China conducts mock intercontinental ballistic missile strike exercise



BEIJING: China's Rocket Force, the strategic and tactical missile operator of the People's Liberation Army (PLA), has conducted a simulated intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) strike mission from an underground bunker against an imaginary enemy, official media here reported.


China Central Television (CCTV), which carried the news, however, did not disclose the details about the location and time of the exercise.


The Rocket Force was set up by the PLA three years ago as President stepped up efforts to modernise the 2 million-strong Chinese military, the world's largest force.


The Rocket Force was carved out from the second artillery corps and it functioned in coordination with the Strategic Support Force which focussed on navigation and cyber technology support.


China's land-based ICBM has a flight range of 12,000 km and could potentially hit targets in the US, state-run Global Times reported.


Revealing the ICBM test, the CCTV report said long-term survival training in closed environments has become routine for the troops to ensure counterattack capability in case a war breaks out, the report said.



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Shyam - 1 day ago -Follow

Fifty years back India was way ahead of China but because Indian politicians became so corrupt that they started looting public funds with a concept that I loot, You loot, We loot, let Country go to hell. So India's growth was halted. Scam after Scam continued. Having left with no choice Modi got thumping majority. But the mess of 60 years will take time to get cleared specially because every official has become Habitual of choir. Habits die hard. But if Modi continue for 10-15 years, we can hope a better India.



Shyam - 1 day ago -Follow

Very well said sir, moreover, because of these looters, we remained as "Developing Country", thought we had all the natural and human resource, while China, Japan, Germany have reached to a new height. We should be ashamed of ourselves of being sl ves even 70 years after independence and doing sl very to one family and allow them to loot.



Gabbar Singh - Boston - 23 hours ago -Follow

This is all hogwash. If someone thinks China will risk a nuclear war or even a conventional with US or India, they are idiots. Chinese are too shrewed to lose their decades of progress.



Avik - 23 hours ago -Follow

Not to worry. Raga will protect India with his 6 inch chest..



Jolly - 23 hours ago -Follow

if it's mock thn we too can launch inter planet ballistic missiles .....anyways china is master in faking products



Indian Abroad - 1 day ago -Follow

China is arrogant and expansionist. It wants to take Pangaa with the rest of the World. Otherwise india too has a capability to build 12K km ICBM. India just does not need them because India is friends with the whole World minus China and Pakistan.



Jim Raynor - 22 hours ago -Follow

Chances are USA will respond by testing Minuteman missile. While missile tests are important for defence preparedness the timing is suspect especially when China rhetoric against Taiwan is increasing steadily. ICBM test is clearly aimed at US but China should be aware that US is the only country that can survive a nuclear war



Deepak - Karnataka - 19 hours ago -Follow

India was way ahead of China but some religious bigots shifted the focus of the country from science and technology to caste, creed, colour, food, hate and now cow politics taking the country in the downward path!!!



Varun vig - Delhi - 20 hours ago -Follow

12000km? Uncle sam is the target��



Amitosh - Patna - 23 hours ago -Follow

The way China is growing and making inroads everywhere is remarkable. We kept laughing at there products and now they are next to US only.



Bhaskar - 21 hours ago -Follow

Why China should not be slapped with sanctions because of these kind of provocative missile tests?



Shyam - 1 day ago -Follow

Anyone will comment why India lags compared to China whereas China was far too behind India in 1950? What reply do we have? Indian scientist and engineers are no less intelligent but still we lag. Why? My answer is that responsible are our rulers of last 65-70 years.

有人会说为什么印度落后中国,而中国本来在1950年远远落后印度的?? 印度的科学家和工程师也一样聪明,但我们仍然落后。为什么?我的回答是,印度过去65-70年的统治者应该对此负责


kalan321654 - o - 1 day ago -Follow

And our politicians conducting mock voting exercise (promising loan waiver and more reservation to ST/SC/so called minorities) .......... LOL ....



I - I - 22 hours ago

Chinese are copycat technologies of other countries, need to halt import from China..



proud Indian - cow country - 17 hours ago

No problem. India has Angi V, soon Angi 6 and world fastest Brahmos missiles.

。印度有烈火-5导弹,很快就会有烈火- 6以及世界上速度最快的布拉莫斯导弹。


Mahendra - 17 hours ago -Follow

We can use our powerful missile *Cowdung missile*against China's Dongfu missile



Jagdish Gupta - 17 hours ago -Follow

India is moving in right direction under Modi as regards defence prepare eed ness.



Sundara - 18 hours ago -Follow

We indians do not pull together and

independence together with de acy bestowed on us have left the country in a confused state.The end of the tunnel seems to be far far away.



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