China's WeChat is mimicking Snapchat Stories, too


Snap just can't catch a break from companies imitating its signature Stories feature in their apps. WeChat, the Chinese social app giant, has introduced a Time Capsule feature whose disappearing videos will seem uncannily familiar if you've used Snapchat... or Instagram, for that matter. You can't find them in a dedicated section, but the basic concept remains: you can record a short (15-second) clip that your friends and group chat participants can watch within 24 hours.

Snapchat无法从那些模仿其标志性故事功能的公司那里获得喘息的机会。中国社交应用巨头微信推出了一个时间胶囊功能,如果你用过Snapchat或Instagram,就会发现其即时视频功能与后者惊人的相似。即时视频可拍15 秒,发布后,朋友和群聊参与者可以在24小时内观看。

The addition comes as part of a larger overhaul of WeChat that includes an easy way to see the articles your friends have liked.


You probably won't use the redesigned WeChat unless you live in China, but it's important as it tries to compete against everything from TikTok to shopping. And importantly, it further dilutes Snapchat's value. How is Snap going to stand out when major social networks around the world are duping its best-known functionality?




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Come on we all know Chinese don't have any original ideas .Now give them a break. Replying Chinese people are welcome to post an example of original idea and prove my statement wrong.




Current wave of mobile phone notch screen thing all started by Xiaomi Mi Mix series. They were not the 1st, but they started all this trend..




LoL, expansion to China? How many people in the States use snapchat?? Wechat as a product is very successful, PMs in Wechat team will take care of at least 10 individual requests/ complains from end users each day, and they only launch 1 major feature every few years. Yes, the wechat moment might looks like snapchat or instagram stories whatever you name it, but if we give snapchat the fair chance, it still won't win. It's not about the idea, it's about how to fit an idea to the market and make a product that people love to use. There are 10 Chinese companies already implemented such idea with no success including giants like Weibo.com  An idea alone worth nothing, I come up with 100 of them each day.




HAHA WE because its communism. Cant say I hahaha. What else cant they do? Innovate.




Literally every company "borrows" from other companies




China, land of the copy cat. Then they ban the version/product made by foreign companies and force you to use the copy...  Seriously wonder why people do business with them at all...




Over the years Tencent has copied dozens of products from US tech giants and Chinese start-ups, and used their huge platform to promote those products, which often led to the decline of the original start-ups.

Which is common in China.



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