Income growth set to touch double digits



NEW DELHI: Per capita net national income in the country is set to expand at the fastest pace in five years in 2018-19, according to the first advance estimate of GDP unveiled by the go nment on Monday.

新德里消息: 根据政府周一公布的首份GDP预估,在2018 -19年度,印度人均国民净收入将以5年来最快的速度增长。

The data showed that per capita net national income is estimated to grow by 11.1% to Rs 1,25,397 in 2018-19 at current prices, faster than the 8.6% growth rate notched up in the previous year. At 2011-12 prices, it is expected to be at Rs 91,921, displaying a growth of 6.1% compared to the previous year.


Economists attributed the increase to a string of factors, including low inflation, expectations of a pick-up in overall growth as well as an increase in remittances. But they said the divergence in per capita among states was an issue that deserves attention. They also cautioned that since the estimates are provisional, it could also be revised downwards. In fiscal year 2013-14, the growth rate in net national income was 11.5% and in high growth years such as 2010-11 and 2011-12, the growth rate was 13.8% and 18.2% respectively. Economists also cautioned about drawing any concrete conclusions from the data.



“The good news is that the five year CAGR (FY15 to FY19) of nominal per capita income is 9.7%. However, the not so good news is the divergence in per capita income across states,” said Soumya Kanti Ghosh, group chief economic adviser at SBI.

SBI集团首席经济顾问Soumya Kanti Ghosh表示:“好消息是,名义人均收入的五年(15 - 19财年)复合年增长率为9.7%。然而,不太好的消息是各邦的人均收入差距。”

Citing data for 18 states up to fiscal year 2017-18, he said seven states were above the national average and 11 below the national average. “Real per capita income CAGR grew by 6% during FY14 to FY18. States need to push policies in accordance with the emerging demographic dividends,” said Ghosh.

他引用了截至2017-18财年的18个邦的数据,称其中7个邦高于全国平均水平,11个邦低于全国平均水平。“在14 - 18财年,实际人均收入复合年增长率为6%。各邦需要根据新兴的人口红利推动政策。”Ghosh说到。

Some other economists said that sustained efforts are needed to catch up with the rest of the world in terms of per capita income, which is a measure of prosperity



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Cobra - PIGS are a disease, Bacon is the cure - 4 hours ago -Follow

It will be negative double digits if ThugBandhan and Anti national PIGS are allowed to win 2019



Kirti Azad - Mumbai - 1 hour ago

Positive governement and clean go nment only can do this. We need modi go nment 10 more years to make a strong decision and fill out all gaps which was left from last 50 years. Pappu is angry after this news but will vote to Modi only.



selvarajc - 2 hours ago -Follow

Economy will grow but it is unequal. The gap between rich and poor are increasing. An abysmal record of 46.3 million stunted and wasted children. World''s highest extreme poverty people. It is a national threat worst than pakistan. Read "Poverty, inequality and mental illness" in Psychiatric times. BJP & congress playing CHOR Vs CHOR game. Giving freebies to garner votes which is detrimental to growth. Freebies is not an inclusive and sustainable growth



Shrikant - Mumbai - 3 hours ago -Follow

positive development should be appreciated this is not a projections but the facts. Let's aim.for 8000 USD per capita equalling with China.



Siraj A Rehman - 2 hours ago -Follow

before election Media will give many such news of FEKU modi



Amit - 2 hours ago -Follow

India needs some catching up to do and fast but for that we need to keep making bold moves which will drive the economy and facilitates job growth especially in the semi skilled sector. Also we need to concentrate on vocational training to upgrade the skill level and converting our huge unskilled sector and thereby enabling them to contribute more in the economy.



Hanumanmal Ghosal - 1 hour ago -Follow

what about the declining purchasing power pf this so called income growth



Easwaran - Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu - 1 hour ago -Follow

with the election nearing things have started to look greener. how suddenly GDP started to climb at a supersonic speed when it was nose diving a few mnths back. can't believe any of these reports because i have not seen any change in my living . every day more fr things



Vipin - 1 hour ago -Follow

I feel in India IT professional and govt official are earning good rest all are crying including businessman.



Vin - 1 hour ago -Follow

want real growth cut taxes your killing the citizens



Hijda Bhadwa Modi - Mumbai - 4 hours ago -Follow

As usual, the number is a projection. Not a fact.



Ragul - mumbai - 10 mins ago -Follow

good,, everyday deserves a better life



sabyasachi chatterjee - 56 mins ago -Follow

It will be steep rise eventually



Deepak - 1 hour ago -Follow

Modi has raped ecoNomy...



Hijda Bhadwa Modi - Mumbai - 4 hours ago -Follow

The number is a projection. Thats what I do. Blame the past mistakes on Congress and always talk in the future tense. Never talk about the preent. So, bhakts, shout "Modi! Modi!"


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