When will Shanghai catch up with Mumbai?



Devansh Gupta, lives in Shanghai (2014-present)

Probably when we learn time travel and then Shanghai decides to go back in the past rather than in the future. Shanghai is a fantastic city with infrastructure that no other city in the world boasts of. Mumbai is a “has been” which is bursting on its seams with infra that is getting poorer by the day. I have lived for 4 years in Mumbai and 2.5 in Shanghai and unless something truly unfortunate happens, it is Mumbai that has all the catching up to do.




Tony Yau, studied at City University of Hong Kong

No Shanghai can't.

Shanghai has one of the largest metro system in the world, the first magnetic train on this planet, the largest container port following by Singapore, uncountable amount of 100m+ buildings.

While Mumbai has the largest slum on this planet. I don't see a chance that Shanghai can catch up with Mumbai in 50 years.





Bob Liu, lives in Shanghai

When Indian official claim 30 years and I have to say: Probably never.

Shanghai must learn how to slow down and decrease the efficiency. Only elected leader know what people really need is toilet instead of public highway.




怡波 趙, lives in Shanghai (1990-present)

Oh my god!

You think Mumbai is better than Shanghai??!!!

Come on guy! Don't cheat youself!

Mumbai is not at the level of Shanghai , even New York might not be able to be compared with Shanghai soon.








Sthitapragnya Deshpande, worked at China

Devansh is spot on.

Mumbai is way behind Manila and Bangkok in infrastructure, safety, security nad daily life. In Mumbai, we travel like cattle in over crowded buses and trains in which there often isnt even space to keep our toe standing! Hence we leave home an hour earlier just to stnad for an hour in the train!

As for Shanghai - forget it - I foudn it more modern and comfortbale to live in than New York, so I think the question you should have asked is When will Mumbai catch up with Shanghai?


You just wanted to rabble rouse and are a troll?

Are you?


至于上海我觉得它比纽约更现代、更舒适,所以我想你应该问,孟买什么时候能赶上上海? 要不然你只是想蛊惑人心。


V.P.Pillai, lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

I dont think that will happen in near future.

You are talking about a city where people literally play with death in trains to reach there offices daily,No proper transport facility even in Roads,A slight downpour traping people in there offices,filling up with illegal immigrants,Delay in construction Developments due to lazy Municipal Corporations,and seggregating people on the basis of Religion,Caste,Sex etc.

Of course this is not the case with Shanghai as far as I know, so Mumbai will remain in slums and Shanghai will keep rising.





Martin Andrews

Interesting question, I suppose you have no idea what Chinese cities are like:

Mumbai’s infrastructure investment levels are still very low considering how big the city is…




Anurag Gupta, Medical Student

I think your ques is the opposite. Mumbai should catch up with Shanghai!



Eric O'Shea

Haha yeah good question. Wish i knew but i suspect never.



Mukund, lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Shanghai is far ahead than Mumbai and your question should have been other way round and as per my guess it should take not less than 50 years



刘烜岐, studied at Hokkaido University

data tells the truth:Shanghai’s GDP is as twice as that of Mumbai. So please stop asking questions like this!



Norries NI, 0.0

Never, Mumbai over shanghai a lot!! HE HE



Anuj Chitale,

Did you mean when will Mumbai catch up with Shanghai?



Abhijeet Malkar, studied at Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Because its commercial capital of India like how Shanghai is that of China.

Shanghai is largest metro of China and Mumbai is largest metro of India.

Shanghai and Mumbai both are ports.

There are many such similarities and hence Mumbai is compared to China.

Talking about skyscrapers Mumbai has many high rise towers(highest no of high rises in the country) unlike Delhi.

Mumbai will soon have a 442m tall skyscraper








Norries NI, 0.0

mumbai is a free city , shanghai is not!



Vicktor Loew

Shanghai is impossible to emulate because of its history. Many people talk of mumbai becoming shanghai through building more roads and skyscrapers but majority of Shanghai extends from its historical importance of where West met East



Vicktor Loew

Shanghai will be a much more "international city" than Mumbai, as an expat you will meet people not only from China but from every country around the world. In terms of living standards, Shanghai has better infrastructure and amenities but having said that the living cost will be on-par if not more for foreign goods than someone coming from a western country. Other than that, the culture you are exposed to will be completely different also



Pritesh Kale, lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India (1981-present)

Shanghai is much more advanced than Mumbai in terms of infrastructure, management, transport. You will definitely feel the change in living standards.However speaking Chinese will make your life easy there.There are also some downsides like traffic and pollution.



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