China tests its own 'Mother of All Bombs'



BEIJING: China has tested its most powerful non-nuclear weapon, dubbed the "Mother of All Bombs" by official media in a reference to a US munition used in Afghanistan.


In a short video published on the website of state arms manufacturer Norinco, the massive bomb drops on to a plain and produces a gigantic ball of fire and black smoke.


On social networks on Wednesday, the official Xinhua news agency described the bomb for the first time, calling it the "Chinese version of the 'Mother of all Bombs'".

The bomb — whose strength is only second to that of a nuclear weapon, according to the agency — was dropped by a Chinese H-6K bomber.



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V - 10 hours ago -Follow

China has highest average iq in the world, India has lowest, check facts, no point competing with China other than in the English spelling bee.



Mahavir - 10 hours ago -Follow

A country of fakes



Azaad - 13 hours ago -Follow

Sadly , in India most of the people don''t take it seriously. The day if our forces become weak and Chinese enter into Indian territory



Shyam - 11 hours ago -Follow

In times of 1950, China was far behind of India but in last 60-70 years it has gone way ahead of India. Only reason Indian leaders engaged themselves only in loot with very little development. Only after coming of Modi, we have some hope for future



Tanmay Chakrabarti - 13 hours ago -Follow

Russia also claimed that they tested thermobaric bomb which is more powerful than an a-bomb. They dubbed it as FOAB (Father of All Bomb).



Mohan - 9 hours ago -Follow

Here people fighting for silly things; whether women should allowed to go to temple in kerala. Whether temple should be built or not... there they are making mother and father of bombs



BE INDIAN - 9 hours ago -Follow

Sorry Chinese, we are busy with cow, caste, religion, statues, ayodhya, Sabarimala......,



Gabbar Singh - Boston - 13 hours ago -Follow

Chinis are scared of Agni 4 and Brahmos, not to mention the scare they have if the war goes nuclear.



Moin - 11 hours ago -Follow

don't worry We have Papu Bomb it will Destroy every thing.



Vikram - Hyderabad - 11 hours ago -Follow

sorry we don't care we have important issue like ayodhya and ayappa . these things were there in India 200,00 year's ago . no big deal



Sampath - 11 hours ago -Follow

china wants to overtake America and Russia in all spheres,Indian politicians have made India not a match to China in all aspects, fools.



Narendra - HINDUstan - 13 hours ago -Follow

No worries.

It's Made In China, rest be assured.



Sarcastic Ajuba - 9 hours ago -Follow

And people in our parliament keep talking Rafale deal should be scrapped and so on... they delayed things because they were not satisfied about their earnings.... now they''re not happy because someone else is earning better than them... in all process the Nation is suffering...



China Expert - 12 hours ago -Follow

Probably made from stolen technology, looks like the American version.



Mk - India - 13 hours ago -Follow

Did it explode ?



Vikash - 8 hours ago -Follow

in China there is no reservation....



Bhai Jan - 10 hours ago -Follow

Now the scared Hindus will try to make a copy and name it as Choootia of all bombs or Kanjur of all bombs.



Shrinivas Godi - 12 hours ago -Follow

no country criticized this test.....



Ram Pyare - 2 hours ago -Follow

US and China have mother of all bombs, Russia has Father of all bombs . India must make Grandfather of all bombs. All IIT Ian’s must be asked to work in defence labs in India for 10 years compulsorily.



Ginger - 6 hours ago -Follow

Indian is still stuck on Rafale!!!Time to save our as ses!!!



SANKAR RAMAN - 7 hours ago -Follow

Our mother of all bombs is Sonia Gandhi. Rahul being the biggest Bomb!



Neha Kumari - Jaipur - 9 hours ago -Follow

China will never take risk with India, we are importing and purchasing a lot of products from there. They won''t kill their market



Cyber - Delhi - 10 hours ago -Follow

Our Govt is only interested in mandir, masjid, cow, Sabarimala, deshbhakt, deshdrohi, jumlas.... let the country be fccuked..

我们的政府只关心寺庙牛, 这个国家完蛋


Nindak - India - 11 hours ago -Follow

Whatever they try, Chinese will always be losers. They are only good at making cheap unreliable copies of things that don’t last.



I - 11 hours ago -Follow

We don't care. We have different Gods for different Jobs. They will protect us. last



Sathasivan Nagarajan - chennai - 13 hours ago -Follow

A party in India congress mother of all corruptions and scams.



Priyank Mohan - Noida - 13 hours ago -Follow

Chinese product are mostly fake.



Excabar Poseidon - Kolkata - 7 hours ago -Follow

Our moron govt is busy building statues。



MOC - land of cows - 16 hours ago

What''s the big deal? India can drop MOCs, Mother of Cows



gift to India - MOB - 16 hours ago

great gift for warmonger Indians.



999 111 - 19 hours ago -Follow

Hindus jealous......



Avishek Mazumdar - Kolkata - 20 hours ago -Follow

So where is the Indian version? Lets call it GDOB. Grand Daddy of all bombs.


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