Meizu made a smartphone without any ports



Some phonemakers followed Apple's lead and got rid of the headphone jack, but Meizu has gone above and beyond that. The company has announced a new phone called "Zero," which doesn't have a headphone jack, a charging port and a speaker grill. It doesn't even come with a SIM card slot and buttons you'd usually see on a phone -- the only elements that disturb the surface of its all-display, 7.8mm-thick ceramic unibody are its 12MP and 20MP rear cameras and two pinholes. One is a microphone, while the other is for hard resets.


As Engadget Chinese noted, it seems to be Meizu's answer to Vivo's APEX FullView concept phone, though that one still came with a headphone jack when the company first showed it off in early 2018. To make up for the lack of ports, Meizu Zero will support Bluetooth 5.0 and a wireless USB connectivity that will reportedly be able to transfer files as fast as the USB 3.0 standard can.

正如Engadget 中国版指出的那样,这款手机似乎是魅族对Vivo高端全视概念手机的回应,不过2018年初魅族首次展示这款手机时,它还带有耳机插孔。为了弥补端口的不足,魅族Zero将支持蓝牙5.0和无线USB连接,据报道,这将能够像USB 3.0标准那样快速传输文件。

Zero's 5.99-inch QHD OLED screen will act as some sort of a giant speaker and earpiece replacement. It does have a big enough bezel for a 20MP front camera, but its fingerprint reader is completely on-screen. The device, which is powered by a Snapdragon 845 processor, relies on 18W wireless charging due to the lack of a charger port. And it may not have the usual physical buttons, but it does have pressure-sensing ones with haptic feedback on its borders.

Zero5.99英寸QHD OLED屏幕将替代扬声器和耳机。它的边框确实足够大,可以容纳一个2000万像素的前置摄像头,但它的指纹识别器完全是在屏幕上显示的。这款手机采用骁龙 845处理器,由于没有充电器端口,它需要18W的无线充电。它没有通常的物理按钮,但配备带有触觉反馈的压力感应按钮。

As you may have guessed, the lack of a SIM card slot means the Meizu Zero will use embedded SIM or eSIM technology. The company said the phone's retail launch in China is tied to local carriers' progress with the eSIM, so availability will likely be limited at first.



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Looks great, but I'd rather have a rubberized backsize than this ceramic body




Skip these versions and just implant us already.  It's really the only way.  Audio directly to the brain and charged by body heat.  To restart the phone, just jab a Q-Tip deep inside your ear.


 I love the idea of this. Implementation is key though.

@vandolism 这个我喜欢,关机是怎么才能做到



Better be waterproof




It seems like other manufacturers may want to import this export idea into their own phones.  It something that people who like clean designs would support.



Mac in tushLeader3d

Meizu has "courage" :-D



How would you use an external battery pack with this phone?



Mac in tushLeaderTendoboy843d

Why not use a battery-pack that has QI wireless support to charge?



Tendoboy84LeaderMac in tush3d

Those exist? But then you have a cord to charge the battery pack. Makes going wireless kind of redudant.

@Mac in tush然后一根线给电池组充电让无线充电变得多余



They make battery packs that you can charge via Qi.

@Tendoboy84 他们制造的电池组可以通过Qi充电。



has anyone ever bought or had experience with meizu phones. I remember their music players, that were pretty good...but i have no clue on their smart phones.

有买过魅族手机或用魅族手机的? 我记得魅族音乐播放器,非常棒……倒是对魅族智能手机不了解。



I've never even heard of this brand. Just another no-name company trying to get recognition.




I believe they are moderately successful - the world is bigger than the US and the EU these days.




I'll let you in a little secret...you havnt heard about most brands and just because YOU dont know it doesnt make it no name. I know that brand and that means they already have recognition from me for some of their products which were pretty good. I will admit i havnt used their phones so i dont know about that but meizu is a recognised brand by the markets they are in.




Form over function... the same thing that has made phones generic and interchangable yet more expensive to buy, and much more expensive to repair.

Headphone jacks, expandable storage, easy to replace batteries, physical buttons.  These are what we've lost in the name of design.




I'd say the motivation of this product is complete waterproofing, not design.

Remember this is ONE product from ONE obscure Chinese company. It's not Apple where once they change the design of their phone all the other android phones seem to receive all the easy-to-produce changes.





Becuase by removing all the ports and buttons it's easier for them to make phones 100% sealed, making them even harder to repair, forcing you to spend even more money on buying replacements rather than repairing. Why would they sell you $5 replacement usb/headphone port when they can sell you $1000 replacement phone.

Phones are becoming disposable $1000 devices and it's in the interests of every single manufacturer. :(

Making $$$ is above everything else! If it was legal and they could make money from it, they'd be in the murder business too.






They will claim it's to improve water-seal, but in reality it is to prevent repairs.




Maybe meizu will be stingy and make it very difficult BUT TBH how many people get their phones repaired...they simply get insurance, if it breaks it gets replaced. IF its in warranty then warranty will take care of repairs.




Oh no, it's not about making phones more reliable, no. It's all about making them more like disposable forcing people to buy new expensive phones rather than cheap components to replace.


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