What are some bitter truths of software engineers in India?


Gaurav Dubey,

Although many answers are written but nobody pointed out common problems which most of the software engineers face in their personal life.

  • Wife doubts on you(Specially if she is not Technical) : I am Java Tech Lead and day to day face many coding and process related challenges. When I return home (around 10 PM) after complete loss of energy I just want to have food and then bed with minimum verbal communication. Most of the time we sleep like below. She keeps thinking “My husband doesn’t love me or there is someone else in his life.” I keep thinking “Why my code is not working or how to handle particular client requirement.”


  • 妻子怀疑你(特别是她若不是技术人员):我是Java的技术组长,每天都要应对很多编码和程序方面的挑战。当我精疲力尽地回到家(晚上10点左右)时,我只想吃点东西,然后上床睡觉,啥都不想说了。大多数时间我们都像下图这么睡。她一直认为:“我丈夫不爱我,不然就是他还有其他女人。”我则一直在思考:“为什么我的代码出了问题,不然就是我该如何处理特定客户的需求。”


  • Establish yourself in a Metro City:- To establish yourself first get a good paying job, purchase a car, a Flat (minimum 45 lacs), an Insurance policy, Furniture for home, Medical Policy, LED TV, Fridge, Washing Machine, Kitchen Stuff, ACs, have some FDs in bank, some good investments blah blah. Very short list(Hell). You are lucky if you have another helping hand from your family but not true for many SEs.
  • Baldness:- Many male software engineers face too much hair fall in their early life. This is a common problem in Delhi and NCR. Just think how those people feel. Every one of them want hair transplant but only few can afford. As soon as you lose your hairs you lose your confidence too. You face challenges in your life. Your wife taunts you if married (in many cases not every) otherwise you face multiple rejections from girls (be it for marriage or love proposal). I must tell you this very painful.
  • English language problem:- No matter how good you are in English and comfortable in communicating with foreign client, there will be always a person in client team whose accent is beyond your understanding, and this guy speaks more than others in any discussion. I am not joking here , this holds true for me and for my many friends.
  • 在大都市成家立业:先要安顿下来,找一份高薪工作,买一辆车,一套公寓(至少得450万),一份保险单,家具,医疗保险,LED电视,冰箱,洗衣机,厨房用品,空调,在银行存些定期存款,做点好的投资等等。这个清单很短。如果你有家人的帮助,那你很幸运,但对许多软件工程师来说,情况并非如此。
  • 谢顶:许多男性软件工程师在他们年纪轻轻时就面临头发大量脱落的问题。想想那些人会作何等感受吧。他们每个人都想做头发移植,但只有少数人能负担得起。一旦你失去了头发,你也失去了自信。你会在生活中面临挑战。如果你结婚了,你的妻子会嘲笑你(多数情况下不是每一个妻子都会如此),若还未婚,你会被很多女孩拒绝(不管是求婚还是示爱)。我必须告诉你这很痛苦。
  • 英语问题:无论你的英语有多好,与外国客户交流时也很顺畅,客户团队中总会有一个人的口音超出你的理解范围,而且这个人每次讨论时都比其他人说得多。我不是在开玩笑,我和我的许多朋友都遇到过。
  • Social Reach:- It starts shrinking day by day. It is very difficult for you to attend any function of your relative or friend. You always wish for everything on weekend. I will not be surprised if someday Software Engineers start saying weekends are good for someone to die so that we can attend funeral.
  • Quora upvotes expectation:- It is not funny. I have seen many Software engineers writing multiple well researched answers just to get 1k or 2k upvotes but hardly get 200 upvotes. The reason is, quora gets 60% traffic from India, and Indians are emotional and to an extent foolish. They are busy reading, asking, writing “ what another fucking country thinks of India? What the fucking best thing you read today? What brought tears in your eye?” So hardly expected Indians to spent time on logical and knowledge based answers.
  • Unwanted calls from different banks sales department:- All of us gets call from xyz bank sales department. They will tell you that “they have an special scheme going for your company. Please apply for credit card, personal loan, mutual fund etc.” Reality is, you want nothing. All you want peace of mind.
  • 社交范围:开始一天一天地缩小。你难得参加亲戚朋友组织的任何活动。你会祈祷周末一切顺利。如果有一天软件工程师说周末是一个适合过世的好日子,这样我们就有时间参加葬礼了,我绝对不会感到惊讶。
  • 期待在Quora上获得点赞:-这并不好笑。我见过许多软件工程师写了很多经过充分研究的答案,希望能得到1000或2000的点赞数量,但实际上几乎难及200。原因是,Quora有60%的访问量都来自于印度,而印度人非常情绪化,在某种程度上也很愚蠢。他们整天只会看、只会问、也只会回答“其他该死的国家是如何看待印度的?”“你今天读到什么最好的帖子了?”“什么事情令你流泪?”这样的问题。印度人基本上不会花时间阅读基于逻辑和知识的答案。
  • 来自各家银行销售部门的骚扰电话:我们所有人都接到过XYZ银行销售部门的电话。他们会告诉你,“他们针对你的公司推出了一个特别方案。请申请信用卡、个人贷款、互助基金等。”但实际上你什么都不想要。你只想心平气和地不受打扰。


Chetan Sharma, Building software since 2005

I am from the fraternity and have spent 13 years in this field.

Mostly for Male Software Engineers.



1.The girl who comes to your seat with twinkle in her eyes is not interested in you. She wants to get the fucking work done. And she will not date for your favour. She thinks you're a wussy.

2.Most of you my friends including me have a rubbish and sloppy communication and weirdo accent. Get some training dude.

3.Your dressing sense sucks. Date a fashion designer if it is at all possible for you. Date? Yes. Don't wear formal pants with sneakers or sports shoes. It's not cool.

4.Take care of personal hygiene. No wonder girls run away from you. Use some good perfume and make sure you eat mint after consuming tons of onion during lunch or after smoking.

5.Make sure your tummy doesn't entice me to say that you're pregnant without delivery(PWD). Take care of your health my friend. It's important.

6.Become interesting. Get a life outside GOT, LOTR, and many more. Read something about evolution. Read books by Matt Ridley, Robert Greene and Neil Strauss.







7.If you think the girl you discreetly look over your desktop doesn't notice you then I am telling you that she knows. She thinks you're a pervert. If you like her go and tell her. She thinks you lack balls to ask her out.

8.Those with 1% lucky smart genes and good built but bad accent and poor self image, if you think girls in India will drool over you because it happens in some deodorant advertisements, then arse off. It's India. No one will come to you and that's why that talkative, confident, ugly and smart ass friend of yours is sleeping with all the girls. You need to talk to her buddy to create some interest.

9.The Pizza you're eating during unsolicited late stays at your office is the biggest cause of your growing waistline. Cut the crap and carb. You're acting like a greedy pig here.

10.Cut down your time in front of idiot box and laptops and start going to gym for god sake. Learn some moves so that you don't embarrass yourself in the upcoming annual party dance. Your weird dance has already repelled so many girls from you. Specially the snake dance of yours.





Some common for entire fraternity


1.Slurping on free office Maggie is also bloating your belly. Let me tell you Maggie is crispy because it's already fried. Don't fool yourself that it is fat free.

2.Office flings makes you a point of topic. Don't be an open book. You get paid for work and not for dating.

3.The words like layoff, bench trimming and recession often gives one sleepless nights and heart attacks.

4.You hate office tea/coffee but still drink it everyday.

5.The tea vendor outside your office makes more money than most of us. We all secretly aspire to open a shop like that but then our ego ruins our plans.

6.Hell everyone wants to go to Mecca of IT and we often ruin our career more for that than the benefit we get.







7.You can't be just a software developer in India. You have to become TL if you want hike. No body cares for a developer. People think coding can be done by anyone.

8.The relation between on site and off site is of “Nagin and Sapera”

9.After honey moon period dies companies of same category are often similar and you consider why did I jump for 20% extra?

10.You get married to a technology. Don't do that. One marriage is enough. Treat them like girl friends and boy friends. Flirt, tease, enjoy and learn.

11.Don't inflate your lifestyle with every pay rise. The extra money in the bank will come handy when you would like to negotiate worth your manager.






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Here are some of the facts.


1.They are the most unorganized workforce in India. For a workforce of about 2.75 Million, they don't have a platform to raise grievances or prevent exploitation. Large service companies have people in the resource pool( Not assigned to any projects) who doesn't do any actual work. When there is a hint of recession these people are laid off first. The average pool size is atleast about 15–20% of the total workforce. So at least 10k people is at the risk of getting laid off anytime in a big service company.

2.Overtime and working weekends are very common. Pulling a 14 hour work day is very common for the people in IT industry. There is no overtime allowance and although not explicitly stated employees are expected to stretch the time in office if needed.

3.If you want to earn well, be prepared to change companies frequently. A 5yr experienced lateral entry for most of the case will be paid more than a person who was working in the same company for 5 years.

4.Most of the workforce won't be working in cutting edge technologies. Major chunk of the work is maintenance and modification of the Client's legacy systems. These could be using 15 year old and now dead technologies.





5.Going onsite is not a pleasure trip. Life on-site will mostly depend on the client and for most of the cases it will be extremely difficult and tiring job. People fresh in the industry dreams of going on site and we can see people who have been onsite for years returning to India just because they couldn't take it anymore.

6.In small companies and small teams technical skill will be more valued and you will get more exposure. In larger companies and larger teams you won't be getting that much exposure and this hampers the development of hands on technical skills.

7.Your salary will depend greatly on your negotiating skills and the urgency for the company to fill the vacancy. People with same skill set, same years of experience and working in the same project sitting side by side doing the same kind of work could be paid very differently.

8.Every IT professional India would have asked this question to themselves at least once. “How many more years can I continue doing this?”.





9.When you see an IT guy in full formal attire including Tie on a hot summer day please understand it's not his choice. Most companies have a strict dress code to be followed.

10.For all the Auto and Cab drivers who think it's ok to charge us Extra since we are IT guys, please know that we could be making less than you guys.




Diego Vega, studied at Christ College

Software Engineering has no specific educational parameter.

The bitter truth is, software engineers around the globe have to compete with people of other engineering branches. It does’t matter what undergrad degree one has, anybody can switch to IT. I have seen Chemical Engineers, homeopathy doctors, chartered accountants, B.Com, B . Sc in Physics, MBA etc sitting in front of computer and doing things completely out of their league.

Thanks to all the certifications. Earn some money, get a 50,000 rupees certification with the help of a 15,000 rupees dump, get a job in an IT company and jeopardize your colleague's life. This is what 90% of the IT crowd is. Special Thanks to the HRs. More than half of the HR fraternity were once call center employees. All they know is certification. A MBBS with a CEH V9 is considered the leader of Anonymous and is hired immediately, whereas a B.Tech Computer Science, with no certification is rejected.



感谢所有的认证。挣点钱,考下50000卢比的证书,在一家IT公司找份工作,让你同事的生活岌岌可危。IT从业者中90%都是这样。特别感谢人力资源部。超过一半的HR兄弟会成员都曾经是呼叫中心的员工。他们只知道认证。拥有CEH V9的MBBS会被立即聘用。计算机科学的本科生,无证不录用。



Shubham Pathania, Senior Software Engineer at Softtek (2018-present)

I'm working as a software engineer from last two years, so i believe I'm eligible to answer this one.





A software engineer is a person who applies the principles of software engineering to the design, development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of the software that make computers or other devices containing software work.



Some of the general facts are:


1.This country is producing software engineers in mass production without any skill set. If you throw ten stones in the air, 8 of them probably hit engineers!

2.The moment someone acknowledges that you're a software engineer they think you were developing next facebook or twitter.

3.If some software (sometimes even hardware) goes corrupt in the house/neighborhood, they believe you can fix it in no time.

4.Most of them are doing tasks which anyone with basic computer knowledge can perform.

5.Bench is recognized as the paid vacation by the most of the engineers.






6.Manual Testers are believed to be minority group and untouchables in the community.

7.They have to maintain task tracker and other project documents which consumes more time than the actual coding.

8.Passionate is the word which they make you forget in the first few months.

9.The only thing most of the engineers are worried about is to getting their leaves approved by the manager.

10.Most of them are software engineers until they cracked Bank PO/CAT/GMAT and other streams which makes their engineering irrelevant in the first place.







Sandeep Pawar, IITian and ITian

Everyone want to be a ‘Developer’ and not a ‘Tester’ before even knowing what the actual role of the both.


1.Posh offices, delightful infrastructure, and delusive on-site opportunities attract most of the youth to IT industry.

2.People who work at software giants like Infosys, TCS, Accenture etc. are often mocked before even knowing their designation there.

3.People are grouped into teams randomly and no one gives a damn about their interests or expertise.

4.Those who don’t get promotion or expected appraisal rating considers themselves as a victim of office-politics.

5.In MNCs, usually, the remote is with the team sitting outside India and software engineers here in India have to dance (Work hours, shifts etc.) on their tunes.






6.The majority of the software engineers try in other companies SECRETLY in the hope of better environment but usually get the disappointment there too.

7.Everyone says- there is nothing good in IT after certain experience but they don’t leave this field.

8.Startup ideas haunt them but the lack of courage and load of responsibilities makes them neglect those ideas.

9.Very few actually understand their salary slip completely.

10.Office coffee is really bitter in taste. Not at all good. Thus, chaiwala (tea-stall) near the office makes lot of money.






11.News with terms ‘layoff’, ‘recession’ gives them a soft heart attack.

12.The big irony is- non CS/IT people thinks CS/IT guys have upper hand in this industry while as CS/IT people thinks what is the use of their specialisation when they are doing the same work what chemical or mechanical engineer is doing sitting beside them.

The thing is- In India, software industry is for all.




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