Do my Indian friends think China of 2017 is the same as China of 1962?



Sachin Divakar

Let me say this with atmost respect China in 2017 is way better economically and militarily than when it was in 1962 .But check what happened in 1967.The reason for failure of 1962 lies solely on our politicians and their shortsightedness.

We were ill equipped and under prepared and even 10 days before the start of war our prime minister believed the words of your leaders that there will be no war.And when you attacked and you had the element of surprise, our politicians did not use air force upon hearing from CIA and our troops were without food and ammunition due to the mismanagement and lack of planning .Which resulted in huge losses to the Indian side

In mountain warfare the advantage is held by those in the higher altitude.




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But on full scale war India definitely cannot beat china ,But its assured that china will be destroyed to an extent which it would not be able to comeback into the economic might which it has now at least for decades .And this time it is not the like even 1967 we would not take aggression lying down and playing dead.Will give it back in the same way.And it won’t be pretty.

If there is border skirmishes and localized conflicts losses would be almost same either sides .And depend upon theatre how much losses are incurred depending on positons.

And regarding a war my friend this is not the world of 1962 and china is not looked up on as a friendly nation by most of the countries even if they don’t declare war against India.They would stand by India and international pressure would be on china for declaring war.

In short it would cost china more dearly than India in terms of economic situation






Sourav Goswami, Founder (2012-present)

No we don’t believe China of 2017 remained the same as 1962.

Your economy bloomed due to the immense hard work of Chinese people and excellent go nment policies.

Your Defense manufacturing capabilities impressed a lot of nations around the world.

Nowadays, China is being compared as the US who will take the charge of global super-power.

It is really a fascinating thing to witness as your good neighbor.

But, India also changed from the 1962 , but we remained friendly to the entire Chinese population like earlier.

We love your Chinese Mobile brands.

We welcome Chinese tourists and expats with open arms.









You blame us for border intrusion, but when you construct on Kashmir with Pakistan and construct illegal dams there, we only protest and never resort to violence.

Chinese Army intruded Indian territory several times but we always stopped them without firing a bullet or using force.

We treat a PLA Soldier Wang Qi with dignity after the 1962 war and never tortured him in any sorts.

We still love your cuisine and still call you “Chini”=Sugar because we find Chinese people sweet.

Look all the things I have mentioned earlier is definitely true for most of the Indians, but my point is that if our motherland will be in any danger from any external forces, we won’t sit idle.

We are tolerant and we know that Chinese don’t like India or Indians (largely due to Chinese internet forums ) but we still respect China’s rise and hopefully follow the same growth model for our country.








Pavanan Pillai, Pharmacist at Pharmaceuticals (2006-present)

The answer to your question would be both yes and no.

Yes, because the go nment has not changed and neither have the policies or the mind-set of the ru-rs in China.

No, because the China of 2017 is a very well off and prosperous nation. The military capabilities have increased manifold with the increased economic growth of China. The China of today is not one that knows hunger and privation. It is an engine that drives growth in Asia and across the globe.

But then, India is not the same as in 1962. Hunger, privation and many other ills afflicted India. Even though, many of the same ills still prevail, India is self-sufficient in food grains among other things. Although, India may not be as large as China in economic growth, the growth story of India is nothing to sneeze at. Militarily, India is eons away from those dark and gloomy days of 1962 where our soldiers clad in a sweater and canvas shoes took on the Chinese on the freezing heights. On empty stomachs they fought using bolt-action rifles that froze in the cold and they died fighting. Today, they are well-armed and would not be as easy to defeat as was the case in 1962





Today, both India and China are nuclear powers with huge militaries. Politically too, both nations can't afford to lose a war. So, if war breaks out, it would have to be a fight to the finish and we all know that there are no winners in a nuclear holocaust.

India is not a South Korea, North Korea, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Nepal, Myanmar, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Laos, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Cambodia or Afghanistan to put up with any territorial violations. I have not included Russia as nobody messes with Russia, more so when Vladmir Putin is the president.

So my friend, we do hope the Chinese do not plan an (mis)adventure that could hurt us both, destroy Asia and doom the world.

Let's have peace, economic growth and increase the Gross National Happiness (to borrow the great concept from the tiny country of Bhutan) of our people.






Nirmalya Raut, lived in India

Yes, we know China of 2017 is different from 1962. This was very visible from 1967 war in Sikkim sector as well as China’s war with Vietnam in 1970s. Say what you will but let me make this very clear that 1962 was a product of misperception and miscommunication. It is not the defeat which hurt us but what we still think is betrayal. It felt like an attack by another sibling who we respected and loved. I personally attribute the war to Mao and Nehru’s inability to understand each other and some personal ego clashes.

No war is going to place in this situation as the only beneficiaries of the event will be people who are not Chinese and not Indian(you know that). This issue is indeed serious and lets hope that we solve it amicably. The only path for both of our countries to take is one which is mutually beneficial. I know that China has serious problems with Japan, Korea and Vietnam yet they have found common ground to work. A recent report of the global consultants McKinsey & Co. , whilst 25% of executives worldwide regard China as their most important growth centre after the USA, only 4% of Indian CEOs share that belief. Similarly, only 2% of Chinese bosses see India as a major growth point. Despite the formidable reputation of Indian as well as Chinese businessmen for seeking out profit anywhere in the world, they seem wary of treading into each other’s country.Even tourist industry is very much stagnant. Hence, even though we are neighbors and at one time had a feeling of brotherhood we remain oblivious of each other’s existence.



I am not sure what you are taught about India or not at all but here in India we know more about the history of Europe than that of China. This according to me is highly ridiculous because of the extensive contact we had with China in the past be it the Buddhist tradition and exchanges of knowledge and trade. This played a very vital in the course of history of both countries. The geopolitics of Asia is taking a turn for the worst, very similar to that of pre WWs Europe. We as people independent of our govt. should try to avoid this by more healthy interaction and getting to know about each others culture and thereby our mindsets.

You are not our sworn enemy and i hope that you too think the same.




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