Is it really possible to boycott Chinese product in India?




Yogesh Damle, Associate Engineer at Tech Mahindra (2016-present)

It is technically possible , but it would result in loss of income for both countries, more for India.


1 ) India and China have trade of more than $100 Billion , which is really a huge huge amount , more than GDP's of many countries .

2)Out of $100 Billion , 65% is by China, remaining is by India. Of course China is greater in numbers in every aspect, since they are the manufacturing Hub of the world.

3) Boycotting chinese product will result in Indian traders loss, as they first purchase this all stock from China, and they sell in India.If boycotted, it means Indians are self destructing their economy , as those traders contribute to Indian economy by paying Tax.

4)Boycotting will lead to joblessness of those indian traders, as china has already sold this stock to this tradres. So, those traders will suffer most, and so India.

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5) There's no reason for boycott , just because China is supporting Pakistan . If this were to be, then china can also easily block all indian products, because India is supporting Vietnam, Cambodia , which are rivals of China.

6) The whole smartphone market of india is almost occupied by chinese multinational companies which generates huge huge revenue for indian economies. If boycotted, india is itself going to suffer a lot.

7) If boycott , then why only chinese lanterns, bulbs and firecrackers ? Boycott smartphones from Xiaomi,Lenovo,Gionee,Oppo,LeEco,OnePlus, and laptops from Lenovo .

These all companies have started manufacturing in India, and they also think India is this second Home after china , as cheap labor helps them to keep cost low.





*There should be correct reason to Boycott trade with any country.

If you have to Boycott, then the product must be defective, Faulty, harmful etc.

*But the ground reality is , Chinese products are not Faulty,harmful.And that's why smartphones laptops made by chinese companies are more popular in India.

Conclusion : There should be correct reason to Boycott. Boycotting just because China is supporting Pakistan, is totally illogical, wrong , and un-explainable.






Sarath Chandran, worked at Idea Cellular (2011-2017)

This my analysis on recent talks on banning Chinese products.

Firstly let me discuss about Chinese trade in the world

  1. Chinese export is 2342 billion $. (Which is more than our GDP )
  2. This is 12% of Total exports in the world.

Which means China is number one in export. Just for your info saying that the 2nd position goes to USA(1621 bn $ only).

  1. Chenese imports value is around 1900 bn $.

This simply shows that they GAINED around 400(export-import) bn $ just through trade.

Our total export value: 320 bn$

Import value: 460 bn $..

Means we are LOSING 140 bn $ through trade..

Theory: A developing country should have more exports value than imports to become a developed one. This is what we call Current Account Deficits..CAD shud be within limits. Some times increasing CAD is good also but it depends on what assets we are importing.












Now let us see the trade b/w india and china.

  1. Total trade costs 71 bn $..(around 4.3 lakh cr, which almost near to(70-75%) Kerala GDP)..
  2. Interesting thing is out of 71bn$ trade, 61 bn $ we are importing and only 10bn $ we are exporting. Which means we are buying(depending) a lot many items,especially electronics items.

China's 2% of total exports only exporting to India. So if we stop importing it wont much affect chineese exports.But we wont be able to survive without those highly depended commodities. Our manufacturing sectors may go sick.

Apart from this india and china started a cooperation named "CHINDIA". As per this agreement china will do FDI around 20 bn $ in india within 5 yrs...and many more agreements..Thatz why govt is not saying anything about Chinese products ban....







Rahul Gupta, My priority order (1) Country (2) Human Being (3) Religion

Yes, We can boycott Chinese products in India. Remember the moment when Japanese refused to purchase American oranges, despite their oranges were small and bitter.

I just want to tell a simple plan.

(1) Whenever you purchase any thing of your need just see whether it is “made in china” or not.

(2) When you saw the word “made in china” in your purchasing, First think about the alternative product, it may be made in India or made in Korea or made in Taiwan or made in Japan etc. Purchase that alternative product. For example I have a Samsung phone that is made in Korea.

Gradually it will be habit in Indians to avoid “made in china” and shop keepers will order the products from India, Korea, Japan or some other country, not from china.






If you have some emergency like medicines then you can use “made in china” product.

New comments on 17 Oct 2016: I just saw a phone of my colleague, I feel proud when i saw the label on that phone “Designed and Engineered by Samsung, Manufactured in India”.

We are making the most complex things of this world here in India like Rockets, Satellites, Fighter Planes, Missiles etc, then what these things are like Mobile, Computer, Washing machine, Geyser, Television, Air conditioner etc. We can make every thing in India.





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