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My best decision I have made till now is… Fake called sick for a day of my part time work 4 years ago.

So I was in 2nd year uni then. I was working part time as a cleaner/baker in a muffin baking factory. I would have to travel abt 1.5 hr on train to sydney for work from 2pm to midnight. That particular day in August 2014, we had a “Asian party” in one of the night club here in wollongong. My housemate then was asking me to call sick off work and go with him to the party. “there will be a lot of hot girls there”. Being silly and young as I was, of course I said yes. So I called sick, and go to the party.

The party was alright, but what special is I met a really cute girl there. She dared me to guess which part of vietnam she is from and if I got it wrong I had to buy her a drink. I got it wrong because I was never good at geography and I then proceed to buy her a drink and have more chit chat with her. Then the night finished and she went home with her housemates and I only then realised I did not get her name nor her number. What a fool right?




Luckily, I then come across her randomly on facebook and added her as a friend (lol). We then joined a vietnamese group together performing music and dance at our uni international festival. Shortly after that, I asked her out and we became a couple then. We spent a good 4 years together full of joy and laughter. I loved her very much and still so. Then come the hard time when things got so stressed and pressurised for both of us. We fought a lot. There was time when we wanted to give it all up…

Eventhough we have had bad periods when we fight and cry (yes men cry too sometimes) a lot, but I never regret meeting that girl and pursued her to be my girlfriend. Because now… She is my wife! We got married just last month

Oh.. And that housemate who asked me to ditch work for the party,he was my best man in the wedding







Me and my ex-housemate/bestman

Edit 1: wow guys this is my 1st ever answer and so much love and upvote! Thanks guys for reading and I am sure my wife will be very happy as well eventhough she does not know I post this. It's a secret

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Reading all the kind comments I realised yes universe works in a really mysterious way. Like how I would never met my wife if I did not call sick that day or if I would not come across her facebook and meet her again after let her leave without knowing her name or number. Or how we would never met if she has not decided to go to that party with her housemates when they asked her to go (she did not want to go at the beginning).

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Saying all that, I realised it is also equally important that two people in a relationship have to put in a tremendous amount of hard work and effort into it in able to make it to the end. We would not be married now if we have not pushed together through all the challenges and tough time. We would not marry if we have not overcome all the stress and pressure in life for us. I am forever grateful that I had enough courage and determination and support from my wife in our long journey together. I hope that our courage and effort in our marriage life continue for a long long time so that we can have a happy life together

Have a good night everyone and have a wonderful week ahead. Thanks for reading




Dang Nguyen

So the first time I ever met my girlfriend's parents was to tell them their 17 year old daughter was going to give birth in one week.

That's a pretty good punch line, yes? ;)

It's true though, so let me tell you the backstory.

I was 19 at the time, she was 17.

We were young, immature and SO not ready to have a baby.

I wanted to play computer games and talk with friends about the meaning of life.

Not change dirty diapers and actually bring a human being into this life.

We were paralyzed with fear. Literally.

To the point that we did nothing about it for several months.










We hid the pregnancy from everyone including our closest friends and family.

It was our best, and worst kept secret.

Nobody could find out or we knew it would all be over. Whatever that it was.

I'm ashamed to admit that we considered abortion as an option, but it was already too late so our only alternative at that time was adoption.

We called the local adoption center and met with a very kind woman who would end up helping us through the ordeal.

We had several meetings over the next few weeks. We learned more about the people who would eventually be the responsible, loving parents that we were supposed to be.

The day finally came for us to sign the documents.








Documents that would soon mean we would have to hand off our precious unborn son to some strangers.

They would be happy parents.

And we would not be parents.

I remember having mixed feelings about the situation. Relief, that's for damn sure. And also a feeling of regret, even though nothing was official at that point.

Before heading to the adoption center, my girlfriend had an appointment with her obstetrician.

As a result of us hiding the pregnancy and not going to regular doctor visits, the baby was very small and likely to be premature. The OB was very concerned.

I remember that day like yesterday.

I was in the car waiting. My girlfriend came out of the doctor's office shaking and in absolute tears. This was not good.









Very concerned and even more afraid of the answer, I asked, “What happened!??”

She was mini hyperventilating and unable to answer for a moment, finally she said, “The doctor told me I have to stay in the hospital until I give birth.”


In one single moment, all of those months we spent scheming and lying to everyone…it all didn't matter. Our secret would be out.

The decision was made for us.

We ended up having to spill the beans, or in this case, spill the baby.

The baby was born 3 weeks premature. This is one of the first images I have of him, at 10 days old.









And I took this picture with my son, Brenden, this morning. A now 16 year old who I love with all of my heart.



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