwide in crackdown on foreign students who were staying in the country without proper authorization.


The Department of Homeland Security said it set up a fake university in Farmington Hills, MI to target foreign students who were staying in the US without proper authorization, according to federal indictments unsealed in Detroit Wednesday.


The American Telugu Association said from 2015, the university was part of a federal law enforcement undercover operation designed to identify recruiters and entities engaged in immigration fraud. Eight student recruiters were charged with participating in a conspiracy to help at least 600 foreign citizens stay in the US illegally, according to the indictments.


“This news was brought to the attention of the American Telugu Association by the affected students and their friends,” the association said expning its course of action.


Ever since the American Telugu Association started getting calls for guidance and help, the ATA leadership and teams in various cities swung into action. Since the early hours of Jan 30th, 2019, the ATA Legal team and local ATA teams reached out to the Indian Students Associations of various universities. They have been extending guidance to the students and affected parties by advising and counselling them on the next course of action.





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Abhinav ?Maddy? - 39 mins ago -Follow

Bringing Shame for India. And now Indian Embassy has to confront these irregularities. Apna hi sikka khotta h.



Frequent Flyer - Bhubaneshwar - 31 mins ago -Follow

Hundred arrested wow



Indian - Kochi - 46 mins ago


But A LOT of FAKE CHEATERS also are there.

I have heard U.S. has STRINGENT background verification for STUDENTS from Andhra Pradesh.

Personally I have met Andhra Engineers who COULD NOT EVEN SPEAK ENGLISH.

Engineering courses are conducted in ENGLISH.

How can they become ENGINEERS without knowing ENGLISH?

FAKE COLLEGES and FAKE DEGREES should be STOPPED. It is BRINGING shame to India.







MrBoobs - Right Here - 58 mins ago -Follow

hahahahahaha...all of them are gultis or gultus or telagus whatever you call them..they''re all from Andhra. Andhra is like the Bihar of the South. The biggest cheats and liars with no self respect or morals and biggest cowards



Siddarth - 50 mins ago -Follow

The only dream for most of these guys from unified Andhra is to go to the US. Heard a Telugu friend of mine saying that they are willing to spend lakhs with no return just to step foot in the US. With little skill they somehow survive just to earn money. Why become a Bhikari outside when you live a life of dignity in your own country. Sad.



nitin sharma - Canada - 47 mins ago -Follow

Biharis are better than these Telugus at least they r not doing these things regularly.Bringing bad names to all Indians in India and those who r living abroad



Pkm - Lagos - 57 mins ago -Follow

Visit any owned massage parlor and you'll see them all.Especially in Princeton and Edison NJ



Modi Manmohan Bhai Bhai - Bharat - 49 mins ago -Follow

I am converting myself to a Telegu from tomorrow...Lots of benefits...



Indian - Panvel - 38 mins ago

Do you see, mostly they are from Telugu areas in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, where reportedly they have agents to provide fake educational documents and "assist" in getting visas. They are spoiling good name of Indians abroad especially in the U.S



Venkatesh Rchandra - 51 mins ago -Follow

Goltland Gumbesi in Action! Reports indicate many work ilegally in Fuel stations in Dallas and Houston too. Time to clean it up. They bring a bad name to India.



FC UK - 37 mins ago -Follow

Thugs of Congress have been caught in US !!!



SYED ABDULMUQTADIR - Jeddah - 57 mins ago -Follow

Andhra media is silent.



WB New - India - 2 mins ago -Follow

That''s a clever way to catch hold of illegal ones but in India, human ri-ts would have prested like hell if Indian agencies had done something like this. Maybe the FM personally would have rescued them. Now are those arrested would be deported after they serve their sentence?



Balwinder Minhas - 6 mins ago -Follow

I think there are more well educated.. Telugu people in US.. Pl do not put ALL telugu as bad. I had many fellow students and were so good and nice.



Dilip - Ahmedabad - 7 mins ago -Follow

Many Telugu with poor degrees and improper status do stay in the US.



somat - 9 mins ago -Follow

everyone is aware of visa frauds in US going back for decades. if US is serious then they can really put thousands of indians in trouble. not the fault of the young men who go their to seek better job, fault of our govt who for decades ignored this fact for long time. GOI should negotiate with US govt to grant an amnesty for all indians who in past committed fraud and willing to come back after cooperating with US law enforcement. if this doesn''t happen some day or other a hell lot of indians are going to face trouble.



S Deepak - 13 mins ago -Follow

Blind run behind green currency, and better lifestyle leads these people to do these things and take unethical shortcuts. They don''t want to live in their own country and make it a better place to live. Be a true patriot, live in India, generate employment. Any day better than going to some other country and violate rules. Jai Hind!!!

盲目追求美国生活方式促使这些人铤而走险。他们不想在自己的国家生活,也不想把自己国家建设成一个更宜居的地方。做一个真正的爱国者,住在印度,为印度创造就业,这比去其他国家违反法规要好。印度必胜! ! !


Atul Guleria - 17 mins ago -Follow

even the poor vendors at tea stalls in India holds more dignity than these overeducated retards who are dying to become a beggar in America.



DR.MAHADEVAN IYER - 20 mins ago -Follow

i hear very disparging comments in US about telugus.More guys who are shot in US are telugus.

Why this craze for a country where you are not wanted?



Mushtaq - 25 mins ago -Follow

Cheats have been held....oh dear it's US not India where you can go free



Tvkon - 27 mins ago -Follow

Telugu people are in news for many things in America. This is not good. Any Indian related organisation should not be doing any shameful things outside India. They are just impacting rest of Indian communities who are aspirant to do something outside India. More over this will bring shamefulness to India.


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