Huawei eyes smartphone supremacy this year after record 2018 sales



By Cate Cadell and Sijia Jiang

BEIJING/HONG KONG (Reuters) - China's Huawei Technologies Co Ltd on Thursday said it could become the world's biggest-selling smartphone vendor this year even without the U.S. market and as global scrutiny of the firm intensifies.


The bullish forecast contrasts with those of market-leader Samsung and other rivals such as Apple Inc, both of which have flagged weakening sales in China - the largest smartphone market where demand has long been slowing, and where economic growth is at its lowest pace in nearly three decades.


The maker of telecommunications equipment, spanning aerials to handsets, reported a 50 percent jump in consumer business revenue last year to in excess of $52 billion. It said it aimed to keep the momentum with the launch next month of a foldable smartphone powered by its new fifth-generation (5G) chipset.


The jump meant the consumer business accounted for 48 percent of total revenue, contributing more than Huawei's business for telecoms network providers for the first time.


"Even without the U.S. market we will be number one in the world," Yu said, referring to Huawei's smartphone division, which shipped 208 million handsets last year. "I believe at the earliest this year, and next year at the latest."


Worldwide smartphone shipments likely fell 3 percent last year, returning to low single-digit growth this year and through 2022, when 5G mobile network technology is likely to give the industry a boost, showed forecasts from consultancy IDC.


Yu said Huawei will launch the foldable phone at the Mobile World Congress next month with sales beginning in April at the earliest. He said its Balong 5000 chipset, a rival to Qualcomm Inc's Snapdragon X50, is the world's most powerful 5G modem and can be used in vehicles. The modem is also the first to support countries' differing 5G architecture, Huawei said.

承东表示,华为将在下个月的世界移动通信大会上推出这款可折叠手机,最早将于4月份开始销售。他说,其巴龙 5000芯片组是高通公司骁龙X50的竞争对手,是世界上最强大的5G调制解调器,可用于汽车。华为表示,这款调制解调器也是首个支持各国不同5G架构的调制解调器。

Huawei uses its own chipsets in its high-end phones and servers but said it does not intend to become a standalone chip vendor to rival the likes of Qualcomm and Intel Corp.


Huawei also introduced a 5G base station chipset, dubbed Tiangang. Carrier business chief Ryan Ding said Huawei has won 30 5G contracts, including 18 in Europe, nine in the Middle East and three in the Asia-Pacific region.

华为还推出了名为“天罡”的5G基站芯片组。运营商业务主管Ryan Ding表示,华为已经拿到了30份5G合同,其中18份在欧洲,9份在中东,3份在亚太地区。


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ted16 hours ago

"Huawei beats Apple in smartphone sales for the first time. The Chinese smart phone maker sold around 54 million phones last quarter, up more than 40% compared to the same period last year, according to research firms IDC, Canalyst and IHS Markit. That was enough to not only beat Apple (AAPL), but also narrow the gap with market leader Samsung (SSNLF). Samsung sold more than 70 million phones last quarter, down about 10% from the same time last year. The continued growth of Huawei is impressive, to say the least, as is its ability to move into markets where, until recently, the brand was largely unknown," IDC analyst Ryan Reith said in a statement. Who needs the US? Huawei profits jump 28%!” On top, all consumers know that iPhones are "Expensive phones without innovations".

华为智能手机销量首次超过苹果。研究公司IDC、Canalyst和IHS Markit的数据显示,这家中国智能手机制造商上季度销量约为5,400万部,较去年同期增长40%以上。这不仅足以打败苹果,还缩小与市场领头羊三星的差距。三星上个季度的手机销量超过7,000万部,较去年同期下降了约10%。IDC分析师Ryan Reith在一份声明中称,"至少可以说,华为的持续长令人印象深刻,其进军市场的能力也令人印象深刻。在此之前,华为的品牌在很大程度上还不为人所知。"谁需要美国市场?华为利润增长28%!最重要的是,所有消费者都知道iphone是“没有创新的昂贵手机”。


Chrisx16 hours ago

This Huawei mate 20 pro is much better than latest Iphone, specially I like the camera, long last battery, two sim cards and AI apps. It looks more scientific.

这款华为mate 20 pro比最新款Iphone要好得多,我尤其喜欢摄像头、长续航电池、双卡双待和人工智能应用。它看起来更科学


Tom11 hours ago

I'm rooting for Huawei as it's been unfairly targeted by politicians. Bought a Huawei smartphone recently. It looks nice and has been working seamlessly on T mobile network. The best part: it cost me only a fraction of my previous phones. Carry on, Huawei.



Whoa13 hours ago

I heard the Chinese on working on 6G already. Say goodbye to wifi in two years in China and all their partner nations.



alex12 hours ago

Huawei is on its way to take over the market. To prevent devastating defeat, US go nment is using politics to keep it away. Smart move.



Billy13 hours ago

Once I tried the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, I never look back. I was so stupid to waste all my money on other cheap quality phones.

自从用了华为Mate 20 Pro之后,就再也没有考虑过其他手机。我真傻,以前买手机的钱算是浪费了


Hyme14 hours ago

ZTE can breathe easier now. They can locally get the chipsets it needs :-) . Poor Qualcomm and Intel. They may lose a lot of phone or computer customers.



Matthew16 hours ago

That is the real reason we are trying to Sabotage them-- they are bigger and Better than our guys. Not to mention that their 5G is real while ours is a made-up fake combo.



george10 hours ago

The US banned the use of Huawei technology. It reminded me that 250 years ago, China resisted the adaptation of western technology and Two centuries of humiliation ensued. Are we entering the same trap today?



C.P.11 hours ago

These 54 (mostly Americans) readers' comments and reactions are overwhelmingly supporting Huawei. It proves that most Americans have high standards of morality, justice, and independent thinking.



ted16 hours ago

Huawei is banned in US due to its super-Superb 5G technology prowess. 5G speeds test results: Huawei - 18 Gbps, An American competitor 24.3 Mbps (call it 5Ge e: to avoid legal deceit, for extra charge of subscribers of ~$1400 a year), EU competitors – 1 Gbps. Based on the above, 30 contracts so far have been signed all over the world. Huawei’s last quarter profit increased 28%, and 2018 revenue of over $100 billion. Huawei does not need US market, but consumers are screwed!!

在美国华为因其先进的5G技术而被禁。5G网速测试结果:华为- 18 Gbps,美国竞争对手24.3 Mbps (5G为避免法律欺诈,每年向用户收取额外费用约1400美元),欧盟竞争对手- 1 Gbps。在此基础上,目前华为已在世界各地签订了30份合同。华为上一季度利润增长28%,2018年营收超过1000亿美元。华为不需要美国市场,但消费者要遭殃了了!!


DAVID8 hours ago

Today, if I were to buy a smartphone, it would definitely be Huawei. It's by far the best smartphone on the market today.



Mercury12 hours ago

It's very hard to believe they will be the #1 seller. I can count on one hand those who even heard of this company. I don't believe their claims even for a second.



Tom13 hours ago

Phones are becoming commodity items, each copies the other functionality, so going forward whoever builds a cheaper comparable phone will win the markers for many years to come.



C K13 hours ago

Huawei may boast that it will be the largest smartphone maker but, financially, its revenue is $100 billion/yr while Apple's revenue is $1 trillion/yr. Apple rakes in 10x more revenue and profit.



Shu14 hours ago




John16 hours ago

Let be honest, US is a sinking ship



A Dog16 minutes ago

Bravo, Huawei, Bravo!

Since Huawei makes its on chips, why doesn't ZTE buy from Huawei then?



CaptainKKK13 hours ago

American have 3g and pretend they have 5g.



Surfer Dude15 hours ago

Does the chinese company have to pay US companies for stealing the tech?


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