Why do Indian brides enter the bedroom with a glass of milk for the groom on the day of consummation ?



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Nervous ho kya ?(are you nervous?)

Its an indian thingie were the room is decorated with flowers and the bed with rose petals, lots and lots of fruits beside the bed.

When I was a kid I used to think they would eat all those fruits, sweets and quench their thirst with milk and sleep.

You see we didn't have sex-ed classes, neither I saw any pornographic films to understand how babies were born. I used to think all the homa(ritual) and the havan kund (sacrificial fire) was done to get a baby.

Let me come to 'why the hell milk' part. Imagine yourself as a bride walking inside a room filled with the smell of rose and Jasmine and a stranger 'the bridegroom' now husband, waiting to rip your clothes apart and satisfy his desire to have coetus with you, how would you feel?.

Won't feel nervous? Won't you be shaking like a vibrator?







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Do you want your husband to notice your hands trembling in fear, nervousness or maybe excitement.

So to avoid getting caught with a shaky hand and feeling embarrassed about it they hand you a glass of milk, which can also be replaced with a glass of Gatorade to improve your husband performance and be more active or a glass of poison if you don't like your husband.

The choice is clearly yours(no poison please)

Remember there are other alternative for milk like Vaseline or any petroleum jelly, redbull, a camera if you are a selfie freak and post in Facebook(slee with xXxX and 49 others)

No offense people just kidding.







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Milk is auspicious to Indians. Milk has an important role in most of the Hindu rituals. For example during house warming milk is boiled on a new stove and caused to overflow from the pot. Milk is also used for ritual purification (Abhishek).

Milk was included in other rituals like

Annaprashana  and in Antyesti (But not widely seen now).






In short, milk is consider as auspicious. It symbolizes wealth.

As we know Ancient Indians were farmers. They gave lot of importance to cattle farming since it gives a wide range of products varying from cow dung to ghee. These things were considered as auspicious because it had an important role in their daily life. They could relay on milk and related products to survive for a long time. So cattle became the symbol of the wealth during the ancient times, so that the milk, the major product.

So when the bride enter the bedroom with milk in her hand, it symbolizes the wealth, a good fortune she brings to one's life.

This also showcase the sweetness of the upcoming life. As the bride and groom said after the "Saptapadi"

"May the night be honey-sweet for us. May the morning be honey-sweet for us. May the earth be honey-sweet for us. May the heavens be honey-sweet for us. May the plants be honey-sweet for us. May the sun be all honey for us. May the cows yield us honey-sweet milk."







Shashank Singhal, Deep Hidden secret

Hinduism considered as the oldest of all re gions in the world is estimated to have come to practice around 3000 BC back. Our Most of the Indian traditions have a deep secret meanings.

  1. SCIENCE behind serving milk on Suhagraat(Wedding night):

According to Ayurveda, milk is considered an important part of the diet. Milk is a good vrishya (aphrodisiac), which means it strengthens the shukra dhatu (reproductive tissue).

Among the eight types of milk mentioned in Ayurveda, cow’s milk is said to be the best. Cow’s milk is rejuvenating and strengthens the various tissues, improves memory, and boosts immunity. It is easily digested and absorbed in the body that’s why it is served at night.


  1. 在新婚之夜上端上牛奶的科学依据:




  1. The base of all Ayurveda recipes

Texts of Ayurveda have recommended many simple milk recipes for men to increase their ability to be sexually active. There are many herbs like kesar, shilajit etc that are added to milk to make it more beneficial. Milk acts as a vehicle and helps these herbs to reach tissues of male reproductive sy em. Thus the total male reproductive sy em gets rejuvenated and doshas get bnced. Regular consumption of such preparations also help men to get young looks and stay healthy. It increases libido, low sperm count and motility.

  1. 所有阿育吠陀食谱的基础



Think of this chain reaction: milk and almonds both give you prein; prein is needed for making hormones (testosterone) and these two hormones means better sex.



Apoorva Gupta, PGDM from T A Pai Management Institute, Manipal (2012)

Thanks for A2A.

I am not really sure why this tradition ests but we personally never followed this and nor have I seen anyone in my close relatives /friends follow this but I feel this was probably derived from the habit of drinking milk before going to bed so as to have a peaceful sleep after a long hectic day.

Also on the day of your marriage you are generally are so occupied and caught up, that there are high chances you did not have your meals properly so it may also be the reason behind this tradition to at least sleep on a full stomach rather than feel hungry and have a disturbed sleep. Milk is very filling and generally satisfying to have before going to sleep.

It is bcos generally the milk has saffron added to it. Saffron , sugar n milk the whole combination work as an aphrodisiac





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Such customs are practised only on Screen, which is considered as vital for the First night.

I am from South India(Ker) and I haven’t witnessed this custom till date. Both my brothers got married and none of my sister in laws entered into bedroom with a glass of milk or with full jewelry or wearing silk saree. They were in their night clothes.

I believe,there might have been such customs in the past, and the logic behind this may be, after a Big fat white wedding, both the bride an the groom will be exhausted and having a glass of milk before going to bed helps them fall asleep faster.




A single glass of milk is shared by both the husband and the wife. Husband drinks the milk first and then offers it to his wife, to ensure that she is his better half and they are on a journey where they have to share all their joys and sorrows together.Drinking from a single glass of milk symbolizes love and trust between husband and wife.

After all “Sharing is Caring”




Sai Maheswaran, B.Tech Chemical Engineering, Amrita University (2017)

Milk plays an important role in Hindu rituals. It is considered to be a purifying agent and is used at the begng of a number of rituals. As the bride and groom begin a conjugal life, milk marks the begng of it. The act of consumption is seen as a mark of purification.

Milk helps in diminishing the body warm that ascent while having sexual intercourse. In specific parts of the nation, the couple is approached to have milk ordinary for the initial couple of months.

The milk commonly served to newly weds contains spices like saffron,turmeric, sugar, pepper, almonds and fennel seeds or saunf. All of which are boiled in milk and served warm.A glass of milk is, hence also seen as a symbol of wealth and good fortune that the bride brings to the groom’s life.





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Only one reason for this: To have better sex. No other reason.

This is a Hindu tradition, which according to me, should be followed by everyone. Hardly anyone follows it now, but there is a scientific reason behind this.

On the wedding night, the newlyweds are traditionally given a glass of milk to which crushed almond and pepper has been mixed to enhance the first night experience. Other aphrodisiac decoctions from the K Sutra include fresh fennel juice with milk as well as adding honey, licorice and sugar to milk.

Almond is considered a natural aphrodisiac. The benefits of that on the first night are obvious I suppose. It's a hindu tradition.

This tradition should be brought back. It's beneficial for everyone, newlyweds as well as their parents who long to play with their grandchildren as soon as possible.








It’s in the culture, and originates from the K Sutra.

The treatise talks about aspects of sex in the life of woman and a man. It talks about courtesans, marriages, tantra in sex, potions for love making, and much more. Without going into much detail on unrelated items, let me post a few pictures. I have cropped any graphical depiction of intercourse from the miniature paintings.




This is from the section of love potions. The treatise talks about milk+sugar+testicle of a goat. But, my assumption is that, especially in the Hindus who don’t consume non-vegetarian food due to re gious reasons, the testicle of the goat was omitted.



This image is clicked from the chapter on marriages, and the side ne is given in the image below



You can also see that the treatise mentions specifically how the bed should be decorated. In a different section, the importance of perfumes to lure the partner is given.

This has been imbibed in the culture since centuries and still being followed. Although, our primary rendezvous with this happens primarily from our Bollywood movies and we believe it to be a TODO item after every marriage, the actual reason WHY, remains hidden somewhere in the pages of KSutra.

NB: Going anonymous because my family and friends don’t know that I have ever purchased a copy of K Sutra out of curiosity. That would be too much leg-pulling to handle. Ahem!





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…… Simple …… because a bride is not sent empty hand into the matrimonial room to meet her husband for the first time .. Well …… used to be first time ……but now …… it can be said ……. revisiting or follow up visit .. Because many couples have had many rehearsals of first nights minus the glass of milk before getting offi ally married .. Even after the many rehearsals ……. doesn't matter with the same partner or different …… tradition has to be followed and kept alive ..




Generally the milk that is given to the groom by the bride has haldi (turmeric) or kesar (saffron) mixed in it.

Both these ingredients are known to be aphrodisiacs.

An aphrodisiac is a substance that increases sexual desire on consumption.





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According to Indian rituals and customs, milk and milk products always has been considered as auspicious and pure before starting a good task or life.Here, milk is used for such a cause beacuse it is also said that by sharing the glass of milk both girl and the guy promises to share all their sorrow and hapess till the end of the life.Many old wives tale say that serving milk on the wedding night is considered auspicious and marks the begng of something pure. It is an age-old tradition to decorate couple’s room with fresh fragrant, flowers for their first night or suhagraat. The fragrant flowers leave an aphrodisiac effect on the couple. It’s a beautiful way of blessing the newly wedded to begin the new chapter in their life together.



Scientifically, its proven that :

1.Replenish their loss of energy after long tiring wedding rituals.

2.Milk gives an enery boost for a better sex time increasing the sperm count.

3.Drinking a glass of milk can helps to maintain a steady sexual drive.

4.Vitamin A in milk helps to boost up the sex hormones both testosterone and oestrogen and these two hormones support better sex.

5.Milk is a considered as aphrodisiac; i.e. it strengthens the reproductive tissue. It is vitalizing for re-productivity.








In other words, it simply help them to perform better in their first night.



Arunn Bhagavathula,

Its an ages old  Indian tradition, the original reasons are no longer clear!

1.Crushed almonds, pepper, fennel and/or other spices are added to the warm milk which is supposed to energize the bride and the groom after the tiring marriage rituals

2.The milk mixed with the spices is also supposed to be an aphrodisiac

3.Groom is supposed to drink half the glass of milk and offer the bnce to the bride! Perhaps its symbolism for both of them "sharing" their life from then onward.

4.India being an agrarian society, milk played a major role in all its festivals, re gious ceremonies! And this could also be one of the reasons.

5.There are other scientific reasons for offering milk which can be googled!








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If it's a negative role woman, milk can be mixed with poison. Suddenly glass get slipped from her hand and a cat come in room somehow, she taste it and dead.

Yes.. It happens in serials only. No bride come with milk glass in hand I guess. These things happen in movies or serials only. In real life no one do it.

And normally so many unmarried people use to drink milk in night before sleep, I am going to get it. It is full of preins and vitamins. Good for health as well as for brain. So the concept of Indian bride with milk glass is out of my thoughts


是的. .只有电视剧才敢这么演。我想没有新娘会手里端着牛奶杯子进婚房。这些事情只会发生在电影或连续剧中。现实生活中没有人会这么做。




I think its a clever idea made simpally to "Break the ice" .During earlier times the Bride and Groom could see each other only during the first night.And even if they have seen each other ....offering milk acted as conversation starter.

 I cant understand the relationship btw milk and sex though cheez then i dont think i will give milk to teenagers.I think its best to avoid it on "the" night . Coz how unpleasant would it  be if either of the Bride and Groom were lactose intolerant. I mean u cant even say no to the bride when she offer u milk.The first night would be more of a gassy affair then a romatic one.




Thus the milk with haldi or kesar is given to arouse or intensify the sexual desire of the groom, since its the wedding night



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