Almost every Indian now covered by one quota or another


The new quota announced by the government on Monday will cover practically all of the population not already covered by reservations, reveals an analysis of the exclusion criteria spelt out for the quota. With this, therefore, almost all of India’s population will be entitled to one quota or the other.


Here’s how that works out. The income criterion to be used is an annual household income of Rs 8 lakh. Data from the I-T department as well as reports from the NSSO show that at least 95% of Indian families will fall within this limit.




An annual household income of Rs 8 lakh would mean a per person income of a little over Rs 13,000 per month assuming a family of five. The top-most income slice for which the NSSO survey of 2011-12 (the latest) gives data is of over Rs 2,625 per person per month in rural areas and Rs 6,015 in urban areas, both well under this mark. Yet this top slice has a mere 5% of the households in it.


Further, for 2016-17, just under 23 million individuals declared incomes of over Rs 4 lakh. Even assuming two such individuals in each family, that would mean about 1 crore families at best would be over the Rs 8 lakh cut-off. That translates to roughly 4% of Indians.



Incidentally, government data released on Monday shows a per capita income of Rs 1.25 lakh. That translates to Rs 6.25 lakh for a family of five. Thus, a household that gets Rs 8 lakh a year would be significantly above the national average, certainly not poor.


The land-holding criterion is just as liberal. The agricultural census for 2015-16 revealed that 86.2% of all land- holdings in India were under 2 hectares in size, or just under 5 acres. So, once again the bulk of the population qualifies for the new quota under this.


A third criterion is that the size of the house should not be over 1,000 sq.ft. The NSSO report on housing conditions in 2012 shows that even the richest 20% of the population had houses with an average floor area of 45.99 sq.m, which is almost exactly 500 sq.ft. That is barely half the ceiling being imposed. Here, too, at least 80%, and more likely well over 90%, would be eligible.


What this means is that the new quota will be available to almost anybody not currently covered by the SC/ST or OBC reservations. SCs and STs constitute around 23% of the population while OBCs make up another 40-50% though no official data is available. That leaves about 27-37% currently not entitled to any quota. Considering that the big slice of all ‘open’ jobs or seats go to these sections anyway, and that the relatively better off among them are better placed to make use of opportunities, it is not clear just how much the new quota will change things on the ground.

这意味着新配额将适用于几乎所有目前不在SC/ST(表列种姓/表列部落)或OBC(其他落后阶层)预留名额覆盖范围内的人。SCs和STs约占总人口的23%,OBCs占40% -50%,但缺乏官方数据。目前约有27-37%的人没有资格获得任何配额。考虑到所有“空缺”职位或席位中的很大一部分都流向了这些阶层,而且这些阶层中相对富裕的人更善于利用机会,目前尚不清楚新配额将在多大程度上改变现状。


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Xyz - 1 day ago -Follow

Reservations should be given based on economic and social conditions only. Not on caste, community and religion.

Also reservations should be there only for Education and those with low intellectual skills should be given additional support in learning to compete with others.

Jobs must be given strictly on merit. You can't expect a poor intellectual to take up a surgeon's job with reservation and perform heart surgery. Also can't expect him or her to build a spaceship or make an





Indian Abroad - 1 day ago -Follow

Even caste based quota should be only for poor Dalits / SC / ST.



d_kmar - 1 day ago -Follow

India is a nation of quotas.



Sameer - Mumbai - 1 day ago -Follow

All Indians are stupid they don't know this reservation will take India no where in the future. Look at they don't have reservation, religion , cast or languages everyone is .



Sunder Swami - 1 day ago -Follow

Life is difficult for crore-patis like me. We are not represented in any quota. And yet we pay most taxes!



Dilip - 1 day ago -Follow

No one any reason to oppose. Modi government gives now what the people of India want. Now don''t come out with criticism



Prithvi - 1 day ago -Follow

When upper caste is getting quota, why there is so much drama.

we will take whatever is our RIGHT.



Chase Mitchell - 1 day ago -Follow

So 90% population would be eligible for this 10% reservation , Why is this not headline news ?



What Is In - India - 1 day ago -Follow

India is full of chu@#&. Koyee banata hai, aur koyee banta hai. Even in next 1000 yrs we'll be where we are presently. Is there any developed countries in this world which has this type of stupid system of development by quota technology? Don't give education, don't give health care etc etc. Only give quota. It is nothing but wasting time and resources.



Anupam Pandey - 1 day ago -Follow

Make education 100% free till higher secondary level and remove all quota



Rafi - 1 day ago -Follow

we have the right to voice against discrimination but no tools to fight against these evil system of vote bank politics. I come from a backward community but Iam still against any quota or reservation system. It hinders the competitive mindset of our generation ei



A Singh - 1 day ago -Follow

Abolish all reservations. It is only leading to misuse. I was never in my life covered by any reservation.



Hridoy - 1 day ago -Follow

Indian political system has ruined already corrupt minds of Indians.



ps murthy - Ingeku - 1 day ago -Follow

very soon entire public sector will be filled only with reserved candidates and as a result the quality of work will suffer.



Subbu India - Bengal - 1 day ago -Follow

After 70 years of independence if the people of the country could not develop themselves with their quotas then the quota system should be abolished.



vijay kumar - 1 day ago -Follow

two ways of banning reservation 1) Ensure there is no reservation at all - which will be difficult as people will protest. 2) Make sure every one is reserved - Which Modi is implementing smartly, when every one is reserved under one or the other way, no one will be benefited.



Venugopal Bukkala - 1 day ago -Follow

Hahaa..Officially, India is a country of reservations.



Indian - 1 day ago -Follow

I used to be the bhakt of Modi

but I am very much disappointed by this politics of reservation by Modi

now I have decided to vote for nota



Abhishek - 1 day ago -Follow

everyone except the honest salaried taxpayer declaring income honestly



Ramesh Pathak - New Delhi - 1 day ago -Follow

I m not covered. neither do I want one!



Anti National - 1 day ago -Follow

Now we can proudly say.. 100% of india is backward


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