Apple assembler Foxconn considering iPhone factory in Vietnam: state media



HANOI (Reuters) - Apple Inc's biggest iPhone assembler, Foxconn, is considering setting up a factory in Vietnam to mitigate any impact of an ongoing trade war between the United States and China, Vietnamese state media reported.


The report comes after several executives interviewed by Reuters last week singled out Vietnam and neighboring Thailand as preferred destinations should they need to shelter operations from the trade war, braving hurdles such a lack of skilled labor and inadequate infrastructure.


"Foxconn Group and the Hanoi People's Committee are working together to open an iPhone manufacturing facility in Vietnam to negate the impacts of the U.S.-China trade war," the Vietnam Investment Review reported on Monday.




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No Tea For Me18 hours ago

Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia are the future of electronics manufacturing. They work for less than even Chinese workers.



William18 hours ago

Didn't we just give Foxconn billions of dollars to build a plant here in the US. Why did we do that?



dwayne19 hours ago

Wasn’t Foxconn going to build this plant in Wisconsin?



Tom S18 hours ago

Apple shops for the cheapest place to assemble $1200+ phones. Profit margin is sky high yet Apple can't bring itself to build these overpriced phones in the US.



Banon17 hours ago

All Samsung TV, Samsung phones are made in Vietnam now



Michael Wan19 hours ago

The easiest way of doing it is setup a factory at Vietnam and China boarder. The supply can go from Shenzhen straightly into Vietnam.



Bret18 hours ago

Oh, I get it, they are playing this for more gov't money and tax free like others have done like carrier, if you give treatment to one business,,,the rest,,,what about me



Stinky Davis18 hours ago

Apple probably found out, that the Vietnam looks, work cheaper than the China coolies.With less government oversight.More profit on those I phones.



Cardiovert19 hours ago

Excellent!! I would feel much better about buying a product made in Vietnam than China! Strong work Foxcon!

太好了! !我宁愿买越南制造的产品,也不愿买中国制造的产品!富士康,干得好 !


NightSky19 hours ago

Why not returning the manufacture back to US where it should be?



NN18 hours ago

Vietnam is a lower cost country then China. This shouldn't surprise anyone.



Just Me17 hours ago

In that case, I want the price of all future iPhones and iPads to be cut in half or 3/4 from the current prices because the labor costs in Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia are definitely much lower than the ones in China.



Virgo in Disguise17 hours ago

I thought trump promised to bring manufacturing back to the U.S ?



SuGup17 hours ago

The labour cost in China is rising, this was not just because of Trade war...Foxconn is also opening in India



Brian16 hours ago

This is why Communist China is a paper tiger. If they upset supply chains enough they will leave. Then they will only be able to sell counterfeit products which will not be accepted by many countries resulting in a massive slowing of their economy.



ron17 hours ago

Why not the Philippines? Friends of the west and closest to a free country in asia



I19 hours ago

So Apple, Dell and HP are now looking for slave workers in Vietnam



Jay19 hours ago

And here I thought trump and walker were talking about how those jobs were coming to Wisconsin. MVGA I guess.



Anon15 hours ago

Would be better to build in the US, but as long as it hurts the Chinese economy, it's alright.



Speed Racer18 hours ago

They can and will build more than one factory. They are still building a $10 Billion plant in Wisconsin.



Thomas16 hours ago

Apple, why not build the phones in the new Foxconn plant in Wisconsin for USA consumption. Rather than moving production to a lower cost geography than China, build in the USA, but American.



Thaksin14 hours ago

Vietnam is a reliable friend to the US. Apple can rest assured that all good down the road



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