China retailers slash iPhone prices after Apple sales warning


By Josh Horwitz

SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Several Chinese electronics retailers including Alibaba-backed Suning and JD.com have slashed iPhone prices this week, after Apple (AAPL.O) recently blamed poor sales of the smartphone in the country for a rare revenue warning.


The discounting, as steep as $118 (92.50 pounds) for the recently launched 64GB iPhone XR, is the latest sign that Apple's weak holiday sales in China may have extended to the current quarter.

最新推出的64GB iPhone XR的折扣高达118美元(合92.50英镑),这表明苹果在中国节假日的销售疲软可能延续到本季度。

The price cuts on iPhones by Chinese retailers began in the middle of this week, with at least six offering promotions this weekend, according to checks done by Reuters.


Apple did not respond to requests for comment. Prices for iPhones sold through its Chinese website remained unchanged.


Such widespread price cuts are not uncommon around shopping festivals like Single's Day in November, but these cuts stand out as they affect Apple's latest XS and XR models that were released only months ago, said Mo Jia, a Canalys analyst who tracks China's smartphone industry.

Canalys跟踪中国智能手机行业的分析师Mo Jia表示,若在11月的光棍节等购物节期间,如此大的降价幅度并不罕见,但此次降价幅度非常惹眼,影响到苹果几个月前发布的最新XS和XR机型。

"It's possible Apple wants to test the market's feedback if it brings down the channel prices. Or, Apple might be under pressure to clean out its stock of iPhones," he said.

“如果降低渠道价格,苹果可能想测试市场的反馈。或者,苹果可能面临清空iphone库存的压力”Mo Jia说到。

Apple has been trailing local competitors such as Huawei Technologies Co Ltd [HWT.UL] that offer cheaper options in China, home to the world's biggest smartphone market in terms of shipment volume.



Last week, Apple issued its first revenue warning in nearly 12 years, citing poor Chinese demand, sending its shares down 10 percent, their biggest intra-day fall in six years.


Qian Chao, a district manager for Shanghai-based iPhone distributor DoubleRise Beijing Technology, said it was the company's decision to make the price cuts and that it had not received any official notice from Apple.

总部位于上海的iPhone分销商DoubleRise Beijing Technology的地区经理钱超(音译)表示,降价是公司的决定,该公司尚未收到苹果的任何正式通知。

Apple's China woes come against the backdrop of a broader slowdown in demand for gadgets across the tech sector as the country's economic growth slows, exacerbated by Beijing's festering trade war with the United States.


According to government data, smartphone shipments dropped 15.5 percent annually in the country in 2018. Domestic Chinese brands, meanwhile, have won over local consumers with a wide range of devices at competitive price points.



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Dan16 hours ago

I think this is going to be a trend for all tech companies. The days of a new device being significantly better than the previous year are in the past and people are not going to shell out hundreds of dollars or more for something that is only marginally better.



CharlieK16 hours ago

"China retailers slash iPhone prices after Apple sales warning"

Most of us wish that Apple retailers would do this all over the world, as these retailers have about 200% markup.



Catecomb.15 hours ago

Dear Apple...this is the market telling you that your products are significantly overpriced. Lower prices at least 20 or 30% and you'll see better sales again.



Mark16 hours ago

I still don't understand why people buy the latest iPhones? 90% of their "innovation" is tied to their iOS, not the hardware itself. Outside of their fingerprint technology and the screen that fills the whole front of the phone, they haven't come out with anything that couldn't be used by older models

就是不明白为什么人们会买最新款的iphone ?这些新款90%的“创新”与iOS有关,而不是硬件本身。除了指纹技术和手机屏幕之外功能和旧款没什么差别。


Rex16 hours ago

Apple is all about the 4G. 4G is so yesterday. They dont even have a 5G phone. And the price is way way too high for its stale features.



Nick16 hours ago

Surprised the article did not blame Trump for Apples problems



Zep Head10 hours ago

Price slashing isn't gonna help now. Apple over-prices EVERYTHING they make. Now, people have gone to other brands. Also - they have 5g over there. Apple's a step behind, AND overpriced.



Moose Knuckle16 hours ago

I quit buying the "latest" five years ago. My phone still works great so no need to be a sheeple.



IStand15 hours ago

US new iphone purchasers should sue the company for the price gauge



Michael16 hours ago

You have to be crazy to pay $1000 for a phone.



RANDY14 hours ago

I'll stick with my trusty flip phone.



Jes3 hours ago

Apple owns the problem just by pricing it unreasonably high



Stewies Revenge11 hours ago

There is so little difference between the last model and the new one that its not worth it.



Zangetsu7 hours ago

even with the price lowered it is still way overpriced.

at half the price it might be worth it, maybe.




Zakaria10 hours ago

Still too high.



AAR14 hours ago

Th excitement or FAD of having the latest ipone is over, it's that simple.



Libredneck14 hours ago

The problem with cutting prices like that is that it makes a lot of people decide to wait to see it the price will go down more.



John16 hours ago

Good Apples prices for their phones are ridiculous !!



William9 hours ago

as long as he president we will always be far behind



Denis6 hours ago

Why Chinese buying something so pricy but lack of technology? Even the latest version of iPhone is not 5G ready. I am definitely not going to buy something that is pricy and less technology and don't have 5G ready.



Denis6 hours ago

So China is doing a favor to Apple, an American company.



Mark3 hours ago

But us consumers are still paying full price



THECHOSENJEW14 hours ago

Real problem is all these cheap copycat Chinese phone popping up in local market. Which apple and other companies deserve cause they move manufacturing to China who stole their designs. The apple ceos deserve what they get for being short sighted. Nw reap what you sow!



Leon15 hours ago

Disclaimer: I didn't read this article. Let me guess... consumers don't want to spend $1000+ on a phone.


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