PM Modi inaugurates India's longest rail-road bridge in Assam



NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday inaugurated the 4.94-km-long Bogibeel Bridge in Assam, India’s longest rail-cum-road bridge, on the mighty Bramhaputra.


Modi along with Assam governor Jagdish Mukhi and chief minister Sarbananda Sonowal also walked a few metres on the bridge. Here is all you need to know:


* The bridge has been thrown open on the birth anniversary of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee under whose go nment the work had started in 2002. The foundation stone of the project was d by former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda in 1997.


* The Bogibeel Bridge, which was a part of the Assam Accord and sanctioned in 1997-98, is likely to play a crucial role in defence movement along the India- border in A Pradesh.


* Constructed at an estimated cost of Rs 5,900 crore, the bridge has a "serviceable period of around 120 years". It is situated 17 km downstream of Dibrugarh city in Assam, and it has been constructed for double-line broad gauge track along with three-lane roads.


* The road distance from Dibrugarh to Itanagar will be reduced by 150 km and the railway travel distance between these two points will shorten by 705 km, while this bridge will provide an alternate and shorter route from Dibrugarh through north bank of Brahmaputra to Delhi and Kolkata via Rangiya.


* Although it will ease out inconvenience caused to people living on the northern side of Brahmaputra to a great extent, offi als said the defence requirement played an important role while sanctioning the structure and its design.


* The biggest advantage of the bridge will be easy movement of troops from southern to northern bank. This means travelling to the farthest most point of India's border with will be shortened by several hundred kilometres.


* Students and patients have to cross the river on boat to come to Dibrugarh, which houses the famed Dibrugarh University and Assam Medical College, besides a dozen other such centres


* The bridge will enhance the national security of the eastern region by facilitating swift movement of defence forces and their equipment. It was constructed in such a way that even a fighter jet can land on it in case of emergency.




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Tenzin Gyaltsen - 1 day ago -Follow

I was a kid when the construction of this bridge started...through out my chilhood I had to take boats to travel. Now finally I will be able to use the bridge at 32 years old. Couple decades to build important bridge but only 4 years to build the biggest statue in the world.



Shekar Natesh - Bangalore - 1 day ago -Follow

Hail the best Prime Minister India has ever seen Mr Mod



Lonely - 2 days ago -Follow

Ever Wonder why congis could never inaugurate these projects in 10 years!????!!!!!??????



AROP - 2 days ago -Follow

Congratulations, under NDA India is develo rapidly, scammers ignored our NE region. We were vulnerable ag inst but by this longest bridge now we can have rapid army movements too. Well done Bajpai and Modi. Throw congi''s in dust bin.



Prince Baffoon - 2 days ago -Follow

Majority of my great fellow indians wants only freebies! Roads, airports, network of 4G/5G not on priority. Loot & cheat is motto of majority indians now a days!

大多数伟大的印度同胞只想要免费的东西! 公路、机场、4G/5G网络不在优先考虑之列。掠夺和欺骗现在是大多数印度人的座右铭!


Kiran Baliyan - 1 day ago -Follow

Declared in 1997, work started in 2002, which was stopped later due to lack of funds and re-started only in 2007, declaring it a National project. But even then, work was done very slowly. After NDA coming to power in 2014, it picked up the speed- due to emphasis of NDA to North-East. Proud it is finally complete and connects the nation.



Rits - 2 days ago -Follow

Assam Accord was signed in 1985 and this bridge a part of that accord got completed in 2018. Successive Congress go nment has wasted 33 years but did not complete the bridge and blind people of India still chant Congress Congress. what a shame. No where in the world people are so idiotic and fools like in India Lol



Anurag - 2 days ago -Follow

Long pending project finally complete.Great work.



Anonymous - 2 days ago -Follow

Hats off to Modiji. Had you not become PM the lootmaar gang of Congi, commies and JehAdis would have made sure that this is not completed before 2050



Dvs Rchandra Rao Jillella - 1 day ago -Follow

A wonderful gift for the North east region. Marvellous Railway Engineering feat on the Mighty River .Brahmaputra. It is cetainly Our Nation''s pride. Thanks for the NDA Gt. for their sincere eforts to complete this mighty project and dedicate to the nation. today by the beloved PM Modiji.


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