China approves $33.8 billion railway projects in Jiangsu and Anhui



BEIJING (Reuters) - China's state planner said on Wednesday it has approved inter-city railway projects in the eastern provinces of Jiangsu and Anhui, with a combined total investment value of 231.7 billion yuan ($33.82 billion).

The eight inter-city railway projects will have a total length of 1,063 km, with 980 km in Jiangsu, the National Development and Reform Commission said in a statement on its website.

($1 = 6.85 yuan)



(1美元= 6.85元)



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Sanity!!11 hours ago

The US just approved 700 billions $$$$$$$$$$$ for its military, and 2 billion for infrastructure.



ANDY L11 hours ago

I'm pretty sure China will complete this rail project before California high speed rail is done. Lol



DAVID14 hours ago

China is moving far ahead of the United-States in the development of its infrastructure. Wishing that Americans will take notice and start improving their own society.



W13 hours ago

This is what America needed, infrastructure spending, instead of a tax break for billionaires (who really don't need more) and big corporations (who mainly used it to buy back their own stock).



Texaslefty14 hours ago

China should change its motto to 'Just Do It'. The US already has the motto 'Just Delay It'.

中国应该把口号改为“只管去做”('Just Do It)。美国的口号已经改为“只管去拖了。


Jack of Spades11 hours ago

This will also likely be finished in a few years, not the decades it takes some places in the USA to complete a few small train stations... The USA is clearly losing on the infrastructure front. Riding the subway in NYC, it is clear the system has been downgraded to a 2nd world mass transit system, not a 1st world.



be carefull14 hours ago

while China keeps investing in their economy ,we keep investing into weapons and wars that do nothing for improving our economy



Xiaodong8 hours ago

At end of 2018, China has completed 18125miles or 29000km high speed rails. More than rest of the world combined. Great achievement!



Christopher14 hours ago

Hmmm....China invests $33 billion in improving infrastructure; they already know where to spend their funds because it’s been proven walls are a waste or money.



Peter5 hours ago

Just hope this will be a sustainable project, there are already a lot of completed mega projects that lose money for years and doesnt seem to be profitable.



Sunshine12 hours ago

and all america does is give rich tax cuts and bad roads



Anonymous4 hours ago

China is going to build hi-speed rails, not like the rails in us now.The length of China's railways in operation reached 127,000 kilometers, of which 25,000 kilometers were high-speed railways, accounting for 66.3 percent of the world's total. the average speed is 300 kilometers.and all those hi-speed rails were built in a matter of several year.



EL ZORRO13 hours ago

China is an example to the world



Ho13 hours ago

What happens to California High Speed train? it is at its snail pace. Can we really have a speed train in the year 2030?



Max13 hours ago

American is only this generous when it gives money to Israel



bunnies_attack13 hours ago

Meanwhile, the USA infrastructure keeps falling apart and gets worse each year. No one in the US wants to spend money on taxes let alone universal health insurance.



Anonymous13 hours ago

And Trump can't get Mexico to pay $5 Billion for his Wall. SAD.



C13 hours ago

Meanwhile, Trump wants $5 billion to build the Great Fence of the USA



son14 hours ago

The Chinese can fund a 33billion railway. say that again 33 billion. But the dems can't fund a 5 billion wall. go figure.



The American14 hours ago

China is building a railroad? And somehow this is news? Will it have the usual 30 day warranty?



zho4 hours ago

the Chinese high speed rail system is amazing.



Bob12 hours ago

China is spending $38 billion on super railway; while Trump and his associated f-s, want to spend $50 billion on a useless wall. Wonder why Chinas economy is #1 in the world.



M14 hours ago

How are they going to maintain it all after their main money source looks elsewhere for suppliers and their bankroll dries up?



Paul13 hours ago

Infrastructure. What a unique idea. We gonna spend $22 billion on a wall. China already has one and it works great. No Mongols have not invaded China in over 1000 years. Still working. We (USA) are so screwed.



Carol4 hours ago

We'd be lucky to get 100 miles of old Amtrak rail redone for that money.



Jay C.13 hours ago

And trump cant get 5B for the wall...LOL



Moderate Independent7 hours ago

While I agree that US should spend more for infrastructures but high speed railways are not necessarily needed for US. China on the other hand definitely needs it since there never was adequate means of transportation (and movement of commercial goods) and not too many people in China can afford air fares.



Prussia!5 hours ago

More details would be nice. What cities are they connecting?



Tom6 hours ago

China is building a $35B railroad. We are building a $45B wall. No wonder we are doomed.



Scott7 hours ago

And Americans are paying for this program if we don't reverse the trade deficit.



Scott7 hours ago

Why don't States like California pay for their own infrastructure instead of asking the Federal government?



Moises13 hours ago

China takes our middle class jobs and the profits and taxes that come from it!



Gul5 hours ago

Sorry we don't have any money for infrastructure building, we have to build the wall



Tony6 hours ago

It is funny the US is debating about $5 billion for the wall to secure the border. If the US has the money to bomb here and there in the world, why not spend this money for their border. This world needs construction instead of destruction. The US should withdraw all its troops from abroad and spend money home and the world would be a better place with less wars and more peace.



fedupman2 hours ago

America paid for this



bud13 hours ago

Totalitarian gov's are great aren't they libs? So efficient. Only if we could be more like them. How's the CA "bullet" train going? Billions wasted and we got nothing.



WANG9 hours ago

Trumpet liar, Mexico will not pay a cent.



Eric Yucatan6 hours ago

Pretty soon the worlds wealthy will send their kids to China for higher learning.



Matt10 hours ago

Every week is actual infrastructure week in china... US trash expect fairies to fix roads



wayne8 hours ago

Who Cares.



CaptainKKK3 hours ago

US is going backwards. China built GREAT WALL thousands of years ago. US can't even get funding for a wall. Broke USA



Joe5 hours ago

The road in the U.S is worse than those in 3rd world country, yet them yanks still think their country is the greatest...lol



Rattha5 hours ago

Actually US has more money than China. But allocated the most budget to its military. If US can reduce 30% of its military budget and allocate to infrastructure, then plenty of things will happen in US.


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