China's new naval radar can monitor areas size of India: Report


BEIJING: China has developed an advanced compact size maritime radar which can maintain constant surveillance over an area of the size of India, media reported on Wednesday.

The domestically-developed radar system will enable the Chinese navy to fully monitor China's seas and spot incoming threats from enemy ships, aircraft and missiles much earlier than the existing technology, the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post reported, quoting the scientist who took part in China's over-the-horizon (OTH) radar programme.

北京: 据媒体本周三报道,中国研制出一种先进的小型海上雷达,可持续监测印度大小的区域。





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girishdakhare - MUMBAI - 1 day ago -Follow

Worry for India. Still opposition and congress does not want to upgrade Defence system.



Kudva K K - Bangalore - 1 day ago -Follow

Let China do what they are good at. Let us do what we are good at.

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Proud To Be Indian - Aus - 1 day ago -Follow

What DRDO is doing. One day again this mindless person is going to bark if Modi going to involve any private company



Naresh Kumar - 1 day ago -Follow

On one hand China inventing latest weapons and other hand we fools invent new scams in eery defence deal.. enjoy. in case of war with china we will scam the war also..



Ram Kapil - 1 day ago -Follow

China was forced to develop such Radars because indian citizens brought Modi ji to power. Otherwise, during Congress rule, congress party itself used to be China''s Radar.



Vithal - 1 day ago -Follow

Let's fight over colour, caste ,regions, religions and make our self week. god forbid if these country attact then we will be in real trouble .



Puneet Singh - mumbai - 1 day ago -Follow

Well, only indian private sector can save us from the growing military power of China. Indian govt PSUs will only provide jobs to reserved 60% candidates and remaining 40% will crib about tje promotions being given to the 50% based on quota and will not work in anyway.

This will continue till eternity and China will be dominating the world.



Abhishek Sharma - 1 day ago -Follow

As long as Modi is sitting as PM, no one can dare to see Indian territory with evil sight. In past, India as strengthened defence system to rock solidity. Scamgress lost valuable Indian land to P0rkistan & China and not even spared crucial defence deals from corruption. Bringing Congress back to power will be like giving enemies a chance to enter India to further destablize country.



Manoj Cpas - 1 day ago -Follow

DRDO does nothing. DRDO is a white elephant; which does chew loads of money and then pushes out from back as a sh!tload. Height of bureaucracy is in DRDO. They have people who did nothing except flashing their ID cards every now and then everywhere



Luuke Luketer Vasco - 1 day ago -Follow

Don''t worry my Indian brothers and sisters...... It''s MADE in CHINA ...... There is a reason they cannot win any wars....... Trump is already taking these Chinese to the cleaners.



Navin Joshi - Navi Mumbai - 1 day ago -Follow

All idiots supporting congress rule will see how this party will ruin India.



Sunder Swami - 1 day ago -Follow

And the Indian army is still using WW1 guns with 50m range! Keep electing Congress if you want India go back to stone age.



Manoj - Bangalore - 1 day ago -Follow

God FORBID a change in Central Leadership in 2019 ELECTIONS which will be a DISASTER For INDIA''s National Security ! !



Prem - 1 day ago -Follow

That just means we too can acquire similar technology. If Indian Nationalism focuses solely on china We will advance regardless of external pressure from the world. Just in case If China starts a war with India, we should wipe out Pakistan before we engage with China. It is much easier that way rather than focusing on two enemies from two sides at the same time



Anil Kumar - 1 day ago -Follow

Accidental Scientists by reservation can never invent any such thing in India.



Jamal Ahmed - New Delhi - 1 day ago -Follow

Party of Bloody Fools, Congress wants to make India a Soft Power........At any cost we have to re-elect MODi in 2019......To make India a Super Power we need MODI.......Vote for MODI.........



Sushil Seth - Lucknow - 1 day ago -Follow

Haha China is competing with US in defence,space & almost in every part where advancement matters & in our country Pappu is assuring to make a machine to produce gold using potato as raw material?




Bm - Australia - 1 day ago -Follow

China says it. Will it be a truth, if, India says that we have developed a radar which can see the area equal to Russia ?



vinay kumar Gupta - Kolkata - 1 day ago -Follow

China is the biggest threat for India n to make India''s defense stronger Modi govt should be given another term.



Pbch Chowdhuri - India - 1 day ago -Follow

Unfortunately Congress party which ruled India for the longest period did not try to modernise Indian army, navy and airforce to the extent China has improved its surveillance and military hardware and software.



Vijay - 1 day ago -Follow

why didn't Congress buy any new weapon in 10 years, TEJAS took 40 years and still in the making ? Modi got Rafael, S400 , bullet proof jackets, altogether Modi signed 182 contracts in the last 3 years ranging from ships, missiles, rockets, simulators, tanks, guns, aircraft, helicopters and radars.



Sanjay - Ahmedabad - 1 day ago -Follow

it's Made in China no need to worry



Tom Joad - 1 day ago -Follow

All that the Indian blokes here can do is blame Rahul Gandhi!!


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