Many firsts in this R-Day parade: Display of Army's new big guns, women power

本届共和国日阅兵开先例: 首次展示印度陆军的新大炮

NEW DELHI: India’s 70th Republic Day parade on Rajpath this Saturday will have many firsts — display of the Army’s newly acquired artillery guns, march by an all-women paramilitary contingent and lady officers leading all-male teams.


Thirty years after the induction of Bofors guns, the Army for the first time will showcase its new big guns — M777 and K9 Vajra self-propelled guns.


Major General Rajpal Punia, second-in-command of the Republic Day parade, said, “For the first time, the Army will showcase its new artillery guns at the parade. M777 A2 ultra light howitzers, which were inducted into the Army last year from the US, will be seen at the parade. Another artillery K9 Vajra self-propelled guns, which are being manufactured by L&T under the Modi go nment’s ‘Make in India’ programme, will also be shown at the parade.”

共和国日阅兵式副指挥官拉杰帕尔·普尼亚少将表示:“这是印度陆军首次在阅兵式上展示新型火炮。印度陆军M777 A2超轻型榴弹炮去年从美国引进,将在阅兵式上亮相。另一门火炮K9 Vajra自行火炮,由L&T公司根据莫迪政府的“印度制造”计划制造,也将在阅兵式上展示。

M777 is a 155mm artillery gun with a mamum range of 30 km. The ultralight guns, which had proved its mettle in the Afghanistan war, will be deployed in hilly terrains along the border as they can easily be airlifted. Under an inter-go nmental deal with the US in 2017, India had signed a contract for 145 howitzers at a cost of nearly Rs 5,000 crore.


On the other hand, K9 Vajra is a South Korean artillery gun. L&T, which bought the gun technology from a Korean company, had won the Rs 4,500-crore contract from the go nment in 2017 to supply 100 units of K9 Vajra.

K9 Vajra自行火炮是一种韩国火炮。L&T从一家韩国公司购买了这一火炮技术,该公司在2017年从政府得价值450亿卢比的合同,生产100门K9 Vajra火炮


Maj Gen Punia said, “Two defence projects of DRDO — Medium Range Surface to Air Missile and Arjun Armoured Recovery and Repair Vehicle — which are still under trial will also be showcased at the parade for the first time. Another army equipment ‘surface mine clearing sy em’ will also be shown for the first time.” He said, “During the flypast over Rajpath, An-32 transport aircraft will be flying on bio fuel for the first time. In fact, four veterans of INA (Netaji’s Army) will also participate in the parade for the first time.”


The Major General said, “‘Sankhnaad’— a martial tune created for the Indian armed forces — will be played by three contingents for the first time in the parade. And the theme of 22 tableaux this time will be 150 years of Mahatma Gandhi”.


Besides the new big guns, the star attraction of the parade will be the showcasing of the military's women power. For the first time, an all-women contingent of a paramilitary force will participate in the parade. The contingent belonging to Assam Rifles, the country’s oldest paramilitary force, will be led by Major Khushboo Kanwar.

除了新式大炮,此次阅兵的闪耀点还在于展示印度军队的女性力量。一支全由印度女准军事部队组成的队将首次参加阅兵。阿萨姆步枪队是这个国家历史最悠久的准军事部队,该队将由Khushboo Kanwar少校领队



In another first, woman officer, Captain Shikha Surabhi, will be part of the Army’s darede ls motorcycle team. She will perform the stunt by standing on the moving motorcycle and will ride it in front of a team comprising 33 men riding on nine bikes in a pyramid formation. She will salute R-Day chief guest South African presi nt Cyril Rphosa, who will be the second presi nt of that country after Nelson Mandela to be the chief guest at R-Day.

另一项史无前例的表演,女军官Shikha Surabhi上尉将成为陆军摩托车队的一员。她将站在行驶的摩托车上表演这一特技,并将在由33名男子组成的队伍面前表演,这些人共骑着9辆摩托车,形成一个金字塔状的队形。她将向南非总统西里尔·拉马福萨致敬。拉马福萨是继纳尔逊·曼德拉之后第二位出席印度共和国日阅兵式的南非总统。


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Changes always welcome and beautiful. It adds more colour to the Republic Day Parade.



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Stronger India..Peaceful world..



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Well done Modiji go nment and Army.

India, this is the difference between BJP and Congress. Congress will loot and ruin country whereas BJP under Modiji will build nation. Choice is yours




proud Indians - cow land - 3 days ago

Bought US and South Korea BIG guns will scare both and Pakistan, not to mention Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives. All Indians are so proud. Hail Modi.



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Congress mindset to loot.

Modi mindset to develop..!!

Ve for Modi only..!!





Goath - 3 days ago -Follow

The so called progressive shouters can be mad of jealousy...they will never see the show of national pride...they are interested in negative energy....The real Indian citizens will be very happy ..long live our nation first policy....a big salute...vande desa matharam..



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Showcasing of women Power. Proud moment for India.



Anilk Khan - 3 days ago -Follow

Why do we act as a demonstration for USA and Korean arms manufacturers?



Rashid - 3 days ago -Follow

Moron Modi should admit on republic day that he and his friends made money from arm deals maybe the only way he can wash his sins as he cannot wash sins in Ganga because he already polluted it .



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FEKU is good at wasting Public Money in Statues, Publicity and Parades.



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While our principle remains peaceful coestance, we are prepared to tackle any situation. We are the stabilizing force in South Asia in particular and in the world in general.



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We are proud of you....and salute you... Jai Hind...!



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India's Patriotism cannot be diminished by te rorm.



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Putting women in front of everything is not empowerment ,its just for media hype , please don't undermine capable male officers just for photoshoot



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Indian Army during WW II. The British Indian Army during WW II began the war, in 1939, just under 200,000 men. By the end of the war, it had become the largest volunteer army in history, rising to over 2.5 million men in August 1945,none Gujrat


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