Is China's rise inevitable?




Sam Arora, Life long student of Chinese history, culture, food, arts

My grandmother used to tell me a story the endpoint was: A pigeon cannot escape death by closing his/her eyes when the cat is coming towards him/her. China’s rise is per sure inevitable, rest of the world is just closing its eyes and believe this cat is fake and he/she will pass. No sir/madam: This cat is real and it is, in fact, a huge dragon.

At some stage, the world has to learn that this growth is real and must learn to respect and learn from this mega-success story.

BTW: The Author is not Chinese, and he has not hired the hand to do publicity, he is Indo Canadian citizen of Canada for the close to fifty years. He has worked with the Chinese Canadians at various levels and visited China several times. And when he was a baby in India from his childhood he was very interested in China and the Chinese culture. His primary school teacher sowed the seeds in him about China.

This is a dawn of new era: You want to see future please go to China, there you will get an idea, how the future will look, by standing at the present time, and one glance backward to developing China will show you the past.

Standing in the present: You will see the future and you will see the past.






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If you look at Chinese history over the past thousands years, you would appreciate that it would be a good thing for China to be one of the superpower in the world.

China has never invaded other countries through out its thousands years history, except some small borders wars here and there.

When China was strong, whole world, especially the East Asia enjoyed peace and prosperity. When China was weak, the world, especially the East Asia were in chaos and wars.

It is inevitable for China to rise:

1) Chinese people and philosophy

2) People around the world are happy and supporting Chinese rise peacefully, surely the US wants to keep its hegemony in the world to incites some conflicts around China, but all those countries know the US' intention and thus keep neutral and keep watching US' solo action.





1) 中国人与中国哲学

2) 世界各国人民都很乐意、很支持中国的和平崛起,美国当然希望保持其在世界上的霸权地位,在中国周边挑起一些冲突,但这些国家都知道美国的意图,因此保持中立,时刻关注美国的单独行动。

China has become what it is today by one generation of "under educated people". The new Chinese generation is well educated and can compete with any nation in the world stage.

Yes, it is inevitable for China to rise to a world power, especially economical superpower as Chinese does not believe "Gun and warship diplomacy", but develop sufficient advanced weapons to defend its economical power worldwide




Mohamed Ibrahim

I think it is inevitable and here is why I think it is, China’s economic developments are obvious by looking at it’s imposing skyscrapers in its eastern megacities and its investments on every continent on earth.

However what makes me think that china will continue on a rising path is because it has a track record in being able to storm the worst of the economic weathers, China’s economic resilience was evident from its rapid recovery of the 2008 economic crisis. Although the government’s nearly $600-billion stimulus package played a large role, huge credit goes to the entrepreneurial spirit and strong resolve of China’s 1.3 billion citizens. Their attitude is an indication of things to come.

In recent year’s new business leaders have emerged, consumer tastes have shifted, and the government instigated new policies to move China in a fresh directions. For example:




  • China has become more open to outsiders, China now hosts more international brands than any other country.
  • China has improved its infrastructure and distribution. By 2030 china aims to create an expressway network which connects cities of 200,000 plus people.
  • Another area that favours china is its vast population. By 2020 around 60% of China will live in cities. Approximately 600 cities in China have a population of 500,000 plus people, and each one will grow in the future. This creates many wealthy regional markets all around china, and foreign firms should be excited about the expansion possibilities that this brings.
  • China has not always been known for its consumer culture but the economic advancements of the last 25 years have certainly changed that

It is always hard to predict the future but China is taking the rights steps forward

  • 中国对外界更加开放,中国现在拥有的国际品牌比其他任何国家都要多。
  • 中国改善了基础设施和分布。到2030年,中国将建成连接各个20万以上人口城市的高速公路网络。
  • 另一个有利于中国的因素是人口众多。到2020,中国大约60%的人口将居住在城市。中国大约有600个城市的人口超过50万人,而且每个城市未来还会继续增长。这在中国各地创造了许多充裕的区域市场,外国公司应该对此带来的扩张可能性感到兴奋。
  • 中国的消费文化并不出众,但过去25年的经济发展确实改变了这一点。



Arman Siani, lives in The United States of America

China is a nation with a billion people who have one of the world’s highest average IQs, who are extremely hard working, patriotic and ambitious, and don’t shy away from dreaming big.

It has a rich 5000 year old history, with meritocracy, rather than religious dogma and idealism, as its guiding principle. As someone else has correctly said, China is a civilization dressed as a country.

So, considering all this, China’s rise and dominance is indeed inevitable. Infact, it would be surprising if it’s NOT inevitable.





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