Chinese firms offer subsidies on Huawei phones, ask workers to shun Apple products



SHANGHAI: Chinese firms are encouraging staff to buy Huawei smartphones


Several companies are offering employees subsidies for Huawei phone purchases, while others have even warned staff against buying Apple products.


In eastern China, Fuchun Technology said "nearly sixty" out of its 200 employees have taken advantage of 100 to 500 yuan ($15 to $29) Huawei phone subsidies as of Saturday.


Another tech firm, Chengdu RYD Information Technology, has offered 15 per cent subsidies, though it declined to disclose how many employees have actually taken advantage of the benefits.


"We are supportive of good China-made brands," a spokeswoman told AFP, adding that the subsidies are part of employee benefits and were not "guided by the government."


One company has even threatened to fine employees who buy iPhones, charging them 100 per cent of the smartphone's market price.


"Stop buying US brands for company equipment," Shenzhen-based Menpad said in an internal notice, confirmed by AFP.


The internal notices announcing the Huawei subsidies started circulating on China's Twitter-like Weibo earlier this month, and have split Chinese internet opinion.


Some users were in favour of buying phones in the name of patriotism, while others questioned whether or not Chinese firms were simply leveraging Huawei's case as a marketing strategy or branding opportunity.


"Those companies are conscientious for standing by Huawei's side," praised one Weibo user, using a thumb's up emoji. "The government should also publish an official document to support domestic brands."


But another user, who said they supported Huawei, criticised the practise of punishing staff who purchase Apple products. To win respect, domestic tech brands should "keep fighting despite setbacks and adopt an attitude of not accepting defeat," they said.




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Anand - New Delhi - 9 hours ago -Follow

"Make in Bharat" or "Made in India". I myself stop buying and promoting China Products. Try to boycott china product on store and discourse seller to sell these china products. Exclusion are always there in terms of specialities and uniqueness.. Avoid China...



Nishith Joshi - 11 hours ago -Follow

Look this people. Chinese are very loyal to their companies and don''t want them to get defeated by global brands. We Indians should also support our indian brands to strengthen our economy.



Anonymous - 12 hours ago -Follow

All countries should also boycott Chinese goods and services and promote home made local products



Malaikallan N - Malappuram - 6 hours ago -Follow

Boycott all chinese products. It is a snooping device. You are financing them to have more exercises with Pakistan.



Sabu - Hyderabad - 13 hours ago -Follow

good strategy. canadian nd maverick Trump can't bully every one



Baljeet Singh - 6 hours ago -Follow

Bhai kaunsa ohone india mein banta hai even apple is made in china



Miss yamini - 16 hours ago -Follow

chinese companies offers the subsidies on there phones to reduce the sales of apple products



Ashmit - 4 hours ago -Follow

Good we should stop Chinese brands also.



Baljeet Singh - 6 hours ago -Follow

When Yogi like illiteres are CM of big states in India India has no chance of compteting with China.



Anonymous - bangalore - 40 mins ago -Follow

Why not China and make the product and sell anywhere in the world but we cannot sell in china ...



Murali - 2 hours ago -Follow

What about Huawei phone operating system android which is owned by Google is a USA company Chinese don't have a capability to create own software to run mobiles and PC which can replace USA based OS



Bala Srinivasan - saginaw USA - 4 hours ago -Follow

HUAWEI the chinese electronic giant is NOT GOOD FOR INDIA totally.



Bambam - 12 hours ago -Follow

i never buy chinese ching fung li products. but i have seen my colleagues purchasing chinese products. sic



Jj - hyderabad - 17 hours ago -Follow

Good move by China. Indian's should also do the same


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