IAF flypast stuns crowd at Republic Day parade



NEW DELHI: Thousands of restless people were stunned into a brief silence, their eyes rolled towards skies and ears buzzing to the humming sound as the Indian Air Force planes roared over the majestic Rajpath during the 70th Republic Day parade on Saturday.


A huge round of applause broke the silence when four helicopters in inverted Y/Wine glass formation carried the national flag and respective service ensigns, marking the begng of the flypast, a sought-after event during the annual Republic Day parade.


The Rudra formation, comprising three ALH Mk IV WSI helicopters, flew in 'vic' formation. The 'Dhruv' formation consisting of two advanced light helicopters and two armed version of the ALH named 'RUDRA' of Army aviation flew in 'Diamond formation'.

由三架ALH Mk IV WSI直升机组成的Rudra编队以V形编队飞行。“Dhruv”编队由两架先进轻型直升机和两架武装版本的ALH“RUDRA”组成,菱形编队”飞行。

The Hercules formation, comprising three C-130J Super Hercules, roared past the Rudra helicopters, with people yelling and cheering the mighty aircraft.


A C-17 Globemaster flanked by two SU-30 MKIs of the Indian Air Force flew in globe formation at a speed of 500kmph while five Jaguar deep-penetration strike aircraft in arrow head formation flew at a speed of 780kmph.

一架C-17“环球霸王战机”在两架苏-30 MKIs的护卫下以500公里时速呈编队飞行,而五架美洲虎深侵攻击机以780公里时速呈箭头编队飞行。

The airborne early-warning and control sy em aircraft 'Netra' with state-of the-art early warning radar and a host of advanced ronic warfare equipment also made its presence felt during the flypast.


The flypast culminated with a lone Su-30 MKI, flying at a speed of 900 kmph, splitting the sky with a 'vertical charlie.'

飞行表演的高潮是一架时速900公里-30 MKI“垂直”姿态划破长空。

Other aircraft that participated in the flypast were MiG-29 Upgrade Air Superiority Fighters and AN-32 aircraft.



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Arvind Roy - 19 hours ago -Follow

Great performance by IAF pilot....



Muthuswami - Amritsar - 19 hours ago -Follow

Excellent news

We are very proud of you all

God bless India and all





Axa Aga - 18 hours ago -Follow

INDIA Army doing great under able & capable PM MODI . . . GOD is on side of INDIAnow .



Desh Bhakt - 19 hours ago -Follow

Wait wait let Rafale join the forces. We need to develop strong RnD and think indegenious.



Raajesh - 18 hours ago -Follow

In 2020 when we celebrate the 71st Republic Day under the leadership of Shri Modiji again, we can get to see the Rafale flying over the skies of New Delhi, Bharat.



Hd Dw - 19 hours ago -Follow

Amazing IAF



Nikos - Mumbai - 18 hours ago -Follow

Vande mataram ! Lets salute the brave soldiers of the Indian Armed forces . Jai hind . Bharat mata ki Jai .



Vinay Subrnian - 18 hours ago -Follow

India’s pride is its Armed forces. Jai Hind����



ps murthy - Ingeku - 18 hours ago -Follow

All the enemies of India be warned.



bsa_bsa882000 - 18 hours ago -Follow

Salute to our armed forces.



Dean - traveller - 18 hours ago -Follow

where is indigenous tejas 1 and tejaS 2 ? both not included?



Sunny - Gurgaon - 19 hours ago -Follow

The skies today were clear in Delhi... that's why we were able to enjoy the IAF aerobatics... otherwise Delhi skies are too smoggy in January and we could not see the aircraft during last year parade



Cn Rsubrnian - New Delhi - 18 hours ago -Follow

We are proud of you all, ///Still opposition don.t want to accept that. You are the nation''s guardians.



Anonymous - 18 hours ago -Follow

Funny thing is the USA which has an army which does real combat in reme parts of the world never ever did parades. They do wars. And here we have pension warriors doing parades!!!



rbchennuru - vskp - 15 hours ago

It is pathetic to see the main stream media blocking the PM ''s participation events. Republic day, Independence day, Birthday of MODIJI etc. The way media is blocking MODIJI on front page is shameful.



Adarsh Kumaran - Bengaluru - 17 hours ago -Follow

was any of these made by HAL?



Wani - Iok - 18 hours ago

Did they hire foreign pilots? IAF officers are only famous for wife swap did they really know how to fly?



Sarada P Sntaray - Mumbai - 19 hours ago -Follow

That is superb. Really one time view in a year!



Modi I day - cow country - 9 hours ago

India should have flown its own India made planes instead of all those foreign imported junks.



Shy Prasad Dhar - 10 hours ago -Follow

After so many years India is unable to manufacture 100% Indian Defence aircrafts, tanks,etc



Bhai Jan - 11 hours ago -Follow

Even today the Hindus are unable to make a fighter jet which can fly with full capabilities of combat plane.



Humanoid - Earth - 13 hours ago

The jaguars and MIGs (with the exception of the MIG 29) should be phased out sooner before it can cm the lives of any more pilots . HAL should build more production lines for the tejas and not just two in order to keep up with the demand . How senseless HAL can be ? I wouldn’t trust HAL to build a bicycle.



Anuj - Delhi - 13 hours ago

Salute to our brave soldiers



stunned Indians - mad cow land - 13 hours ago

Indians were stunned bcoz they did not see even a single plane that''s truly Made in India, all foreign bought stuff.



proud Indians - mad cow country - 15 hours ago

All foreign bought aircraft, big guns and tanks. Indians are so proud.



Jumla Expert - 15 hours ago -Follow

Some Indians feeling proud showing off imported jets and wons..?? I don''t.


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