Indian Navy set to open third base in strategic islands to counter China



NEW DELHI: India's navy will open a third air base in the far-off Andaman and Nicobar islands on Thursday to beef up surveillance of Chinese ships and submarines entering the Indian Ocean through the nearby Malacca Straits, military officials and experts said.


New Delhi has grown concerned over the presence of China's bigger navy in its neighbourhood and the network of commercial ports it is building in an arc stretching from Sri Lanka to Pakistan that India fears could become naval outposts.


The Indian military has seized upon the Andamans that lie near the entrance to the Malacca Straits to counter the Chinese challenge, deploying ships and aircraft since Prime Minister Narendra Modi took office in 2014 promising a more muscular policy.


Indian Navy chief admiral Sunil Lanba will commission the new base, called INS Kohassa, about 300 km (180 miles) north of the archipelago’s capital, Port Blair, the Navy said in a statement.

印度海军在一份声明中表示,印度海军上将苏尼尔·兰巴将将主持这个名为“INS Kohassa”新基地的启用仪式。该基地位于群岛首府布莱尔港以北约300公里(180英里)。

The facility, the third in the islands, will have a 1,000-metre runway for helicopters and Dornier surveillance aircraft. But eventually the plan is for the runway to be extended to 3,000 metres to support fighter aircraft and longer-range reconnaissance aircraft, navy spokesman Captain D K Sharma said.


About 1,20,000 ships pass through the Indian Ocean each year and nearly 70,000 of them pass through the Malacca Strait.


"The underlying thing is the expanding Chinese presence. If we have to really monitor Chinese presence, we need to be adequately equipped in the Andaman islands," said former Navy commodore Anil Jai Singh.



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Rao G - 43 mins ago -Follow

Modi is doing everything to strengthen the Country''s defense....and opposition Scamgress, Khayawathi. Momta plus others, doing everything to weaken the country.........



AROP - 43 mins ago -Follow

Well done Modiji to encourage our military to take quick decisions in the interest of the nation. Navy will open a third air base in the far-off Andaman area for the security of the nation and to counter China. Scammer congi can''t think on nation''s security.



P.Gawde - Mumbai - 42 mins ago -Follow

When will media be stop behaving like war monger MSM media. Can''t it simply says to boost our defense power we are making bases to be ever ready?



Jumla Expert - 42 mins ago -Follow

Times Headlines on China are always like Jealous Neighbour. "Wary of China", "Eye on China", "To Counter China". WTH. Stop showing inferiority complex. We are doing it for defensive needs, thats all.



Ramesh - Bangalore - 42 mins ago -Follow

If Congress was in power will they counter China like this???



Pbch Chowdhuri - India - 35 mins ago -Follow




Nikos - Mumbai - 26 mins ago -Follow

Well Done Mr Modi . Thank you for replacing the Accidental Prime Minister . We want you to lead India after 2019.



Manish Nandgaonkar - 18 mins ago -Follow

Is Rahul capabale to deal with China, Kashmir, Rohingyas?

People see, understand and vote, not by seeing faces and GANDHI, We made mistake by removing Vajpayee, lets give MODI one more chance




to Indians - China

In 1961 India''s greatest PM ever the incomparable Nehru invented his Forward Policy by ordering Indian troops to invade into China to set up hundreds military posts directly in front of or behind China posts to push the Chinese back. Everyday, Indians would connect the dots of those Indian posts on maps to claim: India gained another thousands square KMs today and Nehru is an Indian Napoleon.

Then in 1962 all those India posts were wiped out in ONE day. Brave Indian Jawans either ran for their lives as fast as they could or radioed ''Chinese are coming'' and then silence.

China can accord Indians the same courtesy anytime anywhere





Warmonger India - world - 7 hours ago

Warmonger India. Just do whatever U like. Why all the counter China, eye on China nonsense?



Venkataramani Vs - Mumbai - 15 mins ago -Follow

Known enemies from outside our motherland can be tackled by these measures, but how to manage the unknown/known enemies within our motherland helping the known enemies from outside our motherland!



Arvind Roy

Arvind Roy - 31 mins ago -Follow

Great work by defence ministry....but we need more warships, submarines & at least one air-craft carrier immediately.....as China is incresing it naval fleet rapidly...



Rajesh Singhal - 15 mins ago -Follow

The present go nment has eyes on all corners and is really very vigilant over the safety of the Nation. The presence of China in the Indian Ocean and its increasing fleet of ships have raised alarm just as it did while a Chinese submarine docked Sri Lanka. Do we feel confident that the Congress will be able to take the Safety of the Naiion in its hand as it is being done at present ?



N C Joshi - 26 mins ago -Follow

India must strengthen its Naval base and also collaborate with other countries if China continues to increase its presence in the proximity.



Scl - India - 30 mins ago -Follow

Good step, India needed the third naval base for its defence. There is no need to name any specific country.



Zsking - Parliament - 25 mins ago -Follow

China is way ahead...India should stay out of trouble with China and spend money on poor Indian Citizens...



Vishwa Kumar - 25 mins ago -Follow

Very good leader only can think of all these , hope blind supporters of now Congress at least now realise the importance of national development and cast their votes wisely.



Shailendra Kumar Mishra - kolkata - 26 mins ago -Follow

Good strategy to keep eye on Enemy No.1.



Sb - 1 min ago -Follow

Great going offensive defence strategy policy under Modi govt. .. our Navy , airforce , army were always capable to handle any situation ..


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