What country will use a nuke as a first strike?



Rohan Gupta

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A list of countries with nuclear weapons:

  • China
  • France
  • Russia
  • United States of America
  • United Kingdom
  • India
  • North Korea
  • Pakistan
  • Israel

Countries with a no strike first policy:

  • India
  • China

Countries with a defensive only policy:

  • Russia
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America
  • Israel


This leaves France, North Korea and Pakistan.

As France is a very developed and stable country, it’s much less likely to use nukes first.

That leaves North Korea and Pakistan.

Pakistan has had a first attack policy since 1971 and is bordering it’s biggest rival, India.

North Korea, on the other hand, has threatened a strike against the United States of America, but doesn't actually possess the technology to deliver the nuclear weapon.

Therefore I think Pakistan is the most likely nation to use nukes as a first strike.

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Ricardo Holmer Hodara, PhD Mind Articulation from Ufrgs and Others (2000)

I don't believe that throughout normal times in international politics — even with many conventional wars being waged in the world indirectly with participation of Russia and USA or other nuclear powers — any country will do a first nuclear strike except in these two following situations of geopolitics unbalance:

1.Let's divide the world in two or more nuclear blocks. One unexpected alliance overcome the residual block which however consists in a real threat to the main new group. The new alliance does the first strike.

2.The same context above but exactly in the opposite direction: the residual nuclear block does the first nuclear strike.

Today however there is much more probability of a first nuclear strike from a terrorist group with the special purpose to artificially advance the previous situation I formulated before in my text: to create a new dangerous alliance and residual nuclear war. Smart nuclear terrorists could act as Isaac Asimov had claimed one day in sci-fi — with the same purpose of their personages — The Gentle Vultures. The remote — despite not negligible — possibility of selling nuclear bombs to terrorists does exist and could be associated to the least internationally control compliant countries: Pakistan and North Korea (NK is less probable).


My correspondent (when I was a teenager!!) in memorian



然而,当今的恐怖组织发动第一次核攻击的可能性要大得多,其特殊目的是人为地推进局势的发展,建立一个新的危险联盟。聪明的核恐怖分子可以像艾萨克•阿西莫夫(Isaac Asimov)在科幻小说中宣称的那样,扮演温和的秃鹫。向恐怖分子出售核弹的可能性虽然不容忽视,这种遥远的可能性确实存在,而且可能与最不服从国际控制的国家脱不了干系:巴基斯坦和朝鲜(朝鲜的可能性较小)。


Divyansh Mishra, B.A.L.L.B from National Law School of India University, Bangalore (2023)

I think that no country will ever use nuclear weapons because in today’s world where almost every major power in the world is apprehensive when it comes to nuclear weapons and even if a country uses a nuclear weapon it will have face the nuclear wrath of 8 other nuclear powers.

see though we know that countries like North Korea and Pakistan are full crooked people running the country, it is highly unlikely that they will ever use nukes. Because a country which can develop nukes are capable of understanding the consequences.


In today’s world if any country uses nukes it will mean its end - reason is simple just because there was a suspicion that Iraq possesses WMD, USA invaded Iraq in 2003 and use of any types of nukes in the world would be considered a threat for the USA and it would be the one of the first countries to reply ( possibly even before the country which was attacked )

Any nuclear attack can be done only by consensus between the nuclear powers to attack and that is highly unlikely.

In the modern world there aren’t gonna be any wars between countries, it would only be against terrorism

Even countries are going to fight through terrorist organisation, a classic example of which is Pakistan funding terrorist for creating unrest in India instead of directly indulging in a war .








Rajashree Ananya

None. Only Pakistan and N. Korea are known to have a first strike policy. France is usually peaceful and they are tired of their wars with the British anyway. They let their tailors and winemasters win the wars.

Now, Korea knows if it nukes the USA, it is going to get annihilated in the next 2 days. USA doesn't need any ally.

Pakistan knows all too well that it will be a desert that it already is, but this time without any life in it, if it nukes India.

See, wars are won with strategy and logistics. Korea lacks logistics. Pakistan lacks strategy and logistics to counter a counter strike if India decides to wipe it out. Remember, India has her best buddy Israel and old friend Russia to support. It's such a bad idea to mess with India if you're Pakistan. Even for a suicidal attempt.






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