Japan to buy more stealth fighters, radar to counter China, Russia



TOKYO: Japan will accelerate spending on advanced stealth fighters, long-range missiles and other equipment over the next five years to support US forces facing China's military in the Western Pacific, two new government defence papers said.

东京: 根据两份新政府防务文件,日本将在未来5年增加在先进隐形战机、远程导弹和其他装备上的支出,以支持美国军队在西太平洋面抗中国军队。

The plans are the clearest indication yet of Japan's ambition to become a regional power as a military build-up by China and a resurgent Russia puts pressure on its US ally.



"The United States remains the world's most powerful nation, but national rivalries are surfacing and we recognise the importance of the strategic competition with both China and Russia as they challenge the regional order," said a 10-year defence programme outline approved by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's government on Tuesday.


The United States, followed by China, North Korea and Russia, are the countries that most influenced Japan's latest military thinking, the paper said.


China, the world's second biggest economy, is deploying more ships and aircraft to patrol waters near Japan, while North Korea has yet to fulfil a pledge to dismantle its nuclear and missile programmes.


Russia, which continues to probe Japanese air defences, said on Monday it had built new barracks for troops on a northern island it captured from Japan at the end of World War Two.


More stealth fighters


Japan plans to buy 45 Lockheed Martin Corp F-35 stealth fighters, worth about $4 billion, in addition to the 42 jets already on order, according to a separate five-year procurement plan approved on Tuesday.


The new planes will include 18 short take off and vertical landing (STOVL) B variants of the F-35 that planners want to deploy on Japanese islands along the edge of the East China Sea.


The islands are part of a chain stretching past Taiwan and down to the Philippines that has marked the limit of Chinese military dominance east of the disputed South China Sea.


The navy's two large helicopter carriers, the Izumo and Kaga, will be modified to accommodate F-35B operations, the paper said.


The 248-metre (814 ft) long Izumo-class ships are as big as any of Japan's aircraft carriers in World War Two.


The ships will need reinforced decks to withstand the heat blast from F-35 engines and could be fitted with ramps to aid short take-offs, two defence ministry officials told Reuters.


Trade war threat


The new F-35 order may also help Japan avert a trade war with the United States.


US President Donald Trump, who has threatened to impose tariffs on Japanese car imports, thanked Abe for buying the F-35s when the two met at a summit in Argentina this month.

美国总统唐纳德•特朗普曾威胁要对日本汽车进口征收关税,本月在阿根廷举行的峰会上和安倍会见时,特朗普对其购买f -35战机表示了感谢。

Other US-made equipment on Japan's shopping list includes two land-based Aegis Ashore air defence radars to defend against North Korean missiles, four Boeing Co KC-46 Pegasus refuelling planes to extend the range of Japanese aircraft, and nine Northrop Grumman E-2 Hawkeye early-warning planes.


Japan plans to spend 25.5 trillion yen ($224.7 billion) on military equipment over the next five years, 6.4 percent higher than the previous five-year plan. Cost-cutting will free up another 2 trillion yen for purchases, the procurement paper said.


Japan only spends about 1 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP) on defence, but the size of its economy means it already has one of the world's largest militaries


"The budget is increasing and there has been an acceleration to deploy capability as soon as possible," Robert Morrissey, head of Raytheon Co's unit in Japan, said this month.




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Mokkapati Prabhakara Rao - India - 3 days ago -Follow

To be noted by all the voters , how China is danger not only to Japan , but also to India and importance of Raffle jets. UPA delayed many years to purchase them.



Dimx Mark - 3 days ago -Follow

Your enemy doesn''t care about your life! No matter how peaceful Japan is,  That''s why better for kicking then surrendering!



PorkiPigKiller - 3 days ago -Follow

Can Japan ever dream about defending against China. I don''t think so even with US help doesn''t matter whatever weapon they have



P.Gawde - Mumbai - 3 days ago -Follow

The US Government Is Literally Arming the World, and Nobody’s Even Talking About It



P.Gawde - Mumbai - 3 days ago -Follow

Spread unrest, Make one fight against other.

This is how US bloody economy work.




Terry Willson - Mackay - 2 days ago -Follow

The helmet worn by an F 35 pilot has a price tag of over $500,000. It is the command centre for the pilot to prosecute his attacks on enemy targets with laser guided bombs, missiles and cannon. Once missiles or bomb are armed by the pilot en route to engage the enemy, he or SHE - the Royal Australian Air force is on track to have half a dozen FEMALE fast jet fighter pilots in time to fly the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter when it enters service through 2019 and beyond - does not have to touch ANY controls to launch missiles at an aircraft or target enemy assets on the ground with laser guided bombs. She simply LOOKS at the target/aircraft using cutting edge helmet technology that locks on using retinal display data from her eyes, locks on and instantaneously fires a missile. The figure mentioned in the article of $4 billion to acquire 45 F 35''s is too low.

F35飞行员戴的头盔标价超过50万美元它是飞行员用激光制导诈弹、导弹和大炮攻击敌人目标的指挥中心。在与敌人交战的途中,飞行员一旦携带导弹或诈弹文章中提到的以40亿美元购买45架F - 35战机的数字太低了。


Shasti Brata - 2 days ago -Follow

Nothing but a result of Trump initiative! The US takes care of ALL defense needs of Japan and Germany. As such there is NO need for Japan to purchase any kind military hardware. If despite this Japan is purchasing stealth jets to protect its borders, it is because America wants it to! One can bet that all those stealth jets are made in the USA!



Anthony Morais - 3 days ago -Follow

Lets not forget who started this arms race with both Japan and India. The US is not forcing Japan or India to buy only US arms. China uses self defense to hide its true intentions of world domination starting in the Pacific.



Uniqueness - Is Present - 3 days ago -Follow

With Chin remain on expansion and giving boost to it''s defense will definitely lead others to look more strengthening of their defense.

As USA and Russia are tow big giants in tech products for defense will definitely will become the choice for others to make a defense purchase from them..

Here we have Japan buying from USA as Japan needs USA and USA needs Japan too.

USA has defense tech and related products to offer and Japan in exchange has others materials to offer..





Chaivaala - Vadnagar - 3 days ago -Follow

Japan is getting F-35 advanced fighters at the same price what Modi aid for Rafale which use 30-year old technology. Modi LOOT is never ending story.


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